The Moon Report

Aquarius New Moon!
Thursday February 11th, 11:05 am PT

Mercury Retrograde 
January 30th - February 20th

Aquarian Truth...
"We will accomplish much more working
Than we would working alone."

~~ ~~ 

With 7 Celestial Bodies in Aquarius this week (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pallas, Jupiter & Saturn), we are invited to harness this energy and use it as a much needed (and timely) gift from the Universe.  Aquarius shows us the value of Networking, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Freedom and Equality, reminding us that we can go much farther when we work "together".  Aquarians are Unique, they are Innovative, they think out of the box.  Their genius lies in that they ARE different, some have called us "weird".  The word "weird" originated from the Old English word "wyrd", meaning; to spin fate- the power to control destiny. We all have Aquarius somewhere in our chart. Where Aquarius is in YOUR chart is where YOU approach things differently, perhaps where you have the power to better manage your Destiny. This month, we are all encouraged to embrace and express the unique parts of ourselves! 

Much has gone on Astrologically, energetically and physically in the last year, particularly the last couple of months.  It feels like we have been tossed around at Sea for months.  Even though we are still feeling disoriented and unsure of what is ahead, it is important to get our bearings over the next week before the winds pick up speed towards the end of February. 

Each month the Universe offers us a New Moon...
Inviting us to rest, reflect and re-set.  

The ancient Chinese calendar began each month with a New Moon.  The New Moon is the 1st phase of 8 phases of the Moon in its 28 day cycle.  The New Moon marks a time of a New Cycle and New Beginning.  It is a potent time to plant new seeds and to set new intentions. At this time, the Universe is working in our favor to set things in motion.  New Moons draw us inward, to reflect, rest and regenerate.  This Month we have the added invitation to re-group with Mercury in Retrograde, calling us to slow down, to trust our Intuition and see how we can do things differently. 

Thursday's New Moon marks the Eve of the Chinese New Year!  2020 was the Year of the Metal Rat, highlighting the significance of adaptability, strategy, resourcefulness and survival skills. 2021 brings in the Year of the Yin Metal Ox. The Ox represents persistence, honesty, patience, steadiness, determination and TEAM WORK! Yep, this is what we need. There are no coincidences in what our Western & Eastern Astrological Cycles bring us.

This will be a Stage Setting New Moon for the Year Ahead! 

We are living In the most accelerated time in history, experiencing more change than any of our ancestors have.  So much change, even when it is positive change is unsettling, it can leave us feeling anywhere from shaken and uneasy to anxious and traumatized.  We have more changes ahead of us folks.  I encourage you to connect with the Universal Cycles rather than leak energy fighting against them. 

How to Connect with Aquarius;

  • Open your Mind (Read, Meditate)

  • Open your Heart (Create, Practice Gratitude, Love)

  • Find your Personal Freedom (Free your mind of judgment, shame, guilt, blame, regret, control)

  • Connect, Collaborate

Take advantage of the slowing down this week, rest, retreat and reflect.  February 20th - April 27th we will have ALL PLANETS moving forward.  That's 9 weeks!!  This will be an accelerated time for manifestation.  We will all be invited to take a big step forward.  Which direction do you want to be facing when this happens?  What are you ready to create?  What needs to change before that?  Are you physically, emotionally and Spiritually ready?!! Trust that with Jupiter in Aquarius for most of this year, we will be given the Optimism we need to make it through any obstacles ahead.  

"None but ourselves can free our minds."  Bob Marley (Born with Sun & Mercury in Aquarius)

Many Blessings to Your Year Ahead!!
Donna xo

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