The Moon Report


Aries Full Moon!!
Thursday  October 1st, 2:03 pm PDT
Mars Continues Retrograde in Aries

September 9th - November 13th, 2020
Mercury Retrograde

October 13th - November 3rd

Can it get any hotter?!?
Thursday's Aries Full Moon Stokes the Fire...
Bringing More Heat to Our Already Heated Environment. 


Astrologically, this year was meant to bring great challenges and necessary change.  However, I never anticipated the ENTIRE GLOBE to be struggling as much as we have.  This Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Cycle is intense!  One of the greatest things Astrology has taught me is that life is "cyclical" not "linear", and that every ending brings a New Beginning.  Every day the Sun rises... and sets.  Never have we been left in the dark, the Sun reliably returns with a brand new day.  Each year, the majority of us experience Winter, and each year Spring returns with the promise of new life.  If only we had the same understanding when we go through our personal challenging cycles in life. Remind Self... Everything is constantly changing and change is a constant!  We are all learning to embrace the cycles of change even though they are very often uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The intention of the Universe is to remind us that we are all connected, we are not alone and everything must continue to change and evolve. 

This week brings us an Aries "Harvest" Moon, the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  It will also be the first of 2 Full Moons in October!!  Full Moons bring Light into the darkness. they show us what has been hiding in the shadows... what needs to change, what needs to heal, what gifts and talents we have and what opportunities are ahead of us.  During this challenging time, with many of our external experiences out of our control.... we need to remind ourselves that we CAN choose our Inner Experience.  An Aries Full Moon brings us Courage, harness this Courage to move with the changes around you rather than resist them or feel like a victim.   What changes do you need to make in your life to serve yourself better?  Aries can give us that spark we need to get going, it inspires us, it lights our fire.

With the Sun in Libra and the Moon, Mars and Chiron in Aries it is highlighted to us to find balance in our lives, balance in our relationships and balance in the world.  The pandemic has definitely got many of us out of balance as our usual life now has so many restrictions.  What can you do to do to bring more balance into your life? This Moon is a clear reminder to us that how others relate to us (treat us) is a clear reflection of how we relate to ourselves.  How do you treat yourself?  Who are you?!?  What Lights you up?

The Stars this week call us to connect with our Inner Warrior, to find the Courage and Strength from within.  The Enlightened Warrior understands that the greatest battle is the battle within ourselves.  Have you been hiding in the dark? Hiding from yourself?  It's time to turn those Lights back on, let yourself shine and be a Light for others!! 

The Sun feeds the Fire in our Soul, hence our Sun Sign can give us lots of simple clues on how to Light Up.  When we neglect to engage in our positive Qualities and Needs we will automatically find ourselves expressing shadow qualities of our OPPOSITE sign (dim lighting).  Look at your Sun Sign below, use your imagination on how you can engage in some of your Qualities and Needs.  Remind yourself that YOU CAN CHOOSE TO LIGHT UP!  With better lighting you will have better vision to see where you are going, what opportunities are around you and you may just be enough Light for a loved one around you who is struggling. 


"Own your decisions, own who you are... without apology."  Anna Wintour- Aries Moon*

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

ARIES (Mar. 21- Apr. 19)
Needs: Independence, Freedom, Express yourself and To Take Initiative.
Positive Qualities:  I am...Independent, Confident, Active,  An Artisan, Enthusiastic, Competitive, A Pioneer, an Entrepreneur and A Risk Taker.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Libra):  Indecisive, Passive, Fence-sitter, People pleaser, Dependent, Lazy.

TAURUS (Apr. 20- May 20)
Needs:  Stability, Security, to be Giving and To Be Productive
Positive Qualities:  I am...Reliable, Resourceful, Productive, Caring, Sensual, Patient and A Lover of Beauty and Art (Food is art, right?).
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Scorpio):  Power hungry, Destructive, Controlling, Jealous, Resist Change, Distrustful, Possessive, Cruel.

GEMINI (May 21- Jun. 20)
Needs:  Freedom, Knowledge/Learning, Choices/Variety..
Positive Qualities:  I am...Intelligent/Studious, NOT Boring, Curious, Charming, Adaptable, Communicative, Adventurous and Youthful.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Sagittarius):  Forgetful, Pompous, Overly Optimistic, Wanderer (lost), Impatient, Righteous. 

CANCER (Jun. 21- Jul. 22)
Needs:  Security, To Express Feelings, To Nurture and Be Nurtured (sleep).
Positive Qualities:  I am...Emotional, Sensitive, Nurturing, Kind, Imaginative, Intuitive, A Home Lover, Protective and Shy.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Capricorn):  Materialistic, Worrier, Selfish, Cantankerous, Depressed/Gloomy, Overly Rigid.

LEO (Jul. 23- Aug. 22)
Needs:  Express Self Creatively, To Be Appreciated by others, To Express Gratitude!
Positive Qualities:  I am...Confident, Powerful, Radiant, Generous, Loving, Playful, Courageous, Optimistic, Loyal and Creative.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Aquarius):  Rebellious (without cause), Disorganized, Opinionated, Anti-social, Entitled, Detached, Undisciplined.

VIRGO (Aug. 23- Sept. 22)
Needs:  To Function Efficiently, To Keep Mind Busy and To Share Love.
Positive Qualities:  I am...Organized, Efficient, Intelligent, Discerning, Clean, Health Conscious, Healing, Humble, Helpful and Conscientious.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Pisces):  Ungrounded, Chaos, Victimized, Suffering, Prone to Escape (drugs/alcohol), Moody/Depressed, Self-destructive.

LIBRA ( Sept. 23- Oct. 22)
Needs:  To Create Beauty, Balance & Harmony, To Cooperate with Others, Freedom.
Positive Qualities:  I am...Diplomatic, Charming, Artistic, Refined, Considerate, Supportive, Polite, Persuasive and Social.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Aries):  Selfish, Head strong, Reckless, Impatient, Argumentative, Bossy, Fail to finish things.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23- Nov. 21)
Needs: Transformation (to always change and grow), Personal Growth, To look at Shadow Side of Life.
Positive Qualities:  I am...Transformational, Magnetic,  Influential, Powerful, Healing, Sensitive, Intuitive, Regenerating, Perceptive and Probing (A Detective).
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Taurus):  Materialistic, Overly Cautious, resist Change, Stubborn, Passive, Boring, Self-Indulgent, Lazy.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)
Needs:  To Explore the World, Freedom and To Expand Your Mind.
Positive Qualities:  I am... Wise, Open Minded, Generous, Jovial, Adventurous, A Seeker, Freedom Loving, Athletic, Trusting, Truthful and Fortunate.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Gemini):  Shallow, Non-Committal, Gossiping, Anxious, Restless, Impatient, Spacey.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan. 19)
Needs:  Structure, Goals, Social Accomplishment, Responsibility!
Positive Qualities:  I am...Dependable, Responsible, Hard-working, Industrious, Successful, Structured, Ambitious, A Protector, Caring and Practical
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Cancer):  Insecure, Moody, Dependent, Fearful, Withdrawn, Clingy, Stuck in Past.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20- Feb. 18)
Needs:  Freedom and Independence, To Create Social Change, To Express Unique Self.
Positive Qualities:  I am... Progressive, Philanthropic, Independent, Unique, Intelligent, Innovative, Detached and A Networker.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Leo):  Arrogant, Selfish, Vain, Uncompromising, Attention Seeking, Immature.

PISCES (Feb. 19- Mar. 20)
Needs:  To Always Have a Dream and Work Towards that Dream, To Be Kind.
Positive Qualities:  I am...A Visionary, Imaginative, Compassionate, Creative, Sensitive, Intuitive, Humble and Open Minded.
Negative Qualities of Opposite Sign (Virgo):  Judgmental, Hyper-Critical, Worrisome, Petty, Controlling, OCD, Obsessively Clean, Hypochondriac, Perfectionist.

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