The Moon Report

Capricorn New Moon

Wednesday December 25th- 9:13 pm PST



Eclipses are Change-Makers...

They accelorate our process, inviting us to upgrade a certain aspect of our lives! 

As we are exiting a year and a decade, Wednesday's Eclipse marks a potant and pivital time of change, globally and personally. It will be the first "Christmas" Eclipse we have had since 1954! This Capricorn Solar Eclipse will be visible in Asia and Northern Australia. Solar Eclipse's are extra potent New Moons. During Wednesday's New Moon Solar Eclipse the Moon will pass over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy (UV light) to the Earth for approximately 2 minutes.  This momentary interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time we will all internally experience darkness, a shutting down time, a time to release, delete, reset and recalibrate.  I like to think of it as a time to power down and reboot just like we do with our computers. 

All SOLAR Eclipses are powerful times that mark major endings and New Beginnings!

Eclipses work in cycles to create change.  This will be our 5th Eclipse in 2019 and the 4th one in the Cancer-Capricorn axis.  This means wherever Cancer and Capricorn are in your chart, you are due for an upgrade.  Simply look back to the last 2 sets of Eclipses for clues.  We had a Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 5th, 2019 and a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, 2019.  What was going on in your life back then?  What opportunities came forward?  Any challenges? Changes? Capricorn and Cancer together highlight us of what part of our past we are still holding on to...the part that is holding us back from reaching our Optimal Potential.  What patterns once served you but now seem to only create stumbling blocks, holding you back from stepping towards your dreams, opening your heart and experiencing life in its Fullest Potential?  Perfectionism, control, protection (closed heart), unhealthy boundaries, bullying, resistance to change, betrayal, self-betrayal, doubt, criticism, judgmental thinking, dependency, worrying, inhibition, rigiditity or ___? 

New Moons are typically not as emotional as Full Moons.  However, the Stars are lined up with this New Moon Eclipse to amplify our feelings.  During the Holidays families gather and our past is brought to our attention.  If Christmas with your family brings back warm and fuzzy feelings, you will feel extra love and warmth in your heart this week.  However, if the Holidays were unpleasant and painful, you can anticipate more of these feelings to come forward!  Either way, allow the Holidays to be an opportunity to nurture your younger Self, let go of old patterns and baggage and re-attach the dismembered parts of yourself that you let go of so long ago to fit in and survive.   

During a Solar Eclipse the Universe is providing us with an opportunity to delete old codes- any outlived beliefs, old patterns, fears, worry, blame, shame, resentment, worry and make room for new programming.  This week we will all have access to the cosmic delete and reset buttons!  In this "letting go" process we will make room for more love and joy in our hearts which gives us greater energy and strength to create what we truly want.  Think about what you are ready to delete and reprogram into your life as you begin to think about the Intentions you would like to set in the coming year ahead.  

During a New Moon, the Moon is not visible, creating darkness and inviting us to go inward.  Energetically we feel slower.  This makes it an excellent time to check in with your Internal GPS.  What have you learned this year? What brings you Joy? What has been steeling your energy? Where do you want to refocus your energy?   As the Eclipse gives us a week of "Pause" we all have an opportunity to reset and get ourselves facing in the direction we wish to be heading.  
The intention of the Stars is Evolution...that we learn from our past and our challenges and Evolve.

The pace is about to pick up in the New Year with another Eclipse on January 10th and all the planets moving forward!  I encourage you to find time alone this week to reflect, to become aware of the direction you are facing and the direction you wish to be going!  

"Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world." Annie Lennox (born Dec. 25, 1954- Solar Eclipse!!)

Wishing You All the Most Beautiful Holiday Season with Much Warmth in Your Hearts!
Happy Hannukah! Merry Christmas!  Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!

Donna xo

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