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The Moon Report

 Aquarius SUPER
Full Moon!
Thursday August 11, 6:35 pm PT

Sun Moves into Virgo-
August 22- 8:15 pm PT
~~ ~~ 

This Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that no matter what our life conditions...
Fresh waters, New Life & New Beginnings are still Possible. 

We are continuing to ride the tailwinds of a remarkable amount of Cosmic Energy as we are all living through a significant Paradigm Shift. Old Structures must be broken down to make room for the New. Major changes take time, and they are uncomfortable. Thursday's Super Full Moon supports us in finding our Faith... that there is Divine Order in dark and chaotic times. 

LEO is the Latin word for LION. Leo and the Lion symbolize to us the Strength and Courage it takes to follow your HEART and remain Loyal to your Soul and Destined Path. Leo is the sign most associated with Love, Joy, Creativity and Courage. The Healing Challenge that Leo brings to us is; ENTERING THE DESERT.  Entering the Desert refers to being tested, going through a painful experience that forces us into (isolation) Reflection so we can see what we need to do to continue on our Spiritual Journey.

Thursday's Full Moon is the 4th of 4 Super Full Moons in a row adding heightened emotional intensity to the Moon.

With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius we are all called to open our Hearts and Awaken to New Insights!

Not only is it a Perigee (Super) Fulll Moon, but we have the Planets Uranus, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes connecting with this Full Moon kicking it up another notch!! The Sun and Moon form a T-Square with the Planet Uranus, this adds more juice to the energy of the Moon by showing us WHERE we need to make changes. Full Moons shine a Light on the shadow patterns that need to be addressed. Patterns that may be showing up for you this week are; feeling a lack of acknowledgment/appreciation, difficulty accessing Joy or grief, feeling like an outsider (not belonging), trouble accepting change and feeling your Freedom restricted.  AND... to add to the energy, this Super Full Moon is also conjunct (in same position as) to Saturn bringing RESPONSIBILITIES into the mix!!  

  • Where do you need to be holding more Responsibility and Accountability? 

  • Where are you holding Responsibilities that aren't yours? (ie. holding responsibility for other's feelings).

  • Are you feeling overburdened?

  • How does "Duty" show up in your life?

  • What role does "Duty" play verses Responsibility?  

The Full Moon forms a Grand Cross with the Moon's Lunar Nodes marking 1/2 way point (90 days) between the 2022 Eclipses. It is like a Soul check point.  Trust that if you have got off track and lost your way, the Universe will show up for you this week nudging you back on your Destined Path. 

The weeks following the Full Moon we have a number of supporting transits that will also help keep us on our path (Mars trine Pluto, Mercury trine Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury trine Pluto). They will give us the Courage we need to change as well as assist us in releasing patterns that we feel stuck in.  See the challenges you experience this week as opportunities to get unstuck, create change and release what is holding you back. 

With the Sun and Venus in Leo for another couple of weeks we are encouraged to Shine out Inner Light, to express our True Self and be our own Star!!  Do what Lights you Up!! Connect with your Heart,, remember that it IS your greatest Power Source. 

Thursday's Full Moon brings us the Message to Trust our Inner Guidance. Allow yourself time to listen to your Heart, make note of your dreams, pay attention to "coincidences".  The Messages will be followed by the gift of Courage and Confidence to bravely take the next step forward. 

Look for the Blessings this week (sometimes they are Blessings in disguise) and be Grateful for them.  Leo reminds us that we can find Love during sorrowful times, Joy during painful times and Peace during challenging times. 

"Don't let the bastards grind you down." MARGARET ATWOOD - Aquarius Moon

Sending Love, Peace & Bliss!!
Donna xo

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