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The Moon Report

Full Moon ~16° Libra
April 5th, 9:34 pm PT

Sun Enters Taurus
April 20, 2023, 1:13 am

All Planets Moving Forward!!!
Jan 23rd - April 21st, 2023


This Libra Full Moon Invites Us~
To Return to a Greater State of Emotional Balance. 

Yes, it has been quite a ride! March was a Full Month of Cosmic Activity. Whew! We made it!

Chaos and Chaotic events work as a way to bring us back into balance. We occasionally need the pendulum to swing to extremes, it encourages us to make necessary corrections in our lives.  We cannot operate at our Optimal Potential when we are out of balance. Consider what would happen if you only inhaled? It is believed that with correct balance, a lesser skilled person will succeed over a skilled~ but out of balance person. Being in balance gives us more strength and power, it can make up for our weak points.

Balance Check Point; 

  • Looking after yourself vs. Looking after others

  • Giving vs Receiving 

  • Being Productive/Working vs. Playtime/Pleasure

  • Speaking vs. Listening

  • Feeling vs Thinking

  • Connecting with others/Being out vs. Time alone/Staying in

  • Effort vs Trust

  • Courageousness vs Compassion

  • Activity vs Rest

All Full Moons bring our awareness to balance as the Moon is opposite the Sun, reminding us to bring balance into the 2 signs they are in. Once a year we get a LIBRA Full Moon, Libra is the sign that represents RELATIONSHIPS with others and Aries represents our Relationship to Ourselves. As it turns out, having healthy relationships and connecting with others has a more positive impact on our long term health & happiness than diet or exercise. 

"The most consistent finding we have learned in 85 years of study is that positive Relationships keep us happier, healthier and help us live longer. Period!"
(Robert Waldinger, Director of an 85 year study on Happiness at Harvard)
Listen to Robert's most recent talk here.

And of course, healthy Relationships are more available to us when we have a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH OURSELVES! This week's Full Moon opposes Chiron, the Minor Planet which represents our Old Soul Wounds. Chiron reminds Us that growth happens as we move through the "uncomfortable" and healing happens when we add love and compassion. How can you be more Compassionate with yourself, your health and your healing journey? What parts of yourself have you lost along your life path for survival? ...The parts that are too weird, too sensitive, too bold, too independent, too assertive, too curious... too much?!? It is time to reclaim them and become WHOLE once again!

The month of March was jam packed with major Cosmic energy; March 7~ Saturn entered Pisces, March 14-16~ Mars Square Neptune, March 20~ Vernal Equinox, March 23~ Pluto entered Aquarius, March 25~ Mars entered Cancer.  This was a significant amount of potent shifts and transits in a short period of time. Too add to this... On March 24th, we had the largest Geomagnetic Storm (Space Storm) than we have had in over 6 years.  On March 29th there was an X-Class Solar Flare, the highest level~ and the strongest we have experienced in a long time! In March, we had more Solar Flare activity than we have had in over 10 years.  Solar Flares/Space Storms affect Satellites, power grids and navigation systems here on Earth. These storms are what create the beautiful Aurora's viewed in Northern skies. We feel these giant bursts of magnetic energy & light in our physical bodies as well, they have been shown to disrupt our circadian rhythms, brain, heart and nervous systems (confusion, fatigue, anxiety). If you notice you are extra sensitive to Geomagnetic storms, be sure to keep an eye on and allow yourself more rest and time in nature to download and process this energy.

Changes are coming....
Each Full Moon brings its own Cosmic Energy~ offering us all opportunities to re-align and bring more balance into our lives. Notice where you are out of balance. Take advantage of this time to re-align and re-enforce so you can be in Optimal shape to Benefit from the shifts, changes and opportunities this next Eclipse Cycle will bring! 

"Remember, 'No one's more important than people'! In other words, friendship is the most important thing--not career or housework, or one's fatigue--and it needs to be tended and nurtured." JULIA CHILD~ LibraMoon

Donna xo

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