The Moon Report

Leo Super Full Moon!!
Saturday February 8th- 11:33 pm PST

Mercury Retrograde!
February 16th - March 9th

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."  Rumi

Saturday's Full Moon calls us to ENTER THE DESERT... to find our Heart, our Soul during challenging times.  The Moon this weekend reminds us to find JOY each and every damn day!!!  Yes, even on those bad days.  We are still feeling the intensity of last month's Eclipses and the big Saturn-Pluto transit, we are settling into the new normal (for now).  Allow your Heart and the Light of the Full Moon to see things in a different Light and Guide you back on your Destined Path.  
This will be the 1st of 4 Super Moons in a row.  Super Full Moons (also known as Peragee) are closer to the Earth than regular Full Moons.  These Moons appear larger and brighter.  The days around the Super Moon we experience an even greater increase in the gravitational pulls on the ocean's tides, the Earth's tectonic plates and our emotional bodies.  The ocean's tides will have extreme high and low tides on Saturday and Sunday.Our human bodies will feel the emotional pulls, with highs and lows. With Uranus squaring the astroid Ceres this week, we can also anticipate some unexpected weather changes... or perhaps a wakeup call to the plight of the Environment. During a Full Moon, the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, attention is drawn to the darker parts of our unconscious, stirring up shadow patterns and qualities of the sign the Moon is in.  With the Moon in the sign Leo this weekend, we will notice where we are feeling a lack of acknowlegment and appreciation, where we are struggling with sadness and grief and where we are creatively blocked.  The Moon rules the right side of the brain; our feelings, our creativity and our intuition.  Our feelings, creativity and intuition are all given life under this Super Charged Moon!  If you find yourself overburdened and struggling right now, perhaps you have lost your path.  This is a sign that it's time to change your mind and listen to your Heart. Allow the Light of the Moon to heal your Heart and bring you back to "Wholeness" once again.

This Leo Super Full Moon brings to our awareness the power and energy our heart carries.  It reminds us to be UNCONDITIONALLY Loving with ourselves.  Saturday's Moon calls us to open our hearts, express ourselves creatively and playfully, and let go of trying to fit in!  Do you adknowledge the value in your friendships? How good of a friend are you to yourself?  What makes you special and unique? How can you take a chance on yourself?  

Saturday's Moon encourages us to Open your Hearts, express ourselves, take ourselves less seriously and simply have fun while achieving!!

We are already feeling the slowing down of Mercury as it puts on the breaks before its Retrograde cycle.  From February 16th - March 9th Mercury will Retrograde in Pisces.  This will be a Super Potent Creative time!! The intention of Mercury Retrograde is to slow us down, as it draws us to go inward, spend more time alone and listen to our intuition. It is a "re-alignment" time. The Planet Mercury rules our thoughts and Pisces rules our sub-conscious. When Mercury goes into Retrograde in Pisces, we are called to spend more time in the sub-conscious part of our brain, our intuition and our imagination. Because of the Retrograde cycle, we will have an extra long time of Mercury in Pisces (Feb - mid April), this will be ample time for us to tune up the connection between our Heart and our Mind.  This Mercury Retrograde Cycle will uncover our hidden Dreams and Visions. It will heighten our Intuition and our connection to Spirit.  As with all Mercury Retrograde Cycles, pay more attention to details, slow down as much as possible, eliminate unnecessary tasks/expectations you put on yourself, confirm all appointments, be extra clear with communication and allow extra time for any travel (car, train, plane). Mercury Retrograde is not all about mishaps and frustrations, it is a super potent time to be creative and gain intuitive insight!!  Take advantage of this cycle to become more aware of what is going on in that mind of yours. Time to clean out the cobwebs in the brain!!  Mercury Retrograde calls us to reflect, rethink, meditate, write, rewrite, create, make repairs, redo things and release what is no longer in alignment with your highest good!    

Retrogrades pull us back so we can get a better visual, a wider view and greater perspective.  Having a greater visual allows us to move forward with more confidence and clarity. 

After having ALL Planets moving forward for the last month, this slow down will feel nourishing.  We will have a chance to catch our breath and make any necessary adjustments. We can unclog that channel between our Head and our Heart, and feel WHOLE and energized once again! 

Sending Love & Light Your Way!
Donna xo

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