The Moon Report

Sagittarius Super Full Moon

May 26th, 4:13 am PT

Mercury Retrograde
May 29th - June 22nd

Destiny is Unfolding!!
Wednesday's Eclipse Will Turn the Lights on...
So you can SEE where you are going~
What adjustments you need to make &
Gain the Momentum you need to move Forward.

~~ ~~ 

Early Wednesday morning brings us with the first Eclipse of 2021 and the first TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE we have had in 2 1/2 years!  The Universe gifts us with a set of Eclipses every 6 months encouraging change, evolution and growth- collectively and personally.  Eclipses occur along the line of the Karmic Axis (Moon's Lunar Nodes) offering us opportunities for necessary change to get back on our Soul's Path.  Collectively, this Eclipse opens us up to seeing what the world looks like from another's eyes.  We are prodded to Seek, to Listen with our Hearts and find our own Inner Truth.

Eclipses are extra potent New and Full Moons, they occur when the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon are even more exact.  This alignment interrupts the normal flow of light and Cosmic energy to the Earth's magnetic field, intensifying the tug and pull of the Ocean's tides, Earth's tectonic plates and our Human flow of emotions. As the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, attention is drawn to the darker parts of our unconscious.  This temporary blockage stirs up the unconscious bringing forth our deepest motivations and our darkest fears.

All Lunar Eclipses stir the pot!

Full Moons bring Light into the darkness, allowing us to see what hidden.  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is like bringing in an Infra Red Light... we can see all our shit!  Old wounds, our forgotten dreams, our fears and our unresolved emotions all get stirred up and come to the surface. We can Trust that Eclipses will bring forward that which has already been developing. During an Eclipse, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun.  The Moon rules our right side of the brain; our feelings, our creativity and our intuition.  Our feelings, creativity and intuition are all given life under this Super Charged Eclipse!  

Mercury Retrograde: May 29 - June 22
Mercury hasn't quite Stationed Retrograde, but we are feeling it as it has already got the brakes on for more than a week. This Mercury Retrograde Cycle will be in Gemini (Thoughts, Communication, Information), the sign it rules, exulting its energy and power. We live in a time with information overload.  How much are you influenced by what you read and listen to?  Do you like its affect on you?  This month we are called to look at how we filter information. How do YOU see the world?

The Planet Mercury becomes a major player in the themes of these next 2 Eclipses as its Retrograde Cycle overlaps them. Messages from this Eclipse will continue all month as Mercury (the Messenger Planet) slows us down and encourages us to listen to our Inner voice, our Intuition and our Guides.  Mercury Retrograde, the Eclipses, along with Chiron & Neptune aspects are all providing a continual flow of Cosmic Energy that will Super-charge our sensitivity, intuition and creativity all month.  Slow down, spend time in Nature, Meditate, Listen, Pray, Write, Create... in doing this you will notice the Opportunities & the Synchronicities, gaining Insight to what is coming next. Pay special attention for Insight and Messages; May 29, May 30, June 9, 10 & 11.

Allow yourself to feel the feels of this Super charged Moon. Chiron (The Wounded Healer Planet) has a supportive aspect to this Moon bringing us healing opportunities.  We cannot heal what we cannot see or feel.  This Moon encourages us to process our feelings and find meaning in the harsher experiences that life has brought us.


We all want an up-grade, but first we must make the necessary adjustments and re-alignments to ensure that we can support going to the next level.  Now is the time to clear, heal, strengthen, build endurance and release what is weighing you down.

Trust that you will receive Guidance from the Divine and from the Universe this month. Be sure to slow down so you will not miss it.  Keep your eyes, ears and heart open!!

"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement and I will go on with my drawing... Great things are done by a series of small things put together." Vincent van Gogh- Sagittarius Moon

** Many of us can watch this Eclipse!!! It is a Super Moon- appearing larger than usual so should be something to see! It will best be viewed in Australia, SE Asia, Western N. America and parts of S. America.  It will be 14 min in total.  For more info on viewing click here.

** GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH!! Also note that on May 22nd an unusually high number of Solar Flares were released and expected to hit the Earth's Magnetic field May 25-26.  This can interrupt power grids (power outages). Internally, it can affect us as well, feeling EXTRA TIRED, fuzzy, confused, nervous and anxious.  Rest, Breathe, Nurture and be gentle with yourself. Click here for Space weather updates.

Donna xo

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