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The Moon Report

Super Full Moon!

Wednesday July 13, 11:37 am PT

Chiron Stations Retrograde
July 19- December 3

~~ ~~ 

Are you or anyone around you feeling a bit "Moody"?
Moodiness = Emotional reactions that do NOT match your current outer experience.


We grow and learn from the inside~>out.  If we don't understand what is going on inside of us, we will be challenged in managing the energy outside of us. The Moon rules our emotions and each Full Moon brings us an opportunity to up-level our Inner Experience which then opens us up to up-leveling our OUTER experience. How does your Inner Reality match to your Outer Reality? Would you like them to look different?

Up-grading our INNER experience gives us greater Power to
Successfully navigate our ever-changing Outer World.

Once a year when the Cancer Sun is directly opposite the Moon in Capricorn, the Universe brings us a Capricorn Full Moon. This week's Full Moon will be the 3rd of 4 Super Full Moons in a row!  Super (Perigee) Moons are when the Moon is significantly closer to Earth. AND... this Full Moon will be the closest one we will get all year! The proximity of the Moon creates a larger appearance and presence in the sky.  It also intensifies the gravitational pulls on the Earth's body (the ocean's tides and tectonic plates) as well as our physical and emotional bodies!  Yep, this means BIGGER feelings!

Full Moons remind us to bring things back into balance.  With the Sun in Cancer (The Archetype of the Matriarch) and the Moon in Capricorn (The Archetype of the Patriarch) we are reminded to balance the Feminine and Masculine. Cancer (feminine) teaches us to receive and Capricorn (masculine) teaches us to give back.  Ideally, we are learning to take care of ourselves while we look after others.  Wednesday's Moon will show us where we need healthier boundaries and where we are holding responsibilities that aren't ours.  Are you over focused on making sure everyone else is looked after that you have put your own goals aside?  Are you holding responsibilities that are not yours?  Capricorn teaches us to be responsible, however, often we develop a misunderstanding that the more responsibility we have- the more control we have. 

Positively, Full Moons bring Light to opportunities on our path.  A Capricorn Moon can highlight recognition for hard work, success reaching goals, achievements and major milestones.  And if you haven't noticed anything yet, only hours after the Full Moon peaks it meets up with the planet Pluto giving us a boost of ambition to complete any goals that have been in the works. 

Full Moons also shine a Light onto our Shadow.  This week's Full Moon brings Light to the shadow patterns of Capricorn (The Patriarch) within us that needs neutralizing. Full Moons allow us to see outdated patterns that are holding us back. For the week following this Full Moon, we get EXTRA support from the Cosmos in releasing old patterns and clearing any repressed emotions. (Chiron Stations Retrograde & Sun opposes Pluto July 17-19). Notice what is coming up for you, and if any Shadow Capricorn energies are showing up for you this week.

  • Holding responsibilities that aren't yours- Rescuing others.

  • Trust issues.

  • Childhood/family issues.

  • Misplaced goals & ambitions.

  • Restrictions, feeling limited.

  • Pessimism, overly serious, gloom, depression. 

  • Dictatorship, control, abuse of authority.

A Capricorn Full Moon teaches us that our Power is in our Vulnerability... our ability to understand our "wholeness" and how we are ALL connected! 

  • We are both Masculine & Feminine.

  • We are both Trusting & Responsible.

  • We are Sensitive & Sensible.

  • We are Playful & Hard-working.

  • We all have a Child in us as well as a Parent in us.

As world events continue to unravel and challenge our Faith, remember what you CAN control... HOW YOU EXPERIENCE YOUR INNER REALITY AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF!!!

Happy Full Moon Friends!

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." LUCILLE BALL- Capricorn Moon

May You Treat Yourself with Kindness & Compassion!!
Donna xo

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