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An Aries New Moon is an Ideal Time to Take Action Steps...
Sometimes...Like Now, the Wisest Action Step

As humans we are wired for survival and instinctively react to fear... by Fight or Flight.  However, sometimes the best way to survive in the wild or in business, or to win a competition or arguement, the best thing to do is; "Freeze", play dead, do nothing, hold still, be silent, pause and wait it out.  As we are reeling from the January 12th Saturn-Pluto transit we are all facing our greatest fears; death, change and the unknown.  

Like all good teachers, Saturn wants us to reach our Optimal Potential, not to fail.  Saturn wants us to learn from our past and hold responsibility for our actions today.  Pluto is the change maker, it invites an opportunity for transitions, new beginnings and rebirth.  Pluto invites us to "let go", exfoliate, eliminate what is no longer useful.  Saturn teaches us to not be victims, and gives us the discipline and focus to rebuild.  This great, big, huge transit has allowed us all to see on a global level and a personal level, where we are leaking power, where we are losing energy, and what changes need to be made for improvement and growth.  

COVID-19 has given us all the opportunity to face our fears, overcome our fears and reunite with our Faith. 

On a personal level, we have all experienced challenges, difficult times and dark nights. These Chaos Cycles occur when we are called for an upgrade in consciousness, they act as opportunities for growth. They come when we are feeling out of touch with the unity of all things and when we are due for a Soul Upgrade.  We are now in a "Global Dark Night" giving us an opportunity for growth on a personal and global level. This is a momentus time for us all.  It is quite clear that as we are all "collectively" being called to raise our consciousness as we prepare to collectively enter the Age of Aquarius. (More on this in my upcoming Zoom classes).
Tuesday's New Moon has a Healing theme to it as Chiron (The Wounded Healer planet) is conjunct to the Sun and Moon.  Chiron can accelerate some medical progress during this epidemic, let's all hold positive thoughts on that.  But that is out of our hands, unless you are involved in medical research.  What we CAN do is harness this healing energy on a personal level.  Chiron (The Wounded Healer), teaches us that we heal others as we heal ourselves, and alternatively we heal ourselves as we heal others.  How can you "mother" or nurture yourself during this quarantine?  Are you aware of others who need care? What are ways you can assist in healing others, and healing Mother Earth?  Healing is defined as becoming Whole once again.  What parts of yourself have you dismembered along your life's journey; middle school, college, career, marriage, parenthood?  

Aries is the sign most associated with Identity, Self-Expression and Self-Awareness!

With the Sun, Moon and Chiron all in the sign of Aries, we are gifted with the opportunity to draw on the positive qualities that Aries has to offer us. This strong Aries energy encourages us all to rediscover who we are!  Aries invites us to express our True Selves,  to be independent, courageous, inspired and enterprising.  As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader, the trailblazer and curious to explore new pathways. Rather than resisting the changes going on around us, how can you more gracefully adapt?  Aries is the Archetype of the Warrior and the Spiritual Warrior, reminding us that we can call on our Courgage and Willpower.  

The energy from the Moon this week invigorates our fighting Spirit, it gives us Courage to conquer our fears and Inspires us to have Faith!

Tuesday's New Moon is exactly half-way between 2 Solar Eclipses (December 25th, 2019 & June 20th, 2020).  What was going on in your life in December-January?  What Intentions did you set for 2020?  This week marks a significant turning point on our path, (it is like a 90 degree turn).  Have you got off course?  Do you need to change directions?  In order to shift directions, we need to slow down... if we attempt to make a 90 degree turn at high speed, we will likely crash. Whether you are on Lockdown, Shelter in Place or Quarantine, you are forced to slow down.  We are all shifting from a fast-paced lifestyle of overscheduling, commuting, traveling, multi-tasking and overstimulation to something that is absolutely slower and quieter. The North Node in Cancer  aspects this New Moon, calling us to get in touch with our feelings, family, home... and to hear our Inner Voice!!  This slow down gives us an opportunity to reflect on WHAT REALLY MATTERS.   

This week marks a turning point which requires us to shift gears.  Many of us will meet this turning point with resistance, perhaps feeling stuck or blocked. You may be gripping fearfully to "control", feeling victimized, frustrated, experiencing doubt and/or losing Faith.  I encourage you to harness the abundance of Aries energy this week and activate that Spiritual Warrior within you!  Find yourself!  Fight for yourself, others and Mother Earth!  We are all connected, as we Heal ourselves we take a step towards Universal healing.   It's time to SOUL UP my friends! 

"When we activate our Courage, miracles find us.  When we acknowledge and express our authentic positive qualities, Grace finds us.  When we deny who we are and avoid looking at our True Self, chaos finds us." - Me (Donna Flood)

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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