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Leo New Moon!!
Tuesday August 18th, 7:41 pm PDT

"The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart"
Carlos Santana (Moon in Leo)!   


Leo New Moons remind us of the Power of our Hearts!  Notice how Carlos says "can own"... as we all "own" a heart... however, we have the power to choose whether we open our heart or not. 

Tuesday's New Moon will be at 26 Degrees Leo which is the Degree of the Zodiac associated with the Myocardium (the heart muscle).  This week we are encouraged to open our Hearts and reminded of the Strength of our Heart.  The Cardiac Muscle is the hardest working muscle in the body. Physically, the human body relies on the Myocardium for life... if our Heart stops beating we die.  We all know ways to exercise the Heart and how to keep our physical Heart healthy.  Our Heart symbolically and energetically represents our Inner Spirit and our Heart Chakra.  This is the area of our body that holds Trust, Unconditional Love, Grief and Joy.  It holds a HUGE amount of Creative energy!  How do you keep your Symbolic Heart Healthy and Open? Do you have a layer of protection around your Heart? Protecting our Heart and withholding Grief, blocks our expression of Joy.  We also now recognize that blocked creativity is strongly associated with depression.  

Leo  reminds us of our inherent creative energy encouraging us to open our Hearts and nurture our Creative Self in a loving, child-like, playful way.  

The simplest way to open the Heart is to practice Gratitude.  Other ways; Creative activities, Heart opening yoga, practicing kindness, forgiveness, PLAY, meditation (Metta!), prayer, singing, expressing grief (crying) and breath-work. 

This week the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in the sign of Leo.  With Mercury so close to this New Moon it enhances the Power of our thoughts.  Know that, WHAT YOU ARE THINKING... YOU ARE CREATING!  Our Thoughts are the Creator of our reality.  With so many of us now engaging in negative thinking, worry and anxiety, we are only adding to the gloom that we are living in.   One of the fundamental Laws of Creativity  is to stay in the present. When we choose to hold on to the past or worry about the future, it weighs down our creativity, our emotions, our psyche and our Spirit....our ability to manifest and move forward. Our Soul only knows the present time. Allow yourself to be in the present, to move into your Heart, express your Love and reconnect with what Lights you up.  Who were you born to be? 

With Mars continuing in its unusually long journey through Aries we are all encouraged to MOVE OUR ANGER!  Over the next couple of months Mars will meet up with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter enhancing this Mars energy, pushing our buttons personally and collectively. 

When Mars triggers our anger, it encourages us into action

Some of us will be called on to lead, creating positive change on an expansive level.  However, DO NO UNDERESTIMATE the power of personal shifts and the impact it makes on your surroundings!  Physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually it is important for us to move our Mars energy.  With Mars in Aries right now we are all feeling the call to move, to speak up, to step forward and to harness the courage to make changes. Suppressed Mars  energy shows up physically in disorder of the adrenal glands (& thyroid), muscular system, male sexual organs, the blood, fevers, fatigue, depression, headaches and inflammation.  Is there an area of your life you are holding back on?  Do you need to speak up?  How do you assert yourself?  How do you get things done?

New Moons call us inward, to slow down, to reflect and to listen to your Higher Self.  Tuesday's New Moon brings us a message of promise, renewal, dignity and happiness. Look for the messages.  Listen to the messages. This week we have a boost of Leo energy before the Sun moves into Virgo.  Open your Heart to the energy of the New Moon, allow it to remind you of your Soul's Inner Strength and your Inner Will to Endure! 

"Do not be overcome with Evil, but overcome Evil with Good."  St. Paul

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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