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The Moon Report

Capricorn Super Full Moon
July 3rd, 4:38 am PT


Have you been putting other people's needs, duties, obligations &
"should's" ahead of your own needs?

It's time to Relax, Rest and Recieve!! Monday's Full Moon intends to bring us back into a healthy balance, reminding us of the benefits of Self-care.

The Waxing energy of the Super Full Moon will heighten our sensitivity this weekend.  Heightened sensitivity is actually a good thing. It enhances our intuition, imagination, empathy and compassion... it encourages us to listen to our own Inner Guidance. 


Full Moons bring Light into the Shadow, to the hidden parts of ourselves. And yes, this super-charged Full Moon is opening us up to FEEL ALL THE FEELS (perhaps some that have been tucked away for a while).  Feelings can be uncomfortable. Acknowledging our feelings and moving through them is how we change and grow.  Holding on to them, stuffing them is how we get stuck. The Intention of the Full Moon this weekend is to bring attention to our repressed needs... to remind us of the importance of SELF-CARE! 

  • What are your needs?

  • What are ways you can Self-nurture? 

  • What are ways you can bring more Spiritual nourishment into your life?

  • How well do you receive nurturing from others?

  • What relaxes you?

The Moon's energy invites us to connect with our Inner Self. If we don't understand what is going on inside of us, we will be challenged in managing the energy outside of us. The Moon rules our emotions and each Full Moon brings us an opportunity to up-level our Inner Experience which then opens us up to up-leveling our OUTER experience. How does your Inner Reality match to your Outer Reality? Would you like them to look different?

Up-grading our INNER experience gives us greater Power to
Successfully navigate our ever-changing Outer World.

July 3rd~ Capricorn Super Full Moon:
Once a year when the Cancer Sun is directly opposite the Moon in Capricorn, the Universe brings us a Capricorn Full Moon. This week's Full Moon will be the 1st of 4 Super Full Moons in a row!  Super (Perigee) Moons are when the Moon is significantly closer to Earth.  The proximity of the Moon creates a larger appearance and presence in the sky.  It also intensifies the gravitational pulls on the Earth's body (the ocean's tides and tectonic plates) as well as our physical and emotional bodies!  Yep, this means BIGGER feelings!

Full Moons remind us to bring things back into balance.  With the Sun in Cancer (The Archetype of the Matriarch) and the Moon in Capricorn (The Archetype of the Patriarch) we are reminded to balance the Feminine and Masculine. Cancer (feminine) teaches us to receive and Capricorn (masculine) teaches us to give back. Cancer encourages "feeling" while Capricorn encourages "mastery". The Cosmic energy this week is reminding us all of our continual struggle to balance our Outer Ambition with our need for Inner Nourishment & Security.  What is missing from your life? What Potential has yet to bloom for you? How does your need for safety and security interfere with your Desire to reach for your Optimal Potential?  

A Capricorn Full Moon teaches us that our Power is in our Vulnerability... to "Feel" & "Master".

  • We are both Masculine & Feminine.

  • We are both Trusting & Responsible.

  • We are Sensitive & Sensible.

  • We are Playful & Hard-working.

  • We all have a Child in us as well as a Parent in us.

July 2nd, 6:33 am PT~ Moon Square to Neptune:
Just 24 hours before the Full Moon peeks, the Moon meets the Planet Neptune at a 90° angle, heightening the already charged energy of the waxing Super Full Moon. Be wary of extra sensitivity  to  food, alcohol, drugs, people and your environment.  This can lead to over-whelm and over-reacting. Be mindful of what you are exposing yourself to.  Positively, this energy will enhance your creative flow and intuitive pathways.  With Saturn and Neptune both in Retrograde in Pisces, we feel the pull to explore our relationship to Spirit and new ways to Spiritually Nourish ourselves. You will be Grateful to yourself for setting aside time this week to journal, meditate, pray, create, practice yoga and to sit in silence so you can listen to your Inner Guidance.

Full Moons are also a time of ripening, they bring Light to opportunities on our path.  A Capricorn Moon can highlight recognition for hard work, success reaching goals, achievements and major milestones.  This week marks the half-way point of 2023! Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come.  Enjoy the celebrations this week while refueling your Spiritual tank for your Exciting Journey ahead. 

“Love yourself first & everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”  Lucille Ball~ Capricorn Moon

Happy Full Moon Friends!


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