The Moon Report

Libra New Moon!!
Monday September 20th, 4:54 pm PT
Mercury Retrograde!
Sept. 26 - Oct. 18

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Wednesday's Libra New Moon
Emphasizes that We will NOT Find
Balance, Harmony & Healthy Relationships
Unless we 1st look after OURSELVES!!

This is not your average New Moon, and certainly not an average Libra New Moon!  It has a Spark to it as the Planet Mars joins the Sun & Moon in an EXACT conjunction at 13 degrees Libra! The Spiritual task of Libra is to bring greater degrees of Balance & Harmony to the world through Relationships.  Pay close attention to where the Sparks fly as this October 6 & 7 will be stage setting for us, showing us what Relationship re-aligning we will be doing in the month ahead.

Having Mars involved suggests that this repair work starts with the Self.

New Moons are typically a Yin time, calling us inward to reflect and redirect ourselves. Mars makes for an interesting guest at this New Moon Party.  Mars is not at home in Libra (or being Yin) and can bring some impatience, aggressiveness, impulsiveness and restlessness to a typically calm and peaceful Libra New Moon. Of course the Cosmos always has the Intention to bring to our awareness any adjustments or actions we need to take. The further we move along on our Spiritual Journey, it becomes more evident to us that our OUTER EXPERIENCE is a clear reflection of our INNER EXPERIENCE.  In other words... we will continue to be frustrated in finding Peace, Harmony and Healthy Relationships if we do not have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

What does a healthy relationship with yourself look like?
~Able to spend time alone.
~Know WHO you are, the light & shadow.
~Express your True Self.
~Honor your needs (this means looking after your own needs, not expect this from someone else).
~Self Care (Physical, Mental & Emotional), Being kind to yourself.
~Creating Healthy Boundaries by serving yourself with Empowering Choices!

Positively, Mars will be dancing very closely with the Sun for the next 2 weeks igniting our Inner Courage and Assertiveness.  We need Courage to make Powerful Choices, but we first need to choose Courage.  This New Moon reminds us that we are NOT VICTIMS... we have choices.

When we Choose Courage, Strength will find us. 
When we Choose Love, Healing will find us. 
When we Choose Humbleness, Confidence will find us. 
When we Choose Truth, Grace finds us.  

Mercury continuing in Retrograde in Libra, enhances the theme of Relationships, Balance and Boundaries.  Watch for Mercury Messages on October 10th, as Mercury reaches its halfway point and meets up with the Sun. What relationship adjustments have been calling you? Who have you reconnected with? What feedback have you received (possibly triggering)?

The Sabian Symbol for 13 degrees Libra is a "Noon Siesta", suggesting that we all need rest to regain our Strength.  We are living through a very exciting time, yet very exhausting time in history.  The speed of change has accelerated each decade since the 1950's, so much so that it is hard to keep up with the technological changes each year.  We need to be reminded to have patience and compassion for ourselves and rest when needed!!

The Stars this week highlight to us of the Value of Relationships and offer us support here as we are Evolving at such a rapid pace.  Sometimes our view can see only regression. Look for the progression, find it in yourself and others. As we move through the window to the Age of Aquarius Trust that we are becoming more Conscious, Heart Centered Beings, more aware of our Inter-connectedness in ALL OF LIFE!

"Fear is a reaction, Courage is a choice." Winston Churchill

Donna xo

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