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The Moon Report

Aries Solar Eclipse
April 19th, 9:12 pm PT

Sun Enters Taurus
April 20, 2023, 1:13 am

Mercury Retrograde!
April 21st - May 14th , 2023


What helps you remember WHO You are?
What Lights You Up?
Do more of that!


ECLIPSE SEASON IS HERE!! And our 1st one of 2023 starts off with a bang! Eclipses are event generating times when we get assistance from the Universe in seeing things more clearly and getting things done.  Eclipses accelerate change and invite us to “Up-level” our life in some way. This Eclipse has an extra jolt to it as it connects with Pluto & the Lunar Nodes, forming a T-Square. This is a pretty powerful aspect.  What does this mean? It tells me that the Cosmic energy will be enhancing the themes of change, evolution and Destiny.  With Pluto in the mix here, we definitely need to be aware of WHAT NEEDS TO BREAK DOWN, BEFORE WE MAKE A BREAK-THROUGH!?!?  This applies both collectively and personally. We will all be uncovering what has been blocking us from our Optimal Potential.

Where the Eclipse is happening in YOUR chart is the area of your life where
YOU are ready for a Soul Upgrade. 

The wheel of time is spinning faster than ever. We are probably living through the most transformative time in history. The intensity, the speed of change, the darkness and the unknown ahead can feel overwhelming. While we CANNOT control what is going on around us, we MUST REMEMBER WE ALWAYS HAVE CHOICES. And the message from the Stars right now is a reminder to us to understand the Power of KNOWING WHO WE ARE and to CHOOSE to express your true Self!

The Moon Cycles are the simplest yet the most important astrological events... they are worth paying attention to. New & Full Moons highlight to us where we need to make adjustments so we are prepared for the opportunities they will be presenting.  This week brings us our 1st Eclipse of 2023 and our 2nd Aries New Moon in a month!!! Having 2 New Moons (in the same sign) in a month/row is a rare occurrence (every 2-3 years). This emphasizes the urgency to engage in the Archetypal Energy of Aries~

  • Our need for Independence & Freedom

  • Self Discovery & Self Expression

  • New Beginnings

  • Courage & Initiative

Every 6 months we get a Solar Eclipse and an opportunity to hit the "Refresh" button.  A Solar Eclipse is an extra potent New Moon, when the Moon, Sun and Earth are even more exactly aligned.  During the Eclipse, the Moon passes over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy to the Earth Fully or Partially for a brief time. This Eclipse will be a Hybrid-Total Eclipse (Ring of Fire~ observed in parts of Southern Hemisphere). This brief interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field... as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time, we internally experience darkness, a shutting down time.  A time to Release & Recalibrate.  Think of it as a time to power down & reboot, just like you do with your phone and computer.  The days around a Solar Eclipse the Universe provides us with support to delete old codes, outdated beliefs and make room for new programming. Details on Eclipse Viewing here.

Hours after the Eclipse, the Sun moves into the sign Taurus which will bring some much needed "grounding" energy during this Cosmically active month. Remind yourself what feels grounding to you (time alone, time in nature, exercise, breath-work, meditation, prayer, creativity, adventure, gardening, cooking, helping others, reading, learning, travel, being at home, being productive). Know that it is different for all of us. 

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus; April 21 - May 14 (Shadow 04/10-06/01)
After nearly 3 months of ALL PLANETS MOVING FORWARD, Mercury begins to slow things down as it Stations Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde Cycles are not simply about mishaps and frustrations with technology, they are potent times when we are invited to slow down and engage more actively in our Right Brain (the Creative, Imaginative, Intuitive side).  Mercury is in Retrograde close to 20% of the time, happening 3 times a year.  During these Cycles, Mercury (the Messenger Planet), slows us down, encouraging us to listen to our Inner Voice, our Intuition & our Guides. Mercury's Retrograde Cycles this year will all be in Earth signs.  With Mercury in Taurus, watch for messages around finances and values.  It will give us an opportunity to re-evaluate what truly matters. 

This week's Solar Eclipse asks us; How do you Eclipse yourself? The answers will unfold as the month moves on. Release your grip to "knowing" and trying to stay a step ahead of the Universe. Trust that the BREAKING DOWN is happening~ be open to the Release. Certainly the Lunar Eclipse on May 5th will bring Light (if not before) to any fears, patterns, beliefs, power struggles that are holding us back from our Optimal Potential. Choose to Surrender to the flow of the Cycles... offering yourself and others Compassion as we move through necessary transitions. 

“Knowing others is Intelligence, knowing yourself is true Wisdom. Mastering others is Strength, Mastering yourself is true Power.” Tao te Ching ~ 400 BC

Donna xo

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