The Moon Report

Leo Super New Moon!!
Wednesday July 31st- 8:11 pm PDT

Mercury Stations Direct!
Wednesday July 31st

 Wednesday's Super New Moon calls us deep into our Hearts...
To be True to Ourselves....

And to Listen to the Wisdom of Our Hearts.

For many, July's two Eclipses combined with Mercury Retrograde felt like someone picked up your world and shook it like a Snow-globe.  It may have been beautiful, exciting, jolting, scary or unsettling...or perhaps all of the above!  Astrology opens us up to connect with the Divine Cycles... the Universal forces that are far beyond our knowing and our control. Life becomes easier when we flow with the cycles rather than approach life linearly.  As the glitter begins to settle, the Universal messages begin to become more clear. Over this past month, the Stars have offered us some much needed and dynamic energy to shake us out of our ruts and patterns that have been holding us back.  With the New Moon approaching we are now feeling the pull to move.  

Wednesday's Leo New Moon is the 1st of three Super Moons in a row!  Super Moons (otherwise known as Perigee) are Moons that are significantly closer to Earth. This proximity creates an intensified gravitational pull on both the Earth and our emotional bodies.  During Super Moons the ocean’s tides will be even more more extreme... notice how your physical energy and moods peak and fall as well.  All New Moon’s mark a time of New Beginnings, they are a quiet time, a time to pause and take a deep breath as you go inward and reflect.  

This week we have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all in the sign of Leo.  Leo is the sign most connected to our Hearts and our Heart Chakra. The Heart holds both Grief & Joy, both emotions are strongly connected.  Protecting our Heart and withholding grief, also blocks our expression of Joy.  Leo reminds us of our inherent creative energy. Blocked creativity is strongly associated with depression.   The strong Leo energy this week supports us in opening our hearts and nurturing our Creative Self in a loving, child-like, playful way.  One of the fundamental Laws of Creativity  is to stay in the present.  When we choose to hold on to the past or past belief systems, it weighs down our creativity, our emotions, our psyche and our Spirit....our ability to manifest and move forward. Our Soul only knows the present time. Allow yourself to move into your Heart, express your Love and reconnect with what Lights you up.  Who were you born to be?    

Mercury Stations Direct the same day of the Super New Moon.  Note that even though Mercury is moving forward it will not be up to usual speed and out of the shadow until August 15th.  Mercury, also known as the "Trickster" can often be a nuisance.  When Mercury is in Retrograde we are more likely to experience technology glitches, viruses, small appliance breakdowns, car trouble, delays, miscommunications, health issues, mix-ups, old stories rehash or perhaps old friends showing up.  Mercury, The Trickster knows what is best for our Soul. The intention of The Trickster is to rescue us from our mundane way of living, forcing us to make space for what our Heart deeply desires. Mercury Retrograde allows us to see another way of doing things. 

July's combination of Mercury Retrograde (The Trickster) and the Eclipses created a Karmic Cocktail for Destined movement!

This potent combo was able to manifest what we deeply desire but have been too afraid to actualize.  For some of us it may have been more subtle, for others it was more life changing.  Pay attention to the clues. Look back at your month of July. What took place? Any unusual events? Who did you meet? What "coincidences" occurred?   What old patterns are you ready to shake and reset?  What do you deeply desire to create in your life?

The planet Saturn continues to conjunct (on top of) the Lunar South Node (our Soul's past).  This is a year long Karmic transit encouraging us to transform our relationship to power.  We have another 6 months to become more aware of where we are losing power and ways we can increase our personal power.  Are you being true to yourself?  Are you hanging on to the past? Do you struggle with guilt, shame, resentment or doubt?  Do you over respond to "duty" and obligations? Are you willing to shift from making "safe", fear based choices -to listening to your Soul, being true to yourself and forging ahead into unknown territory? 

The Stars this month have reminded us that things can change in a heart beat...and WE can change in a heart beat.  We are encouraged to bring "Love" into a new creative project and to express out Unique, True Self.  We are given many opportunities for a fresh new is too short and we are too precious to not take advantage of them!

"Life is fullest when we are most true to ourselves."  Gay Hendricks

Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo

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