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The Moon Report

Full Moon ~16 °Aquarius

February 5th,  10:28 am PT
Sun Enters Pisces
Feb. 18th, 12:29 am PT

All Planets Moving Forward!!!
Jan 23rd - April 21st, 2023


 "What you feel, what you think, how you behave,
what you value & how you live your life
~reflect the way that you are shaping the Light that is flowing through you."
GARY ZUKOV (Author-Spiritual Teacher)

We are living through an extraordinary time in history. We have experienced more change in the last couple of decades than our ancestors have seen in their lifetimes. Even though we are progressing, we feel discouraged by what has regressed.  It feels chaotic, dark and unreliable. We chose to be here at this uncertain time in history and we must take responsibility for the choices we CAN control, like choosing to Light ourselves up. We cannot afford to let our energy dim.  EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY ~ we must consciously add fuel to our Inner flame!!

A Leo Full Moon Reminds Us To...
Remember WHO We Are &
Let Our Inner Light Shine!!

Each month brings us a Full Moon, reminding us that we can rely on the Cycles of the Universe. It reminds us that we can Trust when the Moon will rise and when the Sun will set... and that we CANNOT control these things!! These Cycles remind us to be Humble and to Surrender our need to Control. 

A Leo Full Moon encourages us to find our Heart, and our Soul during challenging times. Leo is the Latin word for Lion. The Lion symbolizes Strength, Courage & the Heart. This week's Leo Full Moon reminds us of the Strength it takes to follow our Hearts and remain true to our Soul's purpose. We are reminded that we have the Power to Create a life that feels like 'paradise" or a life that feels like a "prison'. What are the "chains" that keep you bondaged in suffering? With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo we become aware of our Inner struggle between our head and our heart. Are your choices coming from a place of fear or from love? 

~Simple ways to connect more strongly with your Heart energy;

  • Practice Gratitude

  • Practice METTA Meditation

  • Breath-work

  • Heart opening yoga

  • Creative activities

  • Playing

  • Being in Nature

  • Connect with other Loving Souls 

Uranus, the Planet that rules Aquarius meets this Full Moon at a 90° Square! Whenever Uranus is in the mix, expect the unexpected! Uranus is The Awakener~ it is the SHAKE UP- WAKE UP Planet, often shaking things up to wake us up out of our trance and back on our Soul's Path. 

Becoming Fully Awake requires that we first neutralize our patterns. Full Moons bring Light into that which is hidden, they are truth revealing. Uranus connecting with this Full Moon will illuminate where we need to break out of old patterns. This Cosmic Connection will allow us to SEE our patterns, our thoughts, our beliefs, our behaviors and our fears that get in our way. Shadow Leo Patterns that may surface; feeling unappreciated & unacknowledged, need for attention, childish demands, hiding, expectations, uncompromising, overly dramatic, undisciplined, fearful, rebelling without a cause. 

The Leo Full Moon along with the Cosmic Forces in the Stars this week call us to embrace the POWER OF LOVE. We are being Guided to be Responsible for our own Power, keeping our Inner Flame Lit as we Surrender to the Stages of Unfoldment.

Trust the Cycles just as you Trust that the Sun will rise once again tomorrow morning.

"The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." DAVID BOWIE~ Leo Moon

Donna xo

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