The Moon Report

Capricorn Full Moon
June 24th, 11:39am PT
Mercury Stations Direct!!
June 22nd


The Stars this week bring our attention to our
And anything that has been holding us back &
Evolving from A Child to A Creator...
Taking the Reins of Creating our OWN lives!!

~~ ~~ 

The Moon rules our emotions and plays a large part in our emotional growth and personal development.  We grow and learn from the inside out and each Full Moon brings us an opportunity to up-level our Inner Experience.  This is how we begin a Powerful Co-creation Process. So many of our Outer experiences are out of our control. Upgrading our Inner Experience gives us greater Power to successfully navigate our unpredictable, ever-changing Outer World. 

Are you taking responsibility for what you Create... or have NOT Created? 

With the Sun in Cancer (the Mother Archetype) and the Moon in Capricorn (the Father Archetype), we are invited to take a look at our relationship with our parents, family and children.  Chances are, something is coming up from the past for you. Are you still carrying around dead weight of old, childhood wounds? Are you overly concerned with safety?  Do you struggle to express your needs?  Are you looking for a parent in your Spouse, friends, boss or even political leaders? Thursday's Capricorn Full Moon encourages us to step up to Mystically "Parent" ourselves.  How do we do that?! 

  • Protect yourself with healthy boundaries. 

  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable & Compassionately witness your emotions.

  • Find Safety & Security from within.

  • Self-care, Self-nurture.

  • Take Responsibility for your life!

  • Trust your Intuition & relinquish (childish) grip to control.

  • Start Creating!! What are you incubating? What are you ready to give birth to?

Full Moons remind us where we are out of balance.  With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn we are invited to balance the Feminine (Our gentle, imaginative, intuitive side) & the Masculine (The part of us that likes structure, takes action & can be impersonal).  Cancer teaches us to RECIEVE and Capricorn teaches us to give back.  As Thursday's Full Moon shines a Light onto our Shadow, we can see shadow patterns of Capricorn within us that need neutralizing.

  • Holding responsibilities that aren't ours- Rescuing others.

  • Trust issues.

  • Childhood/family issues.

  • Misplaced goals & ambitions.

  • Pessimism, depression. 

  • (Consider using the Mystical parenting tips to neutralize any of these patterns.)

RETROGRADES pull us back so we can get a better visual...
A wider view and greater perspective.
Sometimes  they are a wake up call, often there is a dismantling, a clearing away to give us more clarity and confidence before we leap forward.


Juno, Marriage & Relationship Contracts!
Juno is the Asteroid that  rules Marriage & Karmic Relationship Contracts.  She takes 4 1/2 years to orbit the Sun. This year (April 12- Aug 2) Juno will Retrograde in Sagittarius encouraging us to find Freedom in our Relationships. This year, an unusual transit occurs along with this year's Retrograde Cycle, Juno will Retrograde over the Moon's South Lunar Node (our Karmic past) dissolving many Karmic Relationship Contracts. For months now, Juno has been hovering over the Moon's South Lunar Node, bringing many relationships into completion.  July 8, 2021- Juno will be exactly conjunct (in same position) as the SLN!!  This means from July 1- July 15 the Stars are supporting us in dissolving or re-writing any old, outgrown, outdated (Karmic) Relationship Contracts.

The Retrogrades along with this week's Full Moon invite us to evaluate the seeds we have sown.  Allow the Moon to shed Light onto what you could not see before. Ask yourself... WHAT IS WORTH HOLDING ON TO & WHAT IS IT TIME TO LET GO OF?

"Love is the chain whereby to bind a child to its parents." ABRAHAM LINCOLN- Capricorn Moon

Donna xo

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