The Moon Report

Pisces New Moon!
Saturday March 13th, 2:21 am PT

All Planets Moving Forward!! 
February 20th - April 27th

Saturday's New Moon Calls Us Inward...
To Breathe. To Listen.
To Reset, Recharge & Recalibrate...
As We Shift From Dissolving & Endings
Sprouting, Regrowth & New Beginnings!

~~ ~~ 

Get ready to begin again, but this time with greater awareness! Every 29 days we are gifted with a New Moon and invited to slow down, reflect and plant new "Intentional" seeds.  Pisces is the 12th and final Sign of the Zodiac, it is the Sign of Completion.  With a Pisces New Moon we are asked to reflect on the past year as our Astrological year comes to a close.  This New Moon coincides with the anniversary of when the Pandemic began to shut down the World.  Take stock on what this last year has brought you.  Acknowledge your challenges, your Blessings, successes and endurance.  What endings or letting go did you experience? What have you completed? What still needs effort? What are you Grateful for? What are you more AWAKE to?

Pisces energy activates our sensitivity, our emotional system, our endocrine system and our immune system. With the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus in Pisces right now, we all have the opportunity to acknowledge the health and strength of these systems, particularly our sensory systems. This weekend our sensory systems are in overdrive!  New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in the same position, this weekend's New Moon also has Neptune very close (conjunct) as well. With the Sun, Moon and Neptune (Pisces ruler) Conjunct, we are reminded of the Power of our 6th Sense, our Intuition and our Imagination.  We ALL have Powerful, Intuitive Guidance, however we often cannot hear it as there is too much Outer noise.  Pisces brings attention to the potency of Silence and Listening.  Silence also improves our physical health, our immune system, our memory, sleep patterns and overall level of Peace and Tranquility.  When we are overstimulated with noise (and all outer sensory distractors) it triggers our brain to release stress hormones which lead to a feeling of anxiousness and many stress related diseases. Pisces rules our endocrine (hormone/thyroid/adrenal glands) and immune systems- be aware that these systems will also be sensitive this week. 

This weekend's New Moon reminds us to Nurture our Health & Sensory System by limiting overstimulation to the 5 Senses and Mindfully bringing attention to the 6th Sense. 

This heightened sensitivity will also exaggerate our normal sensitivity to media, technology, foods, alcohol and drugs. Notice how you feel and "sense" this weekend.  Consider making choices that limit overstimulation on a physical level.  Find moments of silence.  Take conscious breaths. Create... meditate, listen!  

New Moons invite us to check in with our Soul and reconnect the communication lines to our Inner Voice.

On March 20th at 2:37 am, the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, marking a significant time for New Beginnings!  And so we begin our Astrological New Year!  This also marks the time of the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!  Equinox's act as energetic portals as the Sun aligns with the Earth's equator, creating a reduction of energy in the Earth's magnetic field.  This "interruption" of energy creates a greater opening to Higher dimensions (cosmic downloads) during the days around the Equinox.  Hence the day before and after the Equinox we have a perfect opportunity to set new intentions, meditate, pray or do any Spiritual growth work.  March 18th - March 22nd are extra potent, extra powerful times for ceremonies, meditation, prayer and cosmic guidance!!!!

Our intuitive antennas will be supercharged for the next 10 days!

The Pisces New Moon & Approaching Vernal Equinox call us to slow down and go inward.  Spending more time going "Inward" strengthens your connection to your Higher Self, allowing you to listen to your Inner Guidance.  What can you do to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self?  Slowing down and tapping into that creative, sensitive and intuitive side of the brain can be challenging for those who operate primarily from the left side of brain (the intellect, facts, schedules, multitasking, linear thinking). When we stop receiving and processing things at an intellectual level- it allows us to see from a different perspective. This is when you are open to receive messages, too see your blind spot, perhaps then you will have an epiphany, a creative download or find a new way to solve a problem. 

Resisting the call Inward this weekend will surely bring disillusionment, confusion, chaos, escapism, fuzzy thinking, insecurity, moodiness, frustration and overwhelm. 

Unplug, breathe, slow down, even for a few moments each day and allow this New Moon to bring you clarity as you leap forward to New Beginnings Ahead!!  

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence." Leonardo da Vinci (born with a Pisces Moon)

Many Blessings to Your Year Ahead!!

Donna xo

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