The Moon Report

Cancer Full Moon

Friday January 10th- 11:21 am PST

Saturn - Pluto Conjunction 
January 12th, 2020

All Planets Moving Forward!
January 11th - February 16th


Eclipses Mark A Time of Significant Endings &
Major New Beginnings!

They accelorate our process, they bring change...
They most definitely stir the pot! 

As human beings, our life is designed around patterns.  We are pattern seeking, pattern recognizing and pattern creating creatures.  We design our day, our week and our life around patterns.  We are all aware of, and understand the cycles (patterns) of the Earth.  We understand the seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.  We know when to plant our garden, when to harvest, when to prune and when to buy a coat.  It serves us well to work with these patterns.  It is also extremely beneficial to understand the Universal Cycles and patterns of the Cosmos.  Astrology offers a way to understand the ever changing patterns in collective humanity. 

Eclipses are extra potent New and Full Moons.  When an Eclipse occurs, the Sun, Moon and the Earth are perfectly aligned, which interrupts the normal flow of light and Cosmic energy to the Earth's magnetic field.  As the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, attention is drawn to the darker parts of our unconscious.  The Full Moon sheds light on any imbalances or unresolved issues we need to pay attention to.  During an Eclipse, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun.  The Moon rules our right side of the brain; our feelings, our creativity and our intuition.  Our feelings, creativity and intuition are all given life under this Super Charged Eclipse!  Any suppressed fears, feelings, needs, desires and motivations will be invited to come to the surface this week.

Eclipses work as a catalyst for change and bring us opportunities to shift directions!

We begin this year with a rare Stellium (7 planetary influences) in Capricorn.  This has brought the energies of Responsibility, Integrity, Seriousness and Protection to the economic, political, social and personal arenas of our lives.  On January 12th the planets Saturn and Pluto will meet up in the exact same position (22 degrees Capricorn), an anticipated transit Astrologers have been talking about for a few years.  Historically, when these 2 planets come together there is a collapse of power leading to an eventual redestribution of power.  This transit will test our integrity and bring to us a significant SHIFT IN POWER both personally and globally.  When these 2 planets meet together we can expect change, restructuring and a shift in power.  Their cycle is characterized by an initial phase of POLARIZATION, which feels like we are going backwards.  However, trust that this polarization is necessary in the process of paving the way for new social order. Historically this has been a challenging aspect, but also historically, it has given us perseverance and strength to go up against the odds. History is in the making... and collectively, we are witnessing a breakdown of old orders.  To read more about this impactful transit, click on link below to the article I wrote last June.

The Eclipses this year are our greatest indicator of how this Saturn-Pluto transit is affecting us on a personal level.  5 of the last 6 Eclipses (including Friday's Eclipse) have happened in the Cancer-Capricorn Axis giving us clues to where we are ready for an upgrade. They have shown us what we need to let go of, where we need to pull up our socks, where we are ready for a change and where we are ready to engage our New Found Power! Look back to January 2019 and July 2019 for clues. 

*What was going on in your life during those months? 
*What is coming up now? 
*Where have you been losing power?
*Where have you been investing energy that no longer serves you? (worry, perfectionism, doubt, people pleasing, escapism, control, sabotage, resistance to change, judgmental thinking) 
*Are you prepared for a shift in personal power?

On the same day of the Eclipse, Uranus Stations Direct encouraging us all to take a big leap forward!  (Note* The days that Uranus changes directions coincides with unexpected events; revelations, weather, earthquakes.)  Not only are we feeling this fiercely potent energy of the Cancer Full Moon Eclipse, on January 11th ALL of our planets will be moving forward until February 16th!  There is absolutely a heightened energy of forward moving activity!  Now is the perfect time to get something launched, approved or completed. Make that "to do" list and start ticking things off!  What do you want to accomplish over the next month?  This much forward movement is likely to bring up excitement or anxiousness (overwhelm) within us.  You can choose how you wish to define this feeling.  Eclipses bring change.  Is it possible that you are actually more "excited" than "anxious" about the change?   Anxiousness can be perceived in a few ways. In the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, they offer "to earnestly desire" and "to be very eager" as two definitions of "Anxious".  Perhaps your anxiety or overwhelm is actually excitement!?!  Our Soul does not experience anxiety or fear, anxiety comes from the ego.  Eclipses are wonderful times to check in with your Soul- meditate, pray, listen, journal, spend time in nature.  

Eclipses happen in 19 year cycles.  What was going on in your life January 9th, 2001?  Perhaps now there is a similar theme... ready for completion or ready to be taken to the next level?  What signs are showing up signaling you to move forward?  It is a good idea to first make any necessary course corrections before you take any giant leaps.  

Friday's Lunar Eclipse will shed light on what can no longer be ignored!  What do you need to you need to release, let go of or destroy in order to propel yourself towards your Highest Potential?  Eclipses are event generating times with a bigger picture in mind.  Trust the bigger picture... Trust that what has been taken away is making room for your next phase.

Open your wings to the winds of change coming your way... 
Allow the powerful energy of these Eclipses to carry you toward your Destiny!!

The pace is about to pick up in the New Year with another Eclipse on January 10th and all the planets moving forward!  I encourage you to find time alone this week to reflect, to become aware of the direction you are facing and the direction you wish to be going!  If you are in the LA area, I am offering 2 different 2020 Intention Workshops- see more info below.  
"My motto in this year going into next is 'If not now, when? And if not me, who?' I don't have any time to waste." Jamie Lee Curtis

May 2020 Be YOUR Year!

Donna xo

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