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The Moon Report

Pisces New Moon!
March 3rd, 9:34 am PT
Pluto-Mars-Venus Conjunction!!
March 3rd
Jupiter- Sun Conjunction in Pisces
March 5th
Sun- Neptune Conjuntion in Pisces
March 13th 

All Planets Moving Forward

Feb 3- Apr 29
~~ ~~ 

Pisces, The Archetype of the Mystic~
Shows Us Where we Need to Make Internal Shifts...
To open Us up to Our Optimal Capacity to Engage in Our
Imagination, Intuition, Unconditional Love, Healing
& Our Ability to Manifest!!

There is so much energy whirling around us right now- I find myself struggling a bit to begin to interpret it in a useful way. I myself have so many "feels" going on right now. I am working through what feelings are real, what is coming from fear, what is mine and what is coming from others. So much Inner House-keeping!

Let's start with this week's rare Pluto/Venus/Mars Transit, with all 3 Planets meeting at 27 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is the Archetype  of change and evolution. Pluto tends to come in like a wrecking ball, knocking down the old, making room for new. It is understandable that Pluto also brings up fear.  Pluto transits allow us to purge and release old patterns freeing up space to create, to open our hearts and most important it GIVES US MORE ENERGY!! The last time Pluto, Mars & Venus met in Conjunction (same degree) was September 9, 1976. (That week the Viking II landed on Mars.) Positively, this transit represents a New Cycle, New Beginnings and an opportunity to bring things back to balance. 


It may feel a bit bumpy this week, but these bumps acts as a springboard, catapulting us into the high winds of the now very FAST, forward moving planets!  

The Excitement of things moving so fast can be just what we need to give us the Enthusiasm & Inspiration to take Giant Leaps on our Destined Path!! Be aware that this "Excitement" can also invite feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.  Hold confidence in the direction you are heading and refrain from letting fear get in the way. 

Unsure about your direction, your dreams?  Not to worry... The Universe has your back!! For the next 2 months we are all gifted with a SUPER high dose of Pisces energy heightening our Intuition, our Inner Knowing, our Compassion, our Imagination, our Creative ability and our ability to Manifest.  Remind yourself of power in Silence, Stillness and Listening.  To make the most of the energy in the Cosmos right now, we all need to keep our vibration high; 

  • Physically: Exercise, Eat healthy, Rest & Breathe. 

  • Emotionally: Practice Kindness & Gratitude

  • Spiritually: Connect with your Higher Self with Prayer & Meditation

  • Spend time in Nature

  • Be aware of the Power of the Words you Speak, Write & Think

  • Create, Journal, Write, Listen to Music, Enjoy the Arts

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in the same position, this week's New Moon also has the Planet Jupiter connecting with the Sun & Moon. With the Sun, Moon and Jupiter (Pisces Traditional ruler) together in Pisces, we are reminded of the Power of our 6th Sense... our Intuition, our Imagination and our ability to bring our Dreams into Reality!! Jupiter is the Archetype of Truth, Abundance, Manifestation & Joy.  It shows us our Blessings. Jupiter connecting with the Sun in Pisces gives us Strength, Compassion and Determination.  It reminds us of the importance of fairness and the Power of Non-violence. 

Pisces is the 12th Sign of the Zodiac, the sign of Completion.  It is known as the sign of the "Undoing". In the Light, this means "Undoing" the Ego, in the shadow we become "Undone" by giving Power to our negative thoughts and fear. The Spiritual lesson of Pisces is to Surrender our need for control. The Undoing part encourages us to loosen our grip to ego, fear based decisions and become more connected to our Higher Self... Trusting that the Universe has our back.

Our senses are SUPER heightened this week! We are "attuned" to what is going on around us, opening us up to feeling the suffering of others. This energy will continue for 2 months.  A helpful tool is to channel your feelings of "Empathy" into "Compassion". Practicing METTA Meditation (Lovingkindness) is an easy yet Powerful way move this energy in a healing and energizing way. Find out more about METTA here. We also need to consciously and compassionately manage our OWN INTERNAL EXPERIENCE. Resisting the call Inward this week will surely invite disillusionment, confusion, chaos, anxiety, escapism, fuzzy thinking, insecurity, moodiness, frustration and overwhelm. 

Unplug, breathe, slow down, even for a few moments each day and allow the Cosmic Energy to bring you clarity as you leap forward to New Beginnings Ahead!!  

"Tears come from the heart not from the brain." LEONARDO da VINCI-  Pisces Moon

Donna xo

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