The Moon Report

Chinese Lunar New Year!
Saturday January 25th

Aquarius New Moon!! 
January 24th- 1:41 pm PST

All Planets Moving Forward!
January 11th - February 16th


Are you feeling a little Shaken & Stirred?

For the last 2 weeks we have all been riding in the wake of 2 Eclipses 
and a Super Potent Saturn- Pluto Transit!

Eclipses accelerate change... the Saturn - Pluto transit intends to create big changes, and now we have all the planets moving forward!  The combination of change and accelerated movement is exciting and scary!  Even positive changes can activate resistance, fear or anxiety.  As human beings we are wired for survival, and change poses a threat. It is important to recognize when this primal part of yourself is serving you and when it is holding you back.  What changes are coming your way?  Are you trying to slow things down?  How can you work with the Universe's momentum rather than resist it? 

Know that all this shaking and stirring from the Eclipses has given our psyches an opportunity to
Release, Reset & Recalibrate!

The ancient Chinese calendar began each month with a New Moon.  The New Moon is the 1st phase of 8 phases of the Moon in its 28 day cycle.  The New Moon marks a time of a new cycle and New Beginning.  It is a potent time to plant new seeds and to set new intentions. At this time, the Universe is working in our favor to set things in motion.  New Moons draw us inward, to reflect, rest and regenerate.  This particular New Moon squares the Planet Uranus (Aquarius's ruler) making things a little unpredicable... change is still in the works. You can Trust Uranus and Aquarius to bring necessary change, sometimes it's an opportunity, sometimes it is an uncomfortable jolt- either way, the intention is to get us back on our Soul's path. 

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius this week, we all have access to this strong Aquarian energy.  After riding the emotional roller coaster of last month's Eclipses, Aquarius offers us the ability to access healthy detachment.  What are you ready to let go of without attachment? ....Attachment to guilt, attachment to expectations, attachment to burden, grief, control and responsibilities.   Most importantly, Aquarius reminds us to embrace and express the unique parts of ourselves.  This is the part of us that we think others may not accept, it is the part we judge as too weird or too different.  In fact, this is where our Inner Geniusness lies!  Aquarius is the sign of the Heart Awakening, The Bodhi Sutra.  It is about opening your Heart beyond a personal level. Aquarians recognize connections, that we are all different, yet connected.  The Mystical Teaching behind the sign of Aquarius is; WHAT IS IN ONE IS IN THE WHOLE.   

January 25th marks the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat. And of course each year I am fascinated by the connection of the symbolic messages in the Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology. The Chinese Zodiac works on a 60 year cycle, combining 12 animals with 5 different elements.  2019 was the 59th year...and 2020 is the 1st year of a brand new 60 year cycle!!  Yes, that's right- that makes this year the year of New Beginnings!  The Rat represents hard work, adaptability, strategy and intelligence. Rats have endurance and they are the ultimate Survivers!! The Rat qualities of discernment, resoursefulness and willingness to change are exactly what we need right now to work with the big shifts our Saturn-Pluto Conjunction is bringing.

I encourage you to take advantage of all the Planets moving forward for the next couple of weeks.  This is the time to tick things off your list, be productive, get things signed and move ahead.  Now is the time to get shit done!!!  Clean out your closets, start an exercise program, write those thank you notes, make connections, update your resume and take some action steps towards your Grander Intentions of how you wish to experience Life!    

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - ALBERT EINSTEIN - (He's talking about Rats I would say!)

Sending Love & Light Your Way!

Donna xo

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