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The Moon Report

Pisces Super New Moon

February 19th,  11:06 pm PT
Sun Enters Pisces
Feb. 18th, 12:29 am PT

All Planets Moving Forward!!!
Jan 23rd - April 21st, 2023


 "I wear the chain I forged in life. I made it link by link & yard by yard;
I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. 
Is its pattern strange to you?"
Charles Dickens- Marley's Ghost

The Stars this week call us Inward, to witness our lives with an open Heart. We are invited to Scan our Souls and notice any constraints around it.  What are the "chains" that have you wrapped up, the ones you once thought protected you and kept you safe? These chain links hold us in suffering, "weigh" us down and hold us back from reaching the Optimal version of ourselves.  Giving yourself an honest scan, labeling the links and patterns is an effective step in loosening or even breaking down the vise that is smothering your Soul. Fear is the fuel, the feeder of each link. Unwrap Your Soul by beginning to unwrap the fear that is smothering you. The Spiritual task of Pisces is to up-level our qualities of Trust and Surrender, by relinquishing our grip on fear and need for control.

In the act of Surrender, the only thing we have to lose... is fear.

Below are a few chain links of mine;

  • Judgments of what is "right" & "wrong"

  • Regrets/shame

  • Unforgiveness (of myself)

  • Superstitions~ irrational beliefs

  • Guilt- duty

  • Unworthiness- need to prove worthiness by ____

  • Fear of humiliation, fear of doing something wrong

  • Need for control

  • Need to sacrifice

  • Fear of aging, losing beauty/youth/health/vitality

2022 brought us a great deal of Pisces energy.  We felt everything... x 10!! This week we have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune all in Pisces, circling us back the 2022 messages Pisces brought us. It is of course Divinely planned as we are now exiting the Age of Pisces and we are entering the Age of Aquarius. We are the generation culminating and completing the 2000 year development of the Age of Pisces!

This SUPER high dose of Pisces energy heightens our Intuition, our Inner Knowing, our Compassion, our Imagination, our Creative ability and our ability to Manifest. Pisces reminds us of power in Silence, Stillness, Listening and Dreaming. It is believed that we can reach a higher level of consciousness by lowering the frequency of our brainwaves. We can lower our brainwave frequency by; sleep (dreaming), meditation, prayer, breath-work, chanting, yoga, tai chi, being in nature, time with animals, practicing neurofeedback. Read more about Connection Between Quantum Physics and Spirituality here.

Just one day after the Sun moves into Pisces, it lines up with the Moon, bringing us the 2nd of 3 Super New Moons in a row. A Super New Moon can feel like a Full Moon as it has extra gravitation pulls to it~ bringing more extreme ocean tides, more pressure on Earth's tectonic plates and extra pull on our emotional bodies as well.  And of course with it being a Pisces New Moon, we become more aware of our own feelings as well as the ebb and flow of feelings around us. This increase in emotional awareness invites us to connect with our 6th Sense, our quality of Compassion and to WAKE UP consciously! Be aware that this super charge of Pisces energy this week can also challenge our left brain, feeling fuzzy thinking, light-headed and possibly anxious. 

Pisces is the 12th Sign of the Zodiac, the sign of Completion.  It is known as the sign of "Undoing". In the Light, this means "Undoing" the Ego, in the shadow we become "Undone" by giving Power to our negative thoughts and fear. The Spiritual lesson of Pisces is to Surrender our need for control. The Undoing part encourages us to loosen our grip to ego, fear based decisions and become more connected to our Higher Self... Trusting that the Universe has our back.

This weekend's New Moon encourages us to SURRENDER. In the act of Surrender, the only thing we have to lose... is fear. Are you willing to set your Soul Free? Are you willing to Surrender your need for Control and your loyalty to Fear? Interested in facing some hidden fears~ I highly recommend the book SCARE YOUR SOUL by Scott Simon.  Find out more about the Scare Your Soul Movement here

Unplug, breathe, slow down, reflect, meditate, pray, get out in nature... find your Faith!!  In these CRAZY times, we need CRAZY Powerful Faith... the kind of Faith that gives us the Courage to take giant strides along Our Destined Path and the Unknown ahead! 

"Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed." ALBERT EINSTEIN~ Pisces Sun

Donna xo

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