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Libra Super Full Moon!!
Tuesday April 7th- 7:35 pm PDT

"...Through Isolation & Separation we will gain Unity." 

Queen Elizabeth II (April 5th, 2020)

Our Global Pandemic and Queen Elizabeth Highlight the theme of this Libra Full Moon!


Libra, the sign symbolized by the Scales, reminds us of our need for balance. Once a year, we get a Libra Full Moon which shows us where we can bring more balance into our life.  The pendulum generally has to swing to an extreme before we bring it back into correction.  The Novel Coronavirus is a reactionary swing, indicating where we have "globally" been out of balance.   We need the Natural Law of Balance to encourage us to make necessary corrections in our life.  We can definitely see extreme pendulum swinging at a global level... look for opportunities to make balance corrections in your personal life as well.

  Tuesday's Super Full Moon calls us to seek Inner balance!

With the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra we are reminded of the importance to balance our need for Freedom  & Independence (Aries) with our need to be in a relationship and socialize (Libra).  The Libra Moon brings our attention to how we relate to others and that we are not alone. Tuesday's Super Full Moon along with the Quarentine put an extra challenge on relationships to grow and evolve this week.  Whether you are in isolation, or quarentining with others, consider that whatever is manifesting and showing up for you right now is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself. If you feel isolated and alone, ask yourself how you show up for yourself?  Do you abandone yourself? How do you treat yourself? Are there any relationships in your life that need an adjustment to create healthier boundaries?   With healthier boundaries you will have more energy.  Where have you been giving your energy away?  With the Sun in Aries for the next 2 weeks,  it is perfect timing to look after yourself, protect and reclaim your energy!  Aries gives us physical energy and brings our attention back to the Self.  It gives us the courage to take a look at who we are, express our needs and express our authentic Self, unapologetically. This month's Full Moon acts as a giant mirror, reflecting back to us how well we know ourselves, how we treat ourselves and what our needs are.

"Balance applies to us on cosmic, biological, and personal levels-
to our body, mind and emotions-
reminding us that anything we do, we can overdo or under-do,
and that if our internal pendulum swings to one side,
it will inevitably swing to the other."

Dan Millman

Where do you need more balance in your life?   Full Moons bring Light into what has been hiding in the shadows. Tuesday's SUPER Full Moon, shines an extra bright light on us.  Often what is highlighted to us are the shadow qualities of the sign the Moon is in.  With this Full Moon in Libra, shadow qualities and patterns that may show up for you are; indecisiveness, passivity, insecurity, dependence, co-dependence, blame, boundary issues, people pleasing, impatience, losing yourself, bullying or being bullied. How do these patterns serve you?  What do you gain from blaming others, co-dependence, or people pleasing?

On April 4th, the Planets Jupiter & Pluto met in conjunction (together) for the first time since 2007.  Our process of evolution that began in 2019 is now being accelerated as Jupiter amplifies the energy of change that Pluto has been bringing us.  For the last year we have both personally and globally been feeling the energy of the January 12th, 2020 Pluto-Saturn Transit, where the Planet of Evolution met the Planet of Reform.  This Transit intends to bring change, evolution and shifts in structural power.  Rather than trying to predict what shifts COVID-19 will bring to us on a Global level, think about what personal challenges, changes and shifts YOU are experiencing on a personal level.  The Global shifts are out of our hands...PERSONAL shifts are where we are able to make Powerful Choices!!!

We are living in a very exciting time right now! The Stars are inviting us to think with our Hearts. We are being called to move up into a more Heart-Centered Consciousness.  Many Astrologers believe we are NOW in the birth canal of the Age of Aquarius.  How fitting that the majority of the Global population is grounded now and in Quarentine for the Coronavirus. We are in between 2 different worlds and ways of living. The word "Corona" means "Crown". Collectively we are all "crowning", the most intense and exciting stage of birthing.  Are we ready to let go of the old way of living and courageously enter a new and unknown way of existing?  This global "Crowning", encourages us to live from our Hearts, to balance the masculine and feminine and begin again at a higher level of consciousness.  Over the last few years the world has found itself becoming more and more divided.  Coronavirus invites us into Unity after a year of extreme polarity.

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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