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The Moon Report

Libra Full Moon!
April 16th, 11:55 am PT
Jupiter-Neptune Grand Conjunction

April 12th, 2022


All Planets Moving Forward

Feb 3- Apr 29
~~ ~~ 

"BALANCE applies to us on
cosmic, biological and personal levels-
to our body, mind & emotions-
reminding us that anything we do, we can overdo or underdo,
and that if our internal pendulum swings to one side,
it will inevitably swing to the other."

All Full Moons bring our awareness to balance as the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun, reminding us to bring balance into the 2 signs they are in. Once a year we get a LIBRA Full Moon, Libra highlights the energy of BALANCE as it is the Sign of the Scales. This weekend's Libra Full Moon brings our attention to The Natural Law of Balance and our understanding that everything in the Universe operates in a polarity; up-down, hot-cold, light-dark, fast-slow, inhale-exhale... we cannot have one without the other. 

Chaos and Chaotic events work as a way to bring us back into balance. We occasionally need the pendulum to swing to extremes, it encourages us to make necessary corrections in our lives.  We cannot operate at our Optimal Potential when we are out of balance. Consider what would happen if you only inhaled? It is believed that with correct balance, a lesser skilled person will succeed over a skilled but out of balance person. Being in balance gives us more strength and power, it can make up for our weak points.

Balance Check Point; 

  • Looking after yourself vs. Looking after others

  • Giving vs Receiving 

  • Being Productive/Working vs. Playtime/Pleasure

  • Speaking vs. Listening

  • Feeling vs Thinking

  • Connecting with others/Being out vs. Time alone/Staying in

  • Effort vs Trust

  • Activity vs Rest

Full Moons bring Light into what has been hiding in the shadows, highlighting to us the shadow qualities of the sign the Sun & Moon are in.  With this Full Moon in Libra, shadow qualities and patterns that may show up for you are; Self-doubt, competitiveness (fears around scarcity), indecisiveness, passivity, insecurity, dependence, co-dependence, blame, boundary issues, people pleasing, impatience, losing yourself, bullying or being bullied. How do you feel when you hear about inflation, home/car/product shortages and poverty?  What misunderstandings do you have around scarcity vs. abundance? What do you gain from blaming others, co-dependence, or people pleasing?

The Planet Pluto connects with this Libra Full Moon at a 90° angle (creating a T-square) which really amps up the intensity of Cosmic energy this weekend.   Pluto is the Archetype of Transformation, Evolution & Change.  Pluto works through destruction, reminding us of the cycles of life... Death and Rebirth.  Pluto's engagement with this Full Moon will unearth something to us that we need to eliminate, something we need to let go of and transform in order to create balance. Watch for messages of what you need to clear in order to make room for something better.  

New Beginnings Ahead!!
This Full Moon comes 2 weeks before our 1st set of Eclipses of 2022! 
Now is the time to CLEAR the Stage- so next month you can SET the Stage.

Even though the much anticipated "Grand Conjunction" of Jupiter & Neptune happened on April 12th we will continue to experience its energy for the rest of the year. Last week the Planets Jupiter & Neptune met in the EXACT same position (24°) in Pisces, blanketing us all with a great deal of Pisces energy. Even though the "Conjunction" is no longer exact, they are still very close and will remain within 15° of each other all year.  Positively, this transit brings us the opportunity to Create, Manifest, Heal, Offer Compassion, have Mystical experiences. It invites us to believe in Magic and Miracles. However, remember everything works in the Natural Law of Balance, where there is Light, there will be a Shadow.  The Shadow of this transit can invite; fear, anxiety, disillusionment, suffering, Martyrdom, escapism & addiction. To read more about this transit click here for details in my last Moon Report. 

In order to benefit from the Positive Pisces energy of this Transit, we must...
Create More Balance in Our Lives~
Finding Moments of Stillness, Reflection, Silence & Peace...

Saturday's Full Moon peaks hours before Easter Sunday and hours after the beginning of Passover.  Both Easter & Passover dates follow the Lunar calendar.  Easter occurs each year on the Sunday following the 1st Full Moon after the Aries Equinox. The Moon, Easter and Passover all invite us to celebrate; Life, Freedom,  New Beginnings, Endings, Death & Rebirth. 

  • What patterns, beliefs, behaviors are holding you in prison? (escapism, over-indulgence, fears, self-doubt)

  • What are you willing to release in order to "Free" yourself from suffering? (judgments, blame, obligations, need for control, pride)

  • Are you holding your breath? Are you willing to exhale & make room for a NEW Breath?

You don't need to know what is ahead, or even know what you desire to create ahead of you.  Simply clear the Stage over the next 2 weeks.  The "Clearing" will bring you more "Clarity" and make room for New Visions and New Beginnings. 

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony." THOMAS MERTON-  Catholic Monk/Philosopher

Donna xo

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