The Moon Report

Gemini New Moon!!

Monday June 3rd- 3:02 am PDT


"You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head.  
Be kind to yourself."  Unknown 

Monday's New Moon reminds us of the Power of our Minds!


We have an average of 35-48 thoughts per minute and for most people the majority of these thoughts are negative (and often repetitive).   That can be as many as 50,000 negative thoughts a day!!  Yikes!!  Our thoughts and words are potent creators.  They create feelings, beliefs and our reality.  We have very little control in most things in our life... but we can control our thoughts.   It is scientifically proven that spending a few extra seconds in a positive thought changes the neural structure in our brains, which in turn increases our energy, clears brain fog, improves the immune system, digestion, overall health and well-being. At the same time, be aware of how much time you spend around negative people, listening to the news or engaging in social media.  Our brains are wired to notice any threats, whether they are real or not.  Our brains react to hearing about or watching a tragic event on the news as though it is happening to us.  This neural reaction causes an increase in cortisol levels which is hard on our health; increases anxiety, depression, weight gain, sleep disturbances and auto-immune disease.   

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury (Gemini's ruler) in Gemini this week we have amplified Gemini energy!  This means everything to do with our thoughts and communication will be enhanced this week.  Worry, anxiety, doubt, self-doubt and misunderstandings  are likely to surface.  When negative thinking shows up it is a reminder to us that our Mind is the most powerful tool we have and to take better care and responsibility in operating that tool. Harness your Mind's strength, discipline and Will Power to overcome any barrier that has blocked you from continuing on your desired path. This New Moon offers us an opportunity for clearing any misunderstandings and judgments, allowing us to think differently, see things differently and perhaps experience life differently.  This strong Gemini energy reminds us that LISTENING and being a good listener is a VITAL part of communication.  It reminds us that each thought we have is a potent creator of our reality.

Each month we are given the gift of a  New Moon and an opportunity for New Beginnings from the Universe!!  New Moons are "dark" Moons as the Earth blocks the Sun's light to the Moon.  This darkness calls us inward to reflect on where we are and where we want to go.  New Moons invite us to slow down and listen to our Inner voice.  In doing this, you can become an observer of your mind.  Notice negative thoughts, judgments, repetitive thinking and doubt.  Notice curiosity, inspirations and creative thoughts.   Notice what thoughts are coming from a place of love and what thoughts are coming from a place of doubt and fear. Observing the Mind is very Powerful and Shifting!   In becoming a Neutral Observer of your Mind you automatically diffuse the Power of negative thinking and enhance the Power of positive thoughts! Consider journaling and/or a meditation practice this month to become more aware of what is going on in that mind of yours. 

On June 9th Jupiter will enter a significant aspect to Neptune (June 9-22 they will meet at a 90 degree angle) which will bring attention to our 6th sense.  Pay particular attention to your dreams on June 9th and 10th and be aware of heightened intuition.  Jupiter and Neptune began this cycle of aspects back in 2009.  What was your Inner Guidance nudging you towards back then?  June 2012 and September 2015 were significant turning points in this cycle.  What was going on for you then?  We are now coming to a completion of this Jupiter-Neptune cycle.  What are you being called to surrender to now?

There are a great deal of astrological events going on over this next month.  It makes June a significant turning point for change, both globally and personally.  We are almost halfway through the year and July's Eclipse's are sure to accelerate things.  Are you facing the direction you wish to be headed?  Are you ready for changes ahead?

I encourage you to take time this week to become aware of your thoughts.  Our lives are shaped by what we think.  Our thoughts create our feelings and motivate our actions.  Eventually we become our thoughts and we manifest what has been going on in our minds.  Choosing our thoughts is one of the greatest powers we have!!!  Who is behind the wheel of your mind?

 “ be in hell is to drift, to be in heaven is to steer.”  George Bernard Shaw
Lots of Love and Light Your Way!
Donna xo

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