The Moon Report


*Summer Solstice*
June 20th, 2:43 pm PDT

Cancer New Moon
Solar Eclipse!!!

Saturday June 20th, 11:41 pm PDT

Mercury Retrograde 
June 17th - July 12th

Venus Retrograde Continues...
May 13th - June 25th


1.  A Solar Eclipse Invites New Beginnings...
2.  A Solstice Marks New Beginnings...
3.  A New Moon at 0 Degrees (Cancer) Enhances the Energy of a New Start!


Only hours before the Solar Eclipse our first Solstice of 2020 arrives, as  the Sun enters the sign of Cancer.  It designates the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and a Winter Solstice for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!  Solstices mark a time of endings and New Beginnings. They can bring us separations as well as losses and gains.  Most definitely they are a potent time for change.  Ironically though, the word “Solstice” comes from the Latin word “solstitium”, meaning “to stand still”.  For the 3 days around the Solstice, the Earth’s axial tilt comes to a gravitational pause.   This creates an energetic portal as there is a reduction of energy to the magnetic field on Earth the day before, day of and day after the Solstice (June 19th- 22nd). This pause or stillness is what we need before we shift directions.  These 3 days are an extra potent time for setting intentions, meditation, creativity, intuitive insights, ceremonies and prayer!  

Just 2 weeks ago we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which stirred the pot for us.  Stirring the pot is helpful as it brings old, unhealthy residue to the surface making it easier to see what needs to be cleared.  Any unresolved issues, old stories, unconscious patterns or fears were brought to our awareness.  We can expect our emotions and our sensitivity to be super-charged this week with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is the sign that rules emotions, feelings, family and our past. Cancer teaches us to listen to our emotions and to allow these feelings to move through us. Allowing our feelings to move feeds our fuel to create change, holding on to feelings keeps us stuck.  Cancer more than any other sign loves to hold on to things, particularly the past. What have you been holding on to? How is your past "Eclipsing" your present? Memories, resentment, unhealthy relationships, worry, anger, judgments, shame, blame, fears, disillusionment or any old stuff?  We are all invited to purge the let go!!  Letting go of this excess baggage that has been holding you back makes it so much easier to take leaps and strides forward towards your Optimal Potential!

All SOLAR Eclipses are powerful times that mark major endings and New Beginnings.

Solar Eclipse’s work as catalysts for major endings, New Beginnings and significant transitions!  This weekend's Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer reminds us of the value of the quality ADAPTABILITY.  Ahh, and guess what!?  2020 is the Year of the Rat! The Rat teaches us that we must be Adaptable in order to survive. We have all recognized the value of adaptability over the last 3 months of changes.  Most of us desire New Beginnings but at the same time resist change.  Change is inevitable in the Natural Law of Cycles.  New Beginnings are the fun part of change.  However, before we can have New Beginnings we must create room and space for them by first experiencing "endings".  The Natural Law of Evolution is the cycle of Death & Rebirth.  The ending part, death and letting go is the uncomfortable part. 

Saturday's Eclipse stirs up the past...
It brings to our awareness what we need to let go of in order to move forward towards 
Positive New Beginnings!

Solar Eclipse's are super charged New Moons!  Where this Eclipse occurs on your chart will highlight to you what is necessary for you to let go of to make room for something new in your life.  During this weekend's Solar Eclipse the Moon will pass over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy (UV light) to the Earth for 38 seconds. This interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time we will all internally experience darkness, a shutting down time, a time to release, delete, reset and re calibrate.  I like to think of it as a time to power down and reboot just like we do with our computers.  During a Solar Eclipse the Universe is providing us with an opening to delete old codes- any outlived beliefs, old patterns, fears, worry, blame, shame, resentment and make room for new programming. 

This week we will all have access to the cosmic delete and reset buttons! 

In this "letting go" process we will make room for more love and joy in our hearts which gives us the space, energy and strength to create what we truly want.  

Mercury Retrograde:
Retrogrades are natural correction cycles. They are Karmic opportunities to "Re-align" our Inner Selves to ensure support for expansion of our Outer Selves.  With 5 Planets in Retrograde right now, we are definitely feeling the call inward.  It can also give us the feeling that we are struggling to move forward. The planet Mercury rules our thoughts, our communication, technology and transportation. The intention of Mercury Retrograde is NOT to irritate us, rather it is to slow us down, spend more time alone and listen to our intuition.  When Mercury is in Retrograde we are encouraged to activate the right side of our brain making it an extremely creative and intuitive time!!!  This Retrograde will have even more Creative potency as it is in the sign of Cancer, activating our imagination and intuitive sensors.  The planet Mercury rules our thoughts, transportation, communication and our nervous system.  Most of us resist slowing down these things so when this planet is in retrograde we can expect delays, time wasters, mis-communications and breakdowns. Since we have all been slowing down with quarantine, this Retrograde cycle may feel less frustrating. Mercury invites us to turn our attention to clearing clutter in our life, make repairs, listen more attentively and pay closer attention to details. During this time, practice the usual precautions of being extra clear with communication, reconfirm all schedules and be sure to stay on top of all repairs. More importantly, take advantage of this cycle to become more aware of what is going on in that mind of yours!  Mercury Retrograde calls us to reflect, rethink, meditate, write, rewrite, CREATE, make repairs, redo things and release what is no longer in alignment with your Highest Good! 

During an Eclipse, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun.... 

And the Moon rules the right side of the brain; our feelings, our creativity and our intuition.  Our feelings, creativity and intuition are all given life under this Cancer Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde! Take advantage of this Cosmic Energy to create, write, reflect and listen to your Higher Self.

Think of Solar Eclipses to be like a “Soul check”.  Do you feel like you are on the right path?  Have you got off track somewhere along the way?  What are you ready to release in order to make room for something better?   Now is the time to let go of any dead weight that has been slowing you down!

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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