The Moon Report

Aries New Moon!!
Friday April 5th - 1:50 am PDT

All Planets Moving Forward!

March 29th - April 10th

Jupiter Retrograde!

April 10th - August 11th

 Friday’s New Moon signals a MAJOR TURNING POINT!!
Offering US momentum in moving forward!!!



All New Moons mark a time for New Beginnings, but once a year we get an Aries New Moon which invites Powerful New Beginnings!!!  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so this makes it the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year!  With the Sun, Moon and Chiron all in the sign of Aries, we are gifted with the opportunity to draw on the positive qualities that Aries has to offer us. This strong Aries energy encourages us all to express our True Selves,  be independent, courageous, inspired and enterprising.  As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader, the trailblazer and curious to explore new pathways.  Aries gives us the fuel to move forward and inspires us to take a leap of Faith! 

This Aries New Moon is exactly halfway between the January 5th Solar Eclipse and the upcoming July 2nd Solar Eclipse.  What was going on in your life in January?  What Intentions, goals and changes were at the forefront?  How far have you come along?  Where would you like to be in July? This New Moon is a potent time to become clear on the destined transitions you are moving through this year.  Aries is the Archetype of the Fool and the Warrior.  The Fool encourages us to take risks and the Warrior supports us in standing up for ourselves. 

The energy from the Moon this week invigorates our fighting Spirit, it gives us Courage to conquer our fears and Inspiration to take a giant leap forward on our destined path!

The Planet Mercury is now in forward motion, though it has not picked up speed yet and will remain in Pisces until April 17th.  With Mercury in Pisces we will continue to feel a little spacey in the brain...on the plus side our Intuition and creativity will continue to be heightened over the next 2 weeks.  On April 10th at 10:00 am PDT the Planet Jupiter will station Retrograde. The planet Jupiter goes into Retrograde for 4 months each year.  Retrogrades bring balance as they are necessary course correction cycles.  Just like we need to both inhale and exhale and we need to rest and move, the planets shift their yin and yang energy.  Retrogrades call us inward to see what is going on in our subconscious. We grow and change from the inside out, so Retrogrades are an "Inner" growth opportunity time. This year's Jupiter retrograde will be in the sign of Sagittarius encouraging us to search for Truth, Inspiration and Faith.  It's a time to look at our outdated beliefs.  What needs to be cleared?  What inspires you?  Where have you lost Faith?   

This week marks a turning point which requires us to shift gears.  Many of us will meet this turning point with resistance.  You may be feeling creatively frustrated, experiencing doubt and/or losing Faith.  I encourage you to harness the abundance of Aries energy this week and activate that Spiritual Warrior within you!  Soldier on!  Fight for what you believe in, fight for yourself, fight for your dreams!!!

"When we activate our courage, miracles find us.  When we acknowledge and express our authentic positive qualities, Grace finds us.  When we deny who we are and avoid looking at our True Self, chaos finds us." - Me (Donna Flood)

Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo


A Very Special New Moon Healing Meditation Circle!!!

One spot left in each group!

 April 4th * 11 am - 1 pm or  7 - 9 pm

Just hours before the Potent New Moon we will create a magical gathering-

~I will talk about the energy of this Moon and Where it is in your chart!

~Healing Reike Meditation with Lizzie Rose~Reflection & Discussion

Space is limited to 6 people!

Location- Main Street, Santa Monica


Sign up for Day Time;
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