The Moon Report


Gemini Full Moon

Monday November 30th, 1:29 am PT

Eclipses Invite Change!
They accelerate our process...
They inevitably stir the pot!!

Notice the Cross-roads in front of you..
What changes are you ready to accept?
Are you evolving, moving forward?
Or will you put it off until the next big turning point? 

~~ ~~ 

Every 6 months the Universe brings us a set of Eclipses... extra potent New and Full Moons.  During a Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon slowly dims as it passes through the Earth's shadow bringing our awareness to what lurks in our sub-conscious.  During an Eclipse, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun. The Moon rules our emotions and the right side of our brain (the creative, intuitive side).  Over the next few days our feelings, creativity and intuition are all given life under this Gemini Full Moon Eclipse! The Gemini Moon will also bring our attention to what lurks in the shadows of our mind.  How much does doubt, self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm hold you back?... How much do they hold you in suffering?

With the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in the opposing sign of Sagittarius, we are reminded to balance our logical mind with our Intuitive Wisdom. We are shown where we have Faith and where we experience doubt.  This Moon invites us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.  Gemini is about facts, information, curiosity, communication and our thoughts whereas Sagittarius is about interpretation, understanding and beliefs.  How do you balance using your rational mind and your Intuitive Wisdom to resolve current issues? 

Astrology gives us a language to understand the Universal Cycles of life. 
It reminds us to celebrate and be grateful for each of our Blessings...
And to not get discouraged when we experience challenging cycles. 

No, we are not done yet. 2020 brought us many challenges and opportunities to evolve and December is super charged with Cosmic energy- keeping us on a path of growth and change.  We are now at the cross-roads, invited to shift directions or possibly make some difficult choices.  Will you choose to move forward over this next month or will you wait until the next major Cosmic invitation (~6 months)? The energy from the Eclipses over the next couple of weeks can be just the nudge you need to move forward!

Eclipses encourage us to move up a level, personally and globally.  Eclipses occur in the signs that the Moon's Lunar Nodes are in.  {Lunar Nodes are not actual Physical Points, rather they are Symbols that mark the Point of Interception between the Moon's orbit and the ecliptic path of the Earth around the Sun.}  Astrologers see the Lunar Nodes as our Karmic Axis; marking where we have come from and where we are going.  In 2019 and 2020, the majority of the Eclipses were in the signs Cancer & Capricorn.  These Eclipses encouraged us to; learn from our past, move away from misuse of authority, to hold responsibility, to return to our home, family life and simplicity and to become more true to ourselves.  The Karmic Axis has now shifted.  The next 2 Eclipses and the majority of the 2021 Eclipses will occur in the signs Gemini and Sagittarius.  Globally, the Karmic pull of these Eclipses intends to move us away from a lack of cooperation and righteousness, to seeing the world through the eyes of others. WE ARE LEARNING TO DIPLOMATICALLY RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS! Ha! That is definitely the challenge we  are all feeling right now. 

Where these Eclipses are happening in YOUR chart, will show what area of your life is ready for an upgrade or an overhaul.  Yes, this means that Gemini's and Sagittarians will be impacted greatly by these Eclipses and can anticipate major changes and turning points in their lives.  Want to learn more about the Lunar Nodes and where these Eclipses are in your chart?  Sign up for my Eclipse class Nov. 30th..

The sign Gemini rules the Nervous System, and this Moon can most definitely tax your Nervous System.  Simplify as much as possible, keep your thoughts positive and take LOTS of deep breaths.  *Don't skip your exercise, get outdoors, go to yoga, go to a breathwork meditation class.*

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek."  Barak Obama (Born with Moon in Gemini)

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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