The Moon Report

Aries New Moon!
Sunday April 11th, 7:30 pm PT

All Planets Moving Forward!! 
February 20th - April 27th

"When we activate our Courage, Magic find us. 
When we Acknowledge and Express our Authentic Positive Qualities, Grace finds us. 
When we deny Who we are and avoid looking at our True Self...
Chaos finds us." - Donna

~~ ~~ 

Once a year, the Universe gifts us with an Aries New Moon, reminding us to come back to WHO we are!!!  KNOWING who we are, OWNING who we are and EXPRESSING our True Selves is the most powerful thing we can all do! An Aries New Moon encourages us to look at WHO we are and express ourselves WITHOUT APOLOGY!

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the leader, the trailblazer and curious to explore new pathways.  Aries gives us the fuel to move forward and inspires us to have Faith in ourselves!

All New Moons mark a time for New Beginnings, but once a year we get an Aries New Moon which invites Powerful New Beginnings!!!  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so this makes it the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year!  This week we have 7 Planetary bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Ceres, Eris) in the sign of Aries, gifting us with the opportunity to draw on the positive qualities that Aries has to offer us. This strong Aries energy encourages us all to express our True Selves,  be Independent, Courageous, Inspired and Enterprising.  4 of the Planetary bodies in this New Moon line up are Feminine in nature (Moon, Ceres, Venus, Eris), bringing balance to the abundance of Masculine Aries energy. This encourages us to have a balanced, healthy expression of the Divine Masculine; Courage, Willpower, Assertiveness, Confidence, Independence, Objectivity and Self-Expression. 

The heightened energy of this New Moon can also bring up some frustration, tension and stress.  If you are feeling any frustration or stress this weekend, see it as an opportunity to clear any buried anger and old emotional patterns.  This clearing will give you more energy and open you up to experience more Joy.  Holding in emotions (particularly anger) takes a great deal of energy, and it eventually costs us our health. 

Ceres, the Mother Earth Asteroid, will be conjunct (close to) this New Moon, reminding us of our connection to the Earth below us. What nourishes you? What ways can you "Mother" yourself? Do you need more time in Nature? Globally, we will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd, bringing our attention to our relationship with Mother Earth. What are ways you can assist in healing Mother Earth? 

The Great Celestial Clock has Made a Quarter Turn...
Until April 27th
We are All Given One Last Boost of Momentum
To Move Forward on our Destined Path.

We are at a turning point which requires us to shift gears.  Many of us will meet this turning point with resistance.  You may be feeling creatively frustrated, experiencing doubt and/or losing Faith.  I encourage you to harness the abundance of Aries energy this week and activate that Spiritual Warrior within you!  Find that part of yourself that you lost along the way...fight for yourself, fight for your dreams!!! 

One way to Light yourself up and begin to come back to who you are is to simply engage in your positive Sun Sign Qualities. When we are lit up, we have more clarity, energy, we can SEE our Destined Path in front of us!  When we deny expressing this Innate part of us, we naturally move into expressing the negative qualities of our Sun sign, but even more so, we express the negative qualities of our OPPOSITE SIGN.  To Read about your Sun Sign Qualities Click here.

"Own your decisions, own who you are... without apology." Anna Wintour-Aries Moon (Editor in Chief Vogue since 1988)

Donna xo

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