The Moon Report

Cancer New Moon
July 9th, 6:16 pm PT


"Hoping a situation will change keeps you at a distance from your feelings- sadness, anger, fear.  Each of these feelings is best appreciated up close.  Feel them deeply, and they will cease to bother you.  Hope they will go away and they will bother you all day."  
Gay Hendricks (Psychologist, writer, teacher)

~~ ~~ 

It IS true... What we resist, persists.... And how Divine of the Universe to bring us exactly what we need when we "resist".  The Stars this week invite us to reflect on how much we are responding to life by what is in front of our eyes verses what is going on behind our eyes.  We grow and learn from the inside out, and NO ONE knows our feelings (inside) better than a CANCER MOON!!

Astrology opens us up to connect with the Divine Cycles... and to connect with a symbolic language that speaks to our Souls.  The predictability of the rhythm of these Cycles is Humbling, yet comforting.  An easy way to connect with the Universal Cycles is to follow the Cycles of the Moon. The 3 days before the New Moon is the Balsamic Moon phase, also known as the "dead" Moon. This is the phase we are in today.  It is the ideal time to "weed" your garden, literally and symbolically.  What needs to "die" in order to make room for something new to be born? Each month we are given the gift of a New Moon and an opportunity for New Beginnings from the Universe!!  During the Balsamic and New Moon phases (when the Moon is dark) we are called inward to rest, listen, reflect and make necessary shifts and adjustments to reclaim our Inner Authority.


This realignment allows us to gain more clarity and confidence in moving forward on our Destined  Path.

The Stars this week leading up the the New Moon have highlighted Relationships... Marriage, Unity, Karmic Relationship contracts and Old Wounds we have around Relationships.  Are any of your Relationships up for Completion? Or perhaps it is time to RE-WRITE your story about how you experience Relationships. Even if you aren't typically a "feeler", with the Sun and Moon in Cancer we cannot avoid noticing our feelings. 

How we manage our Stress (feelings) is directly related to our health, and there is a billion dollar industry counting on us to NOT look at our feelings. When we don't acknowledge our feelings they get stored in our cell tissue and expressed in various health issues; anxiety, depression, weight gain, thyroid issues, lower immunity, hair loss, fatigue, heart disease, poor sleep patterns and even tumors (cancer cells grow faster when we are stressed).  Naming our feelings is one way of acknowledging them.  As we are all transitioning back into the post-pandemic world, many of us have are feeling ill-equipped.  Where are you on the scale of depressed - languishing - flourishing?   Take 12 question quiz here, developed by Dr. VanderWeele of the Human Flourishing Department at Harvard University. Simply reflecting on these questions is a helpful tool.

The sign Cancer rules our emotions.  We learn about ourselves on a deeper level via our emotions.  Our feelings remind us of our humanness, while opening us up to connect to our Compassionate and Spiritual side of our nature. 

Friday's Cancer Moon carries a message of UNITY. 

What does Unity mean to you... on a collective level and personal level?  How do you experience Unity in your Relationships? With your community, friends, family and spouse?  We are supported this week in harnessing the Power of our Inner Unity, our Body, Mind & Spirit.  We are also being given the opportunity to see where we are losing Power here. How are your thoughts, beliefs, feelings sabotaging your health and well being? Cancer shows us how our emotions and emotional attachment to our past can hold us back and keep us from moving forward on our Destined Path.  This is how we get stuck. Our past memories, behavior patterns and beliefs are familiar to us, that is why we cling to them even if they are negative, uncomfortable and unhealthy.  Going with the uncomfortable "known" seems easier and safer than forging into the "unknown" new pathways ahead of us. 

It's time to move forward!  Are you joining me?!?

"Unity is being in harmony or one in Spirit"   YOURDICTIONARY.COM

Donna xo

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