The Moon Report

Scorpio New Moon!!
Sunday October 27th, 8:38 pm PDT

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio!!
October 31st - November 20th


Scorpio, the Archetype of CHANGE Shows Us Where We Need to Make Internal Shifts Before We Move Forward On Our Destined Path!

Sunday's New Moon opposes Uranus reminding us that we are not in control... there are forces and cycles greater than us. Autumn comes, leaves die, fires burn. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus ALL in Scorpio this week we are feeling Scopio's powerful and transformative energy! Scorpio encourages us all to look at our shadow, the darkness, our fears and embrace the journey of evolution and change.  When we consiously or sub-consciously slow down the process of change, our Saboteur is at work.  When we accelorate the speed of change, growth and healing, our Manifesor/Magician is at work.  The Stars this week remind us that Magic happens... with hard work.  Look for clues as to where you can be working harder towards reaching your heart felt goals and dreams.  

Wednesday's Watery New Moon reminds us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to "feel", and to work with our emotions rather than get caught in the darkness (power struggles, depression, addiction, betrayal, Self-betrayal, disappointments) and stuck in suffering. New Moons typically carry a more optimistic energy of New Beginnings, however, this New Moon has a bit of a "sting" to it.  Keep in mind that Scorpio is very much a "healing" sign, in the wholistic sense. Its intention is to direct us to become "Whole". Trust that whatever frustration and uncomfortableness you are experiencing this week has purpose in your process of becoming WHOLE once again. 

Over this next year, big changes are in store for us all... personally and collectively as Pluto and Saturn approach their conjunction in January of 2020.  

We are being summoned to move past the past!  Scorpio and its planetary ruler Pluto are about change... death and rebirth.  They work by first stripping down, kind of like necessary pruning in the garden.  What have you let go of over this last year? What do you still need to clear or trim in order to promote new growth?

Retrogrades pull us back so we can get a better visual, a wider view and greater perspective.  Having a greater visual allows us to move forward with more confidence and clarity. 

The intention of Mercury Retrograde is to slow us down, as it draws us to go inward, spend more time alone and listen to our intuition. The Planet Mercury rules our thoughts and Scorpio rules our Shadow side... our fears. When Mercury goes into Retrograde in Scorpio, we are called to go into the basement of our brains, to look at our fears and our unpleasent thoughts.  This Mercury Retrograde Cycle will uncover what is blocking you from reaching your potential. As with all Mercury Retrograde Cycles, pay more attention to detail, slow down as much as possible, eliminate unnecessary tasks/expectations you put on yourself, confirm all appointments, be extra clear with communication and allow extra time for any travel (car, train, plane). Mercury Retrograde is not all about mishaps and frustrations, it is a super potent time to be creative and gain intuitive insight!!  Take advantage of this cycle to become more aware of what is going on in that mind of yours. Time to clean out the basement!!  Mercury Retrograde calls us to reflect, rethink, meditate, write, rewrite, create, make repairs, redo things and release what is no longer in alignment with your highest good!   


October 31st, the day Mercury Stations Retrograde is also the day that lies exactly half way between our last Equinox and the next Solstice. These are known as "Cross Quarter Days", used in the Celtic Calendar to mark rythms in farming. They were also a time of celebrations and rituals. This makes it a very magical week to pray, gain Insight, celebrate or participate in rituals. Scorpio encourages us to rise in our power and no longer betray ourselves.  I encourage you to take time this week to reflect on what New Beginnings may be ahead for you, and what needs to be cleared and realigned so you can march forward on that path more gracefully.  Journal, pray, meditate, walk in nature, sing...create! 
“It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure."   Bill Gates (Scorpio)


Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo


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