The Moon Report

Capricorn New Moon!!
Tuesday January 12th, 9:00 pm PT

n a world with so much uncertainty,
We can all find Solace in the reliability of the Moon's Cycles...
January 12th brings us a New Moon in Capricorn & 
The energy to focus on New Beginnings.
~~ ~~ 

Our lives are structured around patterns. Our human nature is to be "pattern seeking" and pattern following.  We design our day, our month and our life around patterns. We follow weather patterns, economic patterns, patterns of traffic, trends and social media algorithms.  Patterns give us comfort in knowing what to expect next.  The chaos and uncertainty of 2020 has given us much anxiety as it has left us all feeling very vulnerable about our future.  

*When can we travel again?
*What will the economy look like?
*When will  COVID be gone?
*Will the vaccine work?
*Will I lose my business?

The answers are unknown.  The Moon's patterns are known, they are reliable... and powerful.  They are 100% predictable! The Moon takes 28 days to orbit the Earth, which became a marker of time in what we call the "Lunar Calendar".  The Lunar Calendar was developed in 8000 BC!!!  We humans have been following the Moon and relying on the Moon's cycles for a long time.  Each month we get a New Moon, the 1st of 8 phases of the Moon.  This 1st phase (New Moon) is symbolic of New Beginnings. Seeds planted during the New Moon phase germinate more successfully. For thousands of years humans have planted, harvested and pruned by the cycles of the Moon. This is our history, it is our Wisdom, our culture and it is science. 

Each New Moon reminds us of our "Inner"...
The only part of life that we DO have control over. 

The unexpected challenges of 2020 have shown us all what we DO NOT have control over.  We DO have dominion over our Inner thoughts (which create feelings), our attitude, how we relate to ourselves and how we relate to our Higher Self/Spirit/God. These are a few of our most powerful choices. 

Tomorrow's New Moon arrives exactly one year after The Great Conjunction of 2020.  On January 12th, 2020 the planets Saturn and Pluto met at 22 degrees Capricorn along with the Sun, Ceres and Mercury & Jupiter close by.  This was a much anticipated transit and did not disappoint with its punch.  Saturn and Pluto meet in opposition or conjunction (together) every 19 years.  On a global level, they always initially bring division, followed by a shift in power.  The intention of this transit is always about evolution. Evolution, (change, growth) works much like the cycles of life. New beginnings, "births" are always preceded by endings, some sort of symbolic or literal "death".  We cannot evolve if we resist change.  2020 showed us on a global, social and personal level, where we have been stuck, what needs to symbolically "die" so we can move forward.  We have been shown what was draining our power and holding us back. Patterns like; control, worry, doubt, escapism, people pleasing, self-sabotage, resistance to change, greed, judgmental thinking, co-dependence, unhealthy boundaries, blame, shame and resentment. 

New Moons typically bring "yin", quieter energy.  However, the next couple of weeks are packed with some Celestial sparks to keep us on our toes.  Mars (the Warrior Planet) will be in the exact same position as Uranus (the Shake up- Wake up Planet) on January 20th, Inauguration Day in the U.S.  This, along with some other Cosmic meet-ups has created an energy that we are already feeling.  Mars and Uranus together typically are volatile, bringing explosive and often violent behavior. On a positive note, the overall Celestial energy can bring us innovative solutions, liberation, compassion and healing.  Whenever Uranus is involved things will be unpredictable, expect the unexpected.  

A Capricorn Moon is known as "The Planner" Moon, making it an ideal New Moon for setting Intentions. New Moons call us Inward to reflect on ourselves, our life and our Intentions. Consider accepting the Invitation from this New Moon, retreat inward, listen, write, visualize and plan what you would like to create.  On January 14th the Planet Uranus Stations direct after 5 months of Retrograde, prodding us to take a big leap forward.  ALL PLANETS WILL BE MOVING FORWARD; January 14 - 30!!  This forward moving energy during these 2 weeks makes it an ideal time to take action, take steps towards your dreams and your Destiny.

Astrology offers us a way to understand the ever changing patterns in collective humanity.  It allows us to take ourselves and others less personally.  When we move WITH the Cycles of the Universe we will experience more Grace, Ease, Peace and "Success" in life.  


"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.  I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong."  Abraham Lincoln.  Capricorn Moon

Many Blessings to Your Year Ahead!!
Donna xo

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