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The Moon Report

 Leo New Moon!
Thursday July 28, 10:55 am PT

Jupiter Retrograde
07/28 - 11/23
Perseids Meteor Shower
07/17 - 08/24
Uranus-Mars-North Node Conjunction
Lughnasadh/Lammas (Cross-Quarter)
Lion's Gate Portal
~~ ~~ 

Are you "drifting" or "steering"?

"To be in hell is to drift: to be in heaven is to steer."
George Bernard Shaw​

This week's New Moon marks a major turning point.  It is exactly half-way between our last Solar Eclipse (04/30) and our next Solar Eclipse (10/25).  The last few years have certainly been testing for many of us.  Even the most optimistic are now beginning to feel discouraged, tired and stuck... letting yourself drift. It's time to wake up, reflect on where you have come from and where you want to go.  It is now time to shift gears,  slow down & pull back with the planets (5 in Retrograde right now) so you can gain a better perspective and see what direction changes you would like to make.

And of course, the Universe is supporting us during this transitional time...
Leo New Moon 07/28

New Moons & Full Moons are powerful times when we can more easily recognize our old patterns and realign with our Soul's Intention.  A New Moon draws us INWARD, to reflect and re-set.  A Leo New Moon reminds us to Lead with our Hearts. When our Heart is open & balanced we are better able to; give and receive Unconditional Love, experience Joy, Bliss and Inner Peace. This week the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in the sign of Leo. Leo is the sign most associated with the Heart and the Heart Chakra. 

The Spiritual Task of Leo is to encourage Us to follow our Hearts-
To Connect with what Lights Us Up...

The Enlightened Joseph Campbell always said... "follow your Bliss & doors will open for you."  Are you following your Bliss or are you following your feelings of discouragement? Are you drifting or steering? Bliss is a sense of JOY that we experience when it is connected to the heart. It is typically simple things like holding a puppy, watching a sunrise, laughter, singing, hearing beautiful music.  The simplest way to open and connect with our Heart is to practice Gratitude.  Other ways are; Creative activities, being in Nature, Heart opening yoga, practicing kindness, forgiveness, PLAY, meditation (Metta!), prayer, singing, expressing grief (crying), rose quartz, roses, rose oil, the color green and breath-work. 

Retrogrades & Jupiter Retrograde (07/28 - 11//23)

Only hours after the New Moon, Jupiter Stations Retrograde, joining Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.  The Universe is slowing down after 3 months of all planets moving forward (02/03 - 04/29).  Retrogrades are when planets “appear” to be moving backward, as they are slowing down. Retrogrades are always about “re’s”. Reassessing, rethink, reconsider, review & release.  All Retrogrades are an opportunity to re-align ourselves. They pull us back so we can get a better visual, a wider view and greater perspective.  With this greater visual we have more clarity and confidence in moving forward.  Over the next 4 months Jupiter will Retrograde back into Pisces supporting us in connecting with our hearts and discover what is TRUE to us. Of course with Retrogrades being about "re's" and Jupiter being the Planet of "Belief's" we are supported in RE-leasing old beliefs. 

Uranus-Mars-North Node Conjunction (07/30 -07/31)

Uranus is the AWAKENER Planet! It shakes things up... to literally WAKE us up, with the intention to get us back on our Destined Path.  Mars is our Action Planet, it represents our Willpower, Courage and Passion. The Lunar North Node represents our Soul's Path direction. This conjunction is absolutely a Wake Up Call!!  This transit will allow us to see old patterns that are holding us back and give us the Willpower and Courage to move forward.  Uranus wants us to see how we can do things differently.  

Try doing something different this week, inviting a reset.  This week Uranus is inviting us to DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT!!  Think of a new activity or interest you can engage in.  Maybe a simple change of routine or perhaps something bigger taking you out of your comfort zone.  Trust that this will spark your enthusiasm, inviting greater optimism, inspiration and confidence. This is so helpful right now as many of  us are feeling so dis-Couraged. 

Lion's Gate Portal, Perseids & Lughnasadh

Every August 8th the Earth aligns with the Star Sirius which creates the very auspicious event called "The Lion's Gate Portal".  Sirius is the brightest Star in the sky and is more than twice the size of our Sun.  Sirius was considered the most important Star in ancient Egypt, with Sirius Rising marking the beginning of their New Year. Sirius is from the Universe just beyond our Solar System, it is called the Sirius System where the Planets revolve around Sirius. The Sun rules the sign Leo and August 8th is the mid-point of the Leo month. 

August 7th is a Cross-Quarter Day, meaning it is exactly half-way between the Cancer Solstice and the Libra Equinox. For thousands of years, Solstice's, Equinox's and Cross Quarter Days have been recognized as powerful times as the Earth's tilt on these days creates openings to the Cosmos. August 8th in numerals is 8-8.  Eight is considered the luckiest number in Numerology as it represents infinity, abundance and prosperity. 8-8 is believed by many to be the luckiest day of the year!  Observing and celebrating the Earth's alignment with Sirius on August 8th has occurred for many centuries.  The Lion's Gate Portal is believed to create openings to the Cosmos for downloads and manifesting.  

Meteor Showers are also an auspicious event enhancing our ability to connect to Higher Sources and receive downloads. Since ancient times, Meteor Showers were celebrated with dance, believing that the Meteor Showers were Magical showers from the Gods. I do not believe or disbelieve all of this. I do 100% believe that being in Nature and observing such Magical events DOES raise our vibration and overall Power, enhancing our ability to Create, Manifest and experience Joy.  


All of the Stars together highlight to us the importance of opening our Hearts so we can access our Innate Courage, Passions, Creative Power and JOY! Harness the energy from the Cosmos this week and CHOOSE to feed your Soul.  Retreat, Reflect, Receive and Rejoice!  Allow yourself to be in the present, to move into your Heart, express your Love and reconnect with what Lights you up... what brings you BLISS!! 

"Follow your Bliss. If you do follow your Bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you... follow your Bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."  JOSEPH CAMPBELL - Leo Moon

Sending Love, Peace & Bliss!!
Donna xo

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