The Moon Report

Leo New Moon!
Sunday August 8th, 6:49 am PT
Perseid Meteor Shower
July 17- Aug. 26 ***Peaks Aug 11-12
2nd Aquarius Full Moon!!
Sunday August 22nd, 5:01 am PT

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Sunday's New Moon at 16 Degrees Leo Brings Us The Message of...

COMMUNION~ We are all Connected
SALVATION~ Promise for Improvement, Restoration & Liberation
ENLIGHTENMENT~ Heart Awakening!!!

Astrology opens us up to the Divine Cycles of the Universe... Forces that are far beyond our Knowing, or control.  It gifts us with opportunities to Grow, Heal, Expand and Create with these Cycles.  It reminds us of WHO we are and that we are all connected.  The Universe highlights to us that there IS a greater Power out there, whether you call that Power God, Mother Nature, Spirit, The Universe, The Stars... it is out there. 

Here is something we all need to be reminded of now and again... Our EXPECTATIONS of these Powers is what feeds our Shadow, and contributes to the collective negativity, darkness and evil around  us.  Mother Nature - God - The Universe... they owe us NOTHING!  New Moons bring us opportunities for New Beginnings.  Meteor Showers and THE LION'S GATE PORTAL offer promises of Magic and Manifestation.  However, it is very unlikely that these Cosmic events will gift you with a new job, improved health or the love of your life without you being involved in the Creation process.  Miracles do happen & people do win the lottery, but it is rare.  What is effective however, is when we stay open to seeing opportunities and take steps towards these opportunities... at opportune times! 

Every August 8th the Earth aligns with the Star Sirius which creates the very
auspicious event called "The Lion's Gate Portal". 

Sirius is the brightest Star in the sky and is more than twice the size of our Sun.  Sirius was considered the most important Star in ancient Egypt, with Sirius Rising marking the beginning of their New Year. Sirius is from the Universe just beyond our Solar System, it is called the Sirius System where the Planets revolve around Sirius. The Sun rules the sign Leo and August 8th is the mid-point of the Leo month.  August 8th in numerals is 8-8.  Eight is considered the luckiest number in Numerology as it represents infinity, abundance and prosperity. 8-8 is believed by many to be the luckiest day of the year!  Observing and celebrating the Earth's alignment with Sirius on August 8th has occurred for many centuries.  The Lion's Gate Portal is believed to create openings to the Cosmos for downloads and manifesting.  It also occurs each year at the peak time of the Perseid Meteor Showers, one of the brightest Meteor Showers of the year.  Meteor Showers are also an auspicious event enhancing our ability to connect to Higher Sources and receive downloads. Since ancient times, Meteor Showers were celebrated with dance, believing that the Meteor Showers were Magical showers from the Gods. I do not believe or disbelieve all of this. I do 100% believe that being in Nature and observing such Magical events DOES raise our vibration and overall Power, enhancing our ability to Create, Manifest and experience Joy.  The Lion's Gate Portal has gained a great deal of attention in the last few years with the help of Social Media and unfortunate, desperate times.  Both have fed into our weakness, our impatience and our expectations. 

Each day, week, month, year, the Cosmos brings us energies that support us on our Soul's Path.  The Solar energy is the Fire that feeds our Soul and each month we get to engage in a different Sun Sign.  Engaging in these energies is the easiest way to access getting on "the bridge" or "gateway" to Divine support, to Magic, Growth and to Manifesting your Soul's Dreams. What I do know, is that this month, particularly this week, there is a plethora of Leo energy, calling us all to find our Courage, open our Hearts and to Create. 

This week the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in the sign of Leo. Leo is the Sign most associated with the Heart and our Heart Chakra. Sunday's New Moon has a great deal of potency to it, and its timing is Divine... as always. Opening our Hearts, engaging in our Courage IS the Portal to our Salvation, to improvement and eventually to Enlightenment. The Body Point associated with 16 degrees Leo (where the Sun & Moon meet to create this New Moon), is the Right Atrium.  The Right Atrium contains the Heart's Nodes that control our Heart Rate and Rhythm.  The Right and Left Atria facilitate the De-oxygenated and Oxygenated blood circulation in our bodies.  Our Heart symbolically and energetically represents our Inner Spirit, What Lights Us up and our Heart Chakra.  This is the area of our body that holds Trust, Unconditional Love, Grief and Joy.  It holds a HUGE amount of Creative energy!  How do you keep your Symbolic Heart Healthy and Open? How do you impede "balance" , "flow" and "rhythm" in your life?  Protecting our Heart (withholding grief, love and even anger) often leads to closing/blocking the Heart. A blocked Heart blocks our expression of Joy.  A blocked Heart is called Heart Disease. We also now recognize that blocked creativity is strongly associated with depression.  So many reasons to open our Hearts!!!

The Spiritual Task of Leo is to encourage Us to follow our Hearts-
To Connect with what Lights Us up...
And Share our Heart, Our Light & Our Gifts with others.

Sunday's New Moon reminds us to Lead with our Hearts. When our Heart is open & balanced we are better able to; give and receive Unconditional Love, experience Joy, Bliss and Inner Peace.  The simplest way to open and connect with our Heart is to practice Gratitude.  Other ways are; Creative activities, Heart opening yoga, practicing kindness, forgiveness, PLAY, meditation (Metta!), prayer, singing, expressing grief (crying), rose quartz, roses, rose oil, the color green and breath-work. 

Harness the energy from the Cosmos this week and CHOOSE to feed your Soul.  Retreat, Reflect, Receive and Rejoice!  Allow yourself to be in the present, to move into your Heart, express your Love and reconnect with what Lights you up. 

"The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." DAVID BOWIE- Leo Moon

Donna xo

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