The Moon Report

Aquarius Full Moon
July 23, 7:36 pm PT

Friday's Aquarius Full Moon
Intends to Wake Us Up!!
If you sleep through the alarm...

We get another Wake Up Call August 22nd-

~~ ~~ 

No matter where you live, the Sun reliably Rises each morning birthing a new day with an offer of New Beginnings! Every 29.5 days, the Moon reliably completes an orbit of the Earth. This means, each month the Universe brings us a New Moon and a Full Moon (2 weeks apart).  Typically we get 1 Full Moon a year in each sign.  Once in a Blue Moon (every 2 or so years), we will get 2 Full (or New) Moons in the same sign or same calendar month. THIS YEAR WE WILL GET 2 AQUARIUS FULL MOONS!!  July 23rd & August 22nd.  The last time we had 2 Aquarius Full Moons was in 2013, July 22, 2013 & August 22, 2013.  What was going on in your life back then?  What similar themes do you see coming up for you this month? 

The days leading up to a Full Moon are known as the Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase and they often are the most intense days of the month. This week it will feel even more charged as we have some energized aspects in the Planets.  Friday will be an accident prone day, bringing unexpected storms (symbolic, figurative or literal storms). Please be careful and patient driving. Emotions are rising and you may feel overwhelmed by your emotions Friday morning.  Full Moons invite us to acknowledge any unresolved feelings and to move our emotional energy.  Ways to move emotional energy; reflection, journaling, time in nature, doing creative activities, physical activity, talk therapy, celebrations, dance & play. Not all emotional energy is negative.:)

With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius we are called to open our Hearts and Awaken to New Insights!  It is no coincidence that we get 2 Aquarius Full Moons this year- when we SO need an extra WAKE UP CALL!!!  Over this last year we have all entered the desert at some point... we have all been tested in some way.  The reality is, we must get tested before we move up a level.  These tests (entering the desert) often force us into some sort of isolation and painful reflection. The intention is to lead us to necessary truths... and discovering that so much of our life is actually an illusion.  We are reminded to NOT be overcome by Evil (or perceived evil) but to overcome Evil with good... to Open our Hearts and to experience Bliss!  What is blocking you from experiencing Bliss?  How can you take an action step (or 3) towards reaching your Optimal Potential?  With 2 Aquarius Full Moons in a row we can anticipate some Powerful shifts in perspective, Insights, expansion in Faith and Truths revealed.  

Full Moons will shine a light on the shadow patterns of these 2 signs highlighting to us what needs to change.  Patterns that may be showing up for you this week are; feeling a lack of acknowledgment/appreciation, difficulty accessing Joy or grief, feeling like an outsider (not belonging), trouble accepting change and feeling your Freedom restricted.  Do you acknowledge and appreciate yourself? Do you allow yourself to experience Joy and grief?  Are you resisting changes? How can you give yourself more Freedom? Remind yourself of the Freedoms you have, particularly the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Collectively, we are STILL in the window of entering
Which means...
TOGETHER, we are continuing to clear the lingering shadows of the last
2000 years!!!

These 2 Aquarius Full Moons will act as catalysts, propelling us closer into the Age of Aquarius! The Planetary Ages last approximately 2100 years.  For more than 2000 years we have been in the Age of Pisces (Planetary Ages move backwards).  We are now in the Birthing Canal of the Age of Aquarius, this is the uncomfortable "transition" phase between these 2 Ages. The sign Aquarius and its planetary ruler, Uranus, are considered our Spiritual Awakeners. Their intention is to progressively move us forward on our pathThis craziness that we are all in is actually a Powerful Awakening Time!!  Aquarius is the Archetype of Freedom, Progression, Innovation and Inter-connectedness! As we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, we are all compelled to make a radical shift in consciousness. In order to come into greater consciousness (Awakening), we must first heal. 

Aquarian energy shows us that we are all unique and different, but at the same time we are all connected. "What is in one, is in the whole."  We are all witnesses to this profoundly shifting time! We are moving away from Religious Dogmatism & Restriction, towards Spirituality & Freedom.  We are moving away from Perfectionism, Pain and Suffering and moving towards Acceptance, Joy and Enlightenment... to TRULY OPENING OUR HEARTS!! 

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, AWAKES." CARL JUNG - Leo (July 26, 1875- June 6, 1961)

Donna xo

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