The Moon Report

Leo Full Moon!
Thursday January 28th, 11:16 am PT
Mercury Retrograde 
January 30th - February 20th

A Leo Full Moon calls us to ENTER THE DESERT...
To Find our Heart, our Soul during challenging times.
This Testing Journey We have all Experienced this Past Year Reminds us to to come back to WHO WE ARE...
And to no longer chase the Illusion of an Oasis. 

~~ ~~ 

On Thursday at 11:16 am PT the Leo Full Moon stands alone as it opposes the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius.  It is no surprise that this is an amped up Full Moon to add to the whirlwind of Cosmic energy we have had this past 2 months.  Full Moons bring Light into darkness, they allow us to see what is hidden in the the sub-conscious.  With a Leo Full Moon we will notice where we are feeling a lack of acknowledgment and appreciation, where we are struggling with sadness and grief and where we are creatively blocked. The Intention of this Full Moon is to open our Hearts.  If you find yourself overburdened and struggling right now, perhaps you have lost your path.  This is a sign that it's time to change your mind and listen to your Heart. Allow the Light of the Moon to heal your Heart and bring you back to "Wholeness" once again. 

February 1st - February 18th we have 5 Planets in Aquarius!!
The Aquarian Invasion began Mid-December,
encouraging us to see a NEW way of doing things... to think out of the box. 

We have been standing in the doorway of The Age of Aquarius for decades now as we contemplate entering into a new Era and a new Age.  We have felt a strong push of Aquarian energy since mid-December's Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter and Saturn Cycles of conjunctions are known as "The Time-keepers", they mark generations, eras and ages.  This December conjunction marked the end of a 200 year Cycle of meetings in Earth signs, suggesting we have come to an end of the Industrial Era and a Capitalistic focus. For the next 200 years Jupiter and Saturn will meet mainly in Air signs, the last time this happened was 1400-1600.  We are now beginning a 21st Century version of the "Renaissance Era".  Our values and focus are now shifting from material, money, productivity and survival to intelligence, science, art, diplomacy, mysticism, humanism and equality.  It is time for us to choose a NEW WAY OF OPERATING!

Since January 14th ALL PLANETS have been moving forward!  This can leave you feeling "buzzy", excited, anxious and sleepless. The year 2021 brings us more days of forward moving planets than usual so it is important to know which direction you wish to be heading. We are already feeling the slowing down of Mercury as it puts on the breaks before its Retrograde cycle.  From January 30th - February 20th Mercury will Retrograde in Aquarius.  The intention of Mercury Retrograde is to slow us down, as it draws us to go inward, spend more time alone and listen to our intuition. It is a "re-alignment" time. After having ALL Planets moving forward for the last 2 weeks, this slow down will feel nourishing.  We will have a chance to catch our breath and make any necessary adjustments before the Celestial Energy speeds up again. We can unclog that channel between our Head and our Heart. With Mercury in Aquarius we will get a chance to "think" differently, and see how we can operate differently. Mercury Retrogrades are always a super potent time to be creative and gain intuitive insight!!  Reflect, write, re-write, journal, meditate, pray, spend time in nature, slow down... listen for Mercury's messages during this time.

The cluster of Planets in Aquarius this month remind us to embrace and express those unique parts of ourselves.  The Leo Moon encourages us to unconditionally LOVE these parts and no longer sacrifice any part of ourselves to "belong".  The sign Leo shows us our Courage, and reminds us to live from our Heart.  What makes you special and unique? How can you take a chance on yourself? What can you do differently?  It takes Courage to stay true to your Soul, to follow your Heart and to find your Bliss!

Opening your Heart will give you access to the Bridge to your Destiny!
Allow your Heart and the Light of the Full Moon to see things in a different Light and Guide you back on your Destined Path.  


"Teach me your mood, O patient stars!
Who climb each night the ancient sky..." 

Ralph Waldo Emmerson (Born with Moon in Leo)

Many Blessings to Your Year Ahead!!
Donna xo

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