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Capricorn Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse!!
Saturday July 4th, 9:44 pm PDT

Mercury Retrograde Continues...
June 17th - July 12th 


 Since January 2019 the Eclipses have been in the Cancer-Capricorn Axis... 
Encouraging us to purge and let go of the excess baggage that has been holding us back.  


This weekend's Capricorn Lunar Eclipse will be the 3rd of 3 Eclipses in a row!! Every 6 months we get a set of Eclipses which are extra potent New & Full Moons.  Eclipses hold encoded instructions to our Destined Path, they invite change, they accelerate our process and they mark major turning points globally and personally.  Eclipses allow us to see how far we have come, they bring us support to make progress and often hold an element of surprise.

All Lunar Eclipses highlight what has been hidden, giving us an opportunity to see what needs to be changed or healed.  Eclipses stir the pot, bringing old sediment and unresolved emotions to the surface.  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines Light into the shadow of the signs that it is in. Things that may be showing up for you this week are; over-responsibility, entitlement, pessimism, depression, worrying, loneliness, exhaustion, clinging to the past, resisting change and fears around failure. Saturday's Lunar Eclipse will make it easier to see our unhealthy emotional patterns that need new programming as well as old emotions that are ready to be acknowledged and released.  

We have just passed the mid-point of the Mercury Retrograde Cycle.  Mercury, the Planet that rules our thoughts, reminds us of our illusion of "control".  During Retrograde, Mercury the "Messenger" Planet brings us messages and clues to our Soul Contract and shows us where we have gotten off our path.  Retrogrades call us inward reminding us that in order to move forward we must first manage what has been holding us back.  This Mercury Retrograde Cycle is in the sign of Cancer, urging us to clear up emotional backlogs. Stored emotions taint our perception of day to day life, giving  us a view of life through wounded eyes. The Stars this month have given us tremendous support in clearing out our past emotional baggage and healing past traumas... it is like clearing the fog off your glasses.  

On June 28th the Planet Mars moved into the sign Aries where it will stay for 6 months!!  Mars usually spends only 5-6 weeks in each sign.  Mars rules the sign Aries, as well as our physical energy, sexual energy, anger, action, courage, independence and initiative.  Mars in Aries is like Fire on Fire, giving us the energy and courage to move anger into action!  Action encourages growth & HEALING!!  Mars in Aries can also make us feel more agitated, impatient, assertive and sexually charged.  Agitation and irritability give us clues to buried anger.  The next 6 months will be a great time to release buried anger and other toxic emotions- allowing more space for Love and Peace in our Hearts.  Those of you with your Sun in Aries, Cancer, LIBRA and Capricorn will feel this Mars nudge the most. 

The Cosmos has provided an enormous amount of Celestial energy in the last month.  While we have the Eclipses accelerating our process, we have 5 planets in Retrograde, slowing us down.  There is a great deal of change going on around us whether we see it or not...we are sensing it.  You may feel this Inner pulling and pushing, up and down, high and low energy.  Rather than continue to be tossed around, consciously stall yourself, pause and hold in stillness.  Allow the changes to go on around you, observe your past passing by and let go of what is holding you back.  Concrete changes from these Eclipses are not yet visible, Trust that what has been activated this month will take time to process and complete.

Eclipses work in 19 year cycles.  On July 5th, 2001 we had a Lunar Eclipse in the exact same degree as this one.  If you are old enough to remember, reflect on what was going on in your life in the summer of 2001.  What was important to you then?  What was your focus?  Can you see a common thread or theme to what is happening in your life right now?  This next 6 months mark a turning point to take that "theme" to the next level, a new phase or perhaps to completion. 

Are you happy with your life direction?
Do you support...
Or Sabotage yourself?

Saturday's Lunar Eclipse will shed light on what can no longer be ignored!  What do you need to you need to release, let go of or destroy in order to propel yourself towards your Optimal Potential? How can you support YOURSELF?  Eclipses are event generating times with a bigger picture in mind.  Trust the bigger picture, what has been taken away is making room for your next phase.

During an Eclipse, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun. 

The Moon rules the right side of the brain; our feelings, our creativity and our intuition.  Our feelings, creativity and intuition are all given life under this Capricorn Lunar Eclipse! 

Watch for Insights and opportunities this week that will give you momentum to move forward on your Soul's path. 

Sending  EXTRA Healing Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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