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The Moon Report

Cancer New Moon!
Tuesday June 28, 7:52 pm PT

Neptune Stations Retrograde

June 28 - Dec. 3

U.S. Pluto Return!
July 11, 2022 (also exact 02/22/22 & 12/28/22)

~~ ~~ 

May I be Free of Fear
May I Treat Myself with Kindness
May I Love Myself just as I am
May I Know my Own Goodness
May I Give Myself the Compassion I need.

Kristin Neff


With the Sun, Moon and Ceres (Asteroid representing motherhood, health & agriculture) all in the sign of Cancer this week, we are reminded of the Power of Nurturing and Self-Nourishment. Cancer is the Archetype of the Mother, it represents the Home, our Past, our Memories, our Ancestry, our Family and our Feelings.  In the Light, the Archetypal energy of the Mother is unconditionally loving, supportive, protective, kind, compassionate and nurturing. In the shadow, the Mother can be abandoning, absent, controlling, abusive, or perhaps smothering and over-protective.

These extreme expressions of the Mother are further highlighted this week as the Black Moon Lilith is only 1° away from the New Moon!!  The Black Moon Lilith is a point measured in the Moon's orbit, it is not an actual planetary body.  In Jewish Mythology, Lilith was the 1st woman and 1st mate of Adam.  Lilith saw herself as equal to Adam and refused to "lie beneath him"- she left the garden and was punished for disobeying.  In many religions, folklore and mythological stories Lilith is viewed as evil, the devil, a murderer and baby killer. I find this so fascinating, considering the political and social climate right now around women's rights.  Positively, Lilith inspires us to embrace the Power of the Feminine and to continue to fight for equality on every level. 

The Spiritual Message of Cancer is ALL OF LIFE IS INTER-CONNECTED, reminding us of the Power of Unity.  How do you feel connected to the Earth below you & the Stars above you? How well are you connected in your relationships (family, friends, co-workers, community)? Notice where you are disconnected and how it creates energy leaks.  Most importantly, how well are you connected within... Mind-Body-Spirit? When we are feeling upset, anxious and helpless living in a world with so much chaos and suffering out of our control, it is helpful to focus on what you CAN control... looking after yourself and your loved ones.  This week's super-charged New Moon shows us the Light & Dark Mother within us all.  When we identify with Lilith (feeling unfairly treated), we must look at how we treat ourselves.  How do you "Mother" yourself? 

  • Are you an ABANDONING MOTHER? Do you always put yourself last? How have you abandoned yourself, your ideas, creations and dreams?

  • Are you a GUILTY MOTHER? Do you reward & nurture yourself with shopping, food and "guilty" pleasures??

  • Are you a FEARFUL MOTHER, overly protective, smothering, keeping yourself safe but small

  • Are you an ABUSIVE MOTHER? Negative self talk, self-critic, judgmental, punishing, poor health habits or overly controlling? How do you treat yourself when you make a mistake?

  • How can you be more UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING, SUPPORTIVE, KIND & NURTURING with yourself and others?

We grow and learn from the inside out, and NO ONE knows our feelings and Inner Health better than a CANCER MOON!! Our feelings remind us of our humanness, while opening us up to connect to our Compassionate and Spiritual side of our Nature. This call inward is enhanced by the Planet Neptune as it Stations Retrograde only hours before the New Moon.  For the last week and for the next week, Neptune has essentially been at a standstill heightening our sensitivity, our imagination and our intuition.  This week we are feeling a strong calling to connect with our Higher Self and to follow our Inner Guidance.

One of the healthiest, self-nourishing things you can do is to allow yourself some time in silence so you can hear your Inner Guidance.  

"Hoping a situation will change keeps you at a distance from your feelings- sadness, anger, fear.  Each of these feelings is best appreciated up close.  Feel them deeply, and they will cease to bother you.  Hope they will go away and they will bother you all day."  
Gay Hendricks (Psychologist, writer, teacher)

May You Treat Yourself with Kindness & Compassion!!
Donna xo

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