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The Moon Report

Aries New Moon!
March 31st, 11:24 pm PT
Jupiter-Neptune Grand Conjunction

April 12th, 2022


All Planets Moving Forward

Feb 3- Apr 29
~~ ~~ 

Astrology Reminds Us of WHO We Are...
Where We Came From &
What We Came Here to Do!

Once a year, the Universe gifts us with an Aries New Moon, reminding us to come back to WHO we are!!! KNOWING who we are, OWNING who we are and EXPRESSING our True Selves is the most powerful thing we can all do!  We are living in a time like no other and it is a great deal of energy to manage. 

With all the Chaos going on in the world around Us
All Planets Moving Forward
Potent Waxing Energy of Jupiter*Neptune Conjunction
Feeling Confused, Foggy, Tired, Buzzy, Anxious, Directionless and Powerless. 

The easiest way to gain some power back is to come back to
WHO YOU ARE & Express your True Self!

An Aries New Moon encourages us to look at WHO we are and express ourselves WITHOUT APOLOGY! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader, the trailblazer and curious to explore new pathways. Aries gives us the Courage to take action, the fuel to move forward and Inspires us to have Faith in ourselves!

This weekend's New Moon is exactly aligned with Chiron (The Wounded Healer) reminding us of the urgency to heal. Chiron in Aries (2018- 2027) is known as the Wounded Warrior and brings our collective attention to healing the Masculine. Astrologically, 2022 is considered to be the year we reach a High Water Mark point. The Water has been rising over the last decade bringing all of our Collective Old Wounds to the surface; Slavery, Genocides, Colonization, Wars, Mistreatment of the Environment and ongoing Inequalities. We will begin to Heal Globally when we each take responsibility to heal our own personal wounds.

Our personal wounds are energy zappers, they make us wince and over-react when someone carelessly throws salt (words/actions) around them.  Without allowing these wounds to heal we will never reach our Optimal Potential. Self-Healing is in our Nature, but we can sabotage our own Natural Healing with hanging on to; Blame, Shame, Guilt, Unforgivenesses, Jealousy, Envy, Pride and Judgments.  Are you willing to release blame, shame, judgments and forgive yourself from holding yourself back? 

Do not underestimate how much you are absorbing... from your past and from your current outer environment.  April 12th brings us the much anticipated Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Neptune at 24° Pisces.  These 2 Planets together have been enhancing our sensitivity, our attunement and our sense of compassion. Neptune rules the sign Pisces, so having Jupiter & Neptune connecting in Pisces brings us a WHOLE LOT of Pisces energy!! The last time Jupiter & Neptune met in Pisces was in 1856, when we were moving towards the abolishment of slavery across the US.  This is a Powerful combo of energy.  When channeled positively, this transit will enhance our imagination, creativity, intuition, compassion, Spiritual connections, as well as our abilities to manifest and heal.  Conversely, this enhanced sensitivity can bring forward patterns of anxiety, escapism, addiction, disillusionment and victimhood. These 2 Planets will be within 2° of one another for the entire month of April and within 15° for the remainder of the year.  It is crucial that we all look after ourselves to benefit from this transit. 

  • REST, stay hydrated, eat healthy foods & keep alcohol/drugs/meds to a limit.

  • Spend time in Nature.

  • Pray, meditate, journal, enjoy time in silence, seek counsel.

  • CREATE!!! Write, paint, draw, sing, etc.

  • Take a bath, REST more!

The Sign Aries reminds us to KISS... Keep It Simple!!  The sign Aries rules the Military and back in 1960 the Acronym KISS was coined as a design principle by the US Navy. If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to help yourself or help others right now... KEEP IT SIMPLE!! 

Simply, look for where you are losing energy. How do you fuel the Fire that feeds your Ego? How do you feed your Inner Fears, your Inner Victim?  How can you fuel the Fire that feeds your Soul? One way to Light yourself up and begin to come back to who you are is to simply engage in your positive Sun Sign Qualities. When we are lit up, we have more clarity, energy, we can SEE our Destined Path in front of us!  When we deny expressing the Innate parts of ourselves, we will naturally move into expressing the negative qualities of our Sun sign, but even more so, we are likely to express the negative qualities of our OPPOSITE SIGN. To Read about your Sun Sign Qualities Click here.

Aries reminds us of our Willpower and the Power of Intention. I encourage you to harness the abundance of Aries energy this week and activate that Spiritual Warrior within you!  Find that part of yourself that got left behind... connect with your Heart to remember the Dreams you have lost along the Way. 

"Own your decisions, own who you are... without apology." ANNA WINTOUR (Vogue Editor)-  Aries Moon

Donna xo

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