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The Moon Report

 Super New Moon ~1° Capricorn!
December 23rd, 2:16 am PT


Chiron Stations Direct

December 23rd
Sun Enters Capricorn- Winter Solstice!
December 21st 

Mars Retrograde
October 30th - Jan 12th, 2023
~~ ~~ 

"History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul."
John Dalberg-Acton- Capricorn Sun
As 2022 Comes to a Close
The Stars Invite Us to Reflect on Our Past Year.

It is important to UNDERSTAND the past, OUR past, because it explains the here and now.  However, holding on to the past is what keeps us stuck. The Magical Energy of the Capricorn Solstice we have been feeling the past couple of days rolls over into the Potent Energy of a Capricorn SUPER New Moon along with a few other aspects. This Celestial Cocktail pulls us back for one last review before we shift gears in 2023!
As we maneuver living in one of the most complicated, overwhelming and accelerated times in history~ we must remind ourselves to simply come back to WHO WE ARE! Our Self-image operates as a lens to our Soul and its evolving desires. The Cosmic Wheels of Evolution are inevitable.  Change is unavoidable. We desire change. We are wired to Evolve, it is part of our DNA. However, we suffer when we don't Trust the Process of Change. Evolution is always preceded by another Natural Law called "INvolution". The Involution part is the uncomfortable part, but necessary.  

Mars Retrograde October 30 - January 12
The Universe ALWAYS brings us exactly what we need. And what we need right now is to Retreat, Review, Reflect, Release, ReEvaluate and Recharge before we Redirect ourselves. As Mars moves through its Retrograde Cycle, we continue to peel back layers, uncovering buried anger and resentments.  This opens us up to emotional clearing~ making room for more Love, Creativity & Joy in our Hearts. As we move toward the end of this transit we will discover how we can DO things differently, with more Ease and less Ego.   

Chiron Retrograde July 19 - December 23
Chiron is a minor Planet that takes 50 years to Orbit the Sun.  Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer, where it is in our charts shows us where our Old Soul Wounds are.  Any significant Chiron Transit invites us back to heal these old Soul wounds.  What old patterns, hurts, pains, suffering has come up for you in the last 5 months? With Chiron in Aries right now, we are collectively healing the Wounded Warrior, whether you are fighting battles on the ground, other people's battles or the biggest battle of all... the Battle Within. With Chiron Stationing Direct only an hour before the Super New Moon, we feel a sense of relief, a new found optimism and space in our Hearts to Create New Beginnings.

Jupiter-Uranus Cycle (2010-2024)

The Planets Jupiter (Benefic Planet) and Uranus (Awakener Planet) meet together, in conjunction every 14 years. When these 2 Planets meet together they typically bring sudden, yet positive changes.  They work together to get us back on our Soul's Destined Path.  The last time they met together was June 2010, September 2010 & January 2011.  What was going on in your life back then? Any major changes? If you connect those changes to being on your Soul's Path... How far have you Come?  On December 23rd, along with the Super New Moon & Chiron Stationing Direct, we also have our final significant aspect (semi-square) with Jupiter & Uranus (before they complete their 14 year cycle) to remind us where we are going and what adjustments we need to make in order to get there!

Capricorn SUPER New Moon~ December 23rd, 2:16 am PT
As we continue to Celebrate The Return of the Light, the Universe brings us a New Moon, the darkest Moon of the month.  A Super New Moon is significantly closer to Earth, enhancing the gravitational pulls on the ocean's tides, the Earth's tectonic plates as well as our emotional bodies. As I mentioned earlier, this Potent Celestial Cocktail calls us into Stillness.  It invites us to rest, retreat, realign and listen to the Whispers of our Soul.

This week we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto ALL in Capricorn. This is a huge boost of Capricorn energy!! The Spiritual Lesson of Capricorn is in finding our Integrity~ while reaching our Optimal Potential.  As you review your year, acknowledge yourself for your endurance, your discipline and your Integrous Choices.  Once you complete that, take a look at the choices you made based on fear of rejection, fear of failure and your desire for validation.  Think about any shifts you would like to make in 2023. It is not important to know WHAT your Optimal Potential is. In fact, needing to "know" is what can hold you back.  What IS important is expressing your true Self. This is what Lights you up and allows you to see where you are going.

When we can see where we are going~
We can more confidently make choices & fearlessly take one step at a time on our Soul's Path.

This week is not just about reflecting, journaling and personal growth... IT IS ABOUT JOYFULLY CELEBRATING OUR LIGHT!!! Do what Lights You Up and notice how Clear your Path ahead looks!! 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us." MARIANNE WILLIAMSON~ Capricorn Moon

May We All Find Our Light, Share Our Light & Celebrate Our Light!!
Merry Everything & Happy New Year!
Donna xo

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