The Moon Report

Gemini New Moon

June 10th, 3:52 am PT

Mercury Retrograde
May 29th - June 22nd

Solar Eclipses are event generating...
They work as catalysts for Major Endings,
New Beginnings & Transitions!!

~~ ~~ 

Feeling like you have been tossed around? Well, basically you have been... we are still in the wake of the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th and in the tail winds of a great deal of Astrological weather going on this month- we will be in these tail winds for a couple more weeks. The Eclipses have been accelerating things and the Retrogrades have been slowing us down, leaving us feeling a little shaken and stirred.  This is a good thing.  Every so often we need a little shaking to keep us from getting stuck and keep us on our Soul's path.   

Last week's Lunar Eclipse showed us what needed clearing, attention and realignment. These adjustments provided a stronger foundation and cleared a space to make room the New Beginnings this Solar Eclipse is bringing us.  Every 6 months we get a Solar Eclipse and an opportunity to hit the "Refresh" button.  A Solar Eclipse is an extra potent New Moon, when the Moon, Sun and Earth are even more exactly aligned.  During the Eclipse, the Moon passes over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy to the Earth for a couple of minutes (this one will be 3 min 57 seconds).  This brief interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field... as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time, we internally experience darkness, a shutting down time.  A time to Release and Recalibrate.  Think of it as a time to power down and reboot, just like you do with your phone and computer.  The days around a Solar Eclipse the Universe provides us with an opportunity to delete old codes, outdated beliefs and make room for new programming. 

This week we all have access to the Cosmic Delete & Reset Button!! 
Think about what you are ready to delete and reprogram into your life. 

Where this Eclipse is happening in your chart, is the area of your life you are ready to take to the next level.  Eclipses happen in 19 year cycles.  If you are old enough... What was going on in your life June 10th, 2002?  Perhaps now there is a similar theme... ready for completion or ready to be taken to the next level?  What signs are showing up signaling you to move forward?  It is a good idea to first make any necessary course corrections before you take any giant leaps.  

This week we have the Sun, Moon and Mercury (all very close to one another) in the sign of Gemini!! Gemini New Moons remind us of the Power of our Minds!  Our minds have between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day, the majority of them are negative and often repetitive.  What feeds your thoughts?  What are you reading and listening to?  Our brains interpret ALL the information we feed it every day.  The news and media are filled with constantly changing and fear based information. The human brain is wired to be attracted to negative information as a survival mechanism.  The thing is, our brains react to hearing about or watching a tragic event on the news as though it is happening to us. This neural reaction causes an increase in cortisol levels which is hard on our health; increases anxiety, depression, weight gain, sleep disturbances and auto-immune disease.  It is also helpful to be reminded that your brain reacts to worry and overwhelm the same way it would if you were being chased by a bear, stimulating the same stressful neural reaction. Truth and reality often get lost in perception and translation.  How much time to do spend in Faith & Trust vs time in Doubt, Self-Doubt & Worry? 

Our Minds are Powerful machines... they can Create as easily as they Sabotage.


One week after the Solar Eclipse, our first Solstice of 2021 arrives, as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer!  It designates the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and a Winter Solstice for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere! Solstices also mark a time of Endings and New Beginnings. They can bring us separations as well as losses and gains.  Most definitely they are a potent time for change.  Ironically though, the word “Solstice” comes from the Latin word “solstitium”, meaning “to stand still”.  For the 3 days around the Solstice, the Earth’s axial tilt comes to a gravitational pause. This creates an energetic portal as there is a reduction of energy to the magnetic field on Earth the day before, day of and day after the Solstice (June 19th- 22nd). This pause or stillness is what we need before we shift directions.  These few days are an extra potent time for setting intentions, meditation, creativity, intuitive insights, ceremonies and prayer!  

Most of us desire New Beginnings but at the same time resist change.  Change is inevitable in the Natural Law of Cycles.  New Beginnings are the fun part of change.  However, before we can have New Beginnings we must create room and space for them by first experiencing "endings".  The Natural Law of Evolution is the cycle of Death & Rebirth.  The ending part, death and letting go is the uncomfortable part. 

Think of Solar Eclipses to be like a “Soul check”.  
Do you feel like you are on the right path? 

I encourage you to allow yourself time to "power down" this week and again around the time of the Solstice, even if it is only 5 minutes here and there.  There is a great deal to navigate over the next month and it will serve you to be fluid with these cycles and nurture yourself with rest when needed.  Know that there is a great deal of support from the Universe as we move through the transitions around and within us.

"Life opens up opportunities for you, and you can either take them or you stay afraid of taking them." Jim Carrey (Gemini Moon)

**Note, Thursday's Solar Eclipse is an Annular Eclipse which will have a thin Ring of Fire that will be visible in some areas of the world. It will be visible just before sunrise Eastern Canada, the N.E. of US as well as parts of Russia and Greenland. 

Donna xo

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