The Moon Report

Libra Full Moon!
Sunday March 28th, 11:48 am PT

All Planets Moving Forward!! 
February 20th - April 27th

Where do you need more balance in your life?

The pendulum generally has to swing to an extreme before we bring it back into correction.

~~ ~~ 

A Libra Full Moon brings our attention to The Natural Law of Balance which encourages us to make necessary corrections in our life. Chaos and Chaotic events work as a way to bring us back into balance.  COVID-19 has worked as a Chaotic event to bring us back to balance on a global level; environmentally, economically, politically, spiritually and socially.  Of course, this global event has affected us all personally as well. We cannot operate at our Optimal Potential when we are out of balance.  After a year of the Pandemic, I am definitely off kilter, struggling to balance time alone with social time, work with play and balancing looking after others with looking after myself. 

Full Moons occur every 29 days when the Sun is directly opposite the Moon. This polarity shows us how far we have come, how far we still need to go and what adjustments we need to make.  While this is not considered a Super Full Moon, it will be the 4th largest Full Moon of 2021, shining bright in the sky and in our consciousness.  

With the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra we are reminded of the importance to balance our need for Freedom & Independence (Aries) with our need to be in a relationship and socialize (Libra).  The Libra Moon brings our attention to how we relate to others and that we are not alone.  This Moon reminds us that what is showing up for us in our relationships with others is a direct reflection to the relationship we have with ourselves. 

~How do you treat yourself?
~Have you abandoned yourself? 
~How can you give yourself more Freedom?
~Where have you been giving your energy away?  

With the Sun in Aries for the next 3 weeks,  it is perfect timing to look after yourself, to protect and reclaim your energy!  Aries gives us physical energy and brings our attention back to the Self.  It gives us the courage to take a look at who we are, express our needs and express our authentic Self... unapologetically. This month's Full Moon acts as a giant mirror, reflecting back to us how well we know ourselves, how we treat ourselves and what our needs are.

Full Moons bring Light into what has been hiding in the shadows, highlighting to us the shadow qualities of the sign the Sun & Moon are in.  With this Full Moon in Libra, shadow qualities and patterns that may show up for you are; Self-doubt, competitiveness (fears around scarcity), indecisiveness, passivity, insecurity, dependence, co-dependence, blame, boundary issues, people pleasing, impatience, losing yourself, bullying or being bullied.  What misunderstandings do you have around scarcity vs. abundance?  What do you gain from blaming others, co-dependence, or people pleasing?

This weekend's Full Moon has an unusual intensity to it as the Planets Venus and Chiron are also in the EXACT position of the Sun and opposing the Moon.  The energy created by this aspect raises our vibration and enhances our connection to the Spiritual Dimension as well to our Creative Selves. (It can also enhance our fertility!)  It Inspires us to seek our purpose and get back on our Destined Path... Motivating us to walk CONFIDENTLY on this Path.  In order to do this, we must become WHOLE once again, reclaiming all those dismembered parts of ourselves.  Where have you lost parts of yourself over the years?  What parts of yourself have you lost over the last year of the Pandemic?  How can you engage and reunite with these parts?  Reclaiming and expressing these disowned parts of ourselves is how we gain Confidence, Clarity and Direction. 

We are in an auspicious time of huge shifts in consciousness.  We are all WAKING UP!  Collectively, we are going through a huge Evolutionary growth spurt and we are all trying to keep up in our own personal experience. 

This Full Moon offers a "Springboard" to what is next.

All Planets are moving forward until April 27th, and won't be again until 2022. We also have a great deal of Aries energy around us right now, lighting our Inner Fires. For the next month, the Universe is giving us support, a kick in the pants really, to Courageously take some steps forward on our Destined Paths!  All you need to do is reclaim those parts of yourself, engage in WHO you are, speak up, honor your needs and you will LIGHT UP... seeing your Destined Path in front of you!  

"We are all somewhat courageous and we are all considerable cowardly.  We are all imperfect, and life is simply a perpetual, unending struggle against those imperfections."  Sidney Poitier- Libra Moon

Donna xo

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