The Moon Report


Scorpio Super Full Moon!!
Thursday May 7th 3:45 am PDT
Venus Retrograde!
 May 12th - June 24th
"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor Frankl

Thursday's Super Intense SUPER Full Moon, the Stars this month and Global shutdown due to COVID-19 are all working together, giving us the BIGGEST opportunity EVER to grow and change INTERNALLY!

We all grow and change from the inside out.  The Moon rules our "Inner" Self, our feelings and emotions.  The beauty of the Moon is that it helps us grow.  Scorpio energy always brings our Inner realm very accurately into our outer realm.  Full Moons increase our access to greater understanding, they shed Light into the depths of our consciousness, showing us what we need to see and allowing us to feel what we need to feel. Scorpio sees things in black and white, no in between nonsense.  Step into the intensity of this Scorpio energy, explore your  deepest desires and darkest fears... and see what you need to see with more clarity.  Thursday's Full Moon is conjunct Mercury which brings attention to the mind.  How are your thoughts generating your feelings?  This Scorpio Full Moon reminds us of the power of our thoughts.  This Month's Full Moon will take us into deep, (potentially dark thoughts) as we ponder what our new life ahead of us may look like.  We get one Scorpio Full Moon a year.... which ALWAYS reminds us of our power of Choice!  

Harness the power of this Potent Moon
to consciously choose thoughts that honor yourself and your Soul! 

Thursday's Full Moon will be the 4th of 4 SUPER Full Moons in a row!!  This Full Moon is not as close as last month's but still close enough to be considered "Perigee".  Perigee Moons are when the Moon is closer (and appears larger) to Earth than usual.  The closeness increases the emotional intensity of this Moon, giving it an extra kick!   

And Scorpio Full Moons tends to be one of the most emotional and intense Full Moons of the year! 

Full Moons shine a light on the shadow of the signs it is in. It allows us to see where we are out of balance.  With Scorpio out of balance we often experience exaggerated fear, doubt, suspician, envy, shame, blame and power struggles- which gets us stuck.  This month's Scorpio Full Moon sets the stage for the upcoming Venus Retrograde Cycle (May 12-June 24), showing us where we have misplaced desires.  Allow the feelings that come up this week to show you where you have been wasting valuable energy and time.

In the days following this Full Moon, 3 planets will Station Retrograde. Saturn on May 10th, Venus on May 12th, and Jupiter on May 14th. This means the Universe will be slowing down, nudging us to realign ourselves.  Every 18 months the planet Venus travels Retrograde, this is not very often.  When it does, it tends to have some Karmic significance, perhaps even life altering if it hits your chart personally.  Old lovers and friends (from this life and past lives) may show up during this time.  

Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra.  So those of you with strong Taurus or Libra in your chart may feel this cycle more intensely.  Venus is the planet of Net-worth and Self-worth and Values.  When Venus is in Retrograde it calls us in to re-evaluate our priorities, our values and what REALLY matters to us.  We all can get caught on this wheel of life with misdirected desires and ambitions.  We can get so busy we don't realize how much energy is going into someone or something that is not a priority in our life.  We can get caught up in wanting what others have, or what we think we should have.  Where are you spending time and energy that is not at the top of your priority list?  What have you sacrificed? Where would you like to be focusing more energy?

Venus Retrograde in Gemini calls us to bring balance in the mind...
To balance our left & right brain...
To connect our Heart & our Mind. 

The last time Venus was in Retrograde in Gemini was May 15th - June 27th 2012.  What was going on in your life back then?  Is there a similar theme now?  Think of this May as the beginning of a new Venus 8 year cycle.  What new cycle are you beginning right now?  How have you evolved?  Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Well, we are all now at the tail end of our 18 month Journey of Transformation.  For the last 18 months the Lunar Axis has been in Cancer-Capricorn, hovering over Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter in Capricorn. This energy has had a significant impact on us globally and personally.  Every 18 Months, the Moon's Lunar Nodes (Lunar Axis) shift signs and shift the area of your life that is due for an upgrade. (The Lunar Axis determines where the Eclipses will be happening.)  For the last year and a half, the majority of the Eclipses have happenend in Cancer and Capricorn.  This week the Lunar Axis shifted to Gemini-Sagittarius, giving a sneak peak at what's ahead.  But first, I encourage you to reflect on the last 18 months and the journey you have been on.  This summer, the Lunar Nodes will slip back into Cancer-Capricorn, giving us one last chance to complete our personal Inner Renovation. 

It is a an incredible time we are living in! We are in the midst of a Historical Shift!  The Saturn-Pluto Transit that happened in January intended to bring necessary change.  In short, this is a super potent (~every 40 years) transit which always brings change and a shift in power. Pluto (the Destroyer) had the intention to break things down, so that Saturn can rebuild from fresh ground.  What endings have you experienced the last year or so?  Are you still gripping on to something you are being called to let go of?  Where have you been losing energy (power)?  What Self-honoring choices have you been avoiding?  How much energy do you put into making choices to keep your life in place (constant)?

Necessity (COVID-19) is keeping us at home and slowing us down, the Universe is now also slowing down, calling us inward to reflect and re-evaluate our life and ourselves. Take advantage of the energy from the Universe and the "necessity" to create Inner changes... the Inner shifts that need to occur before you can manifest outer changes that your Heart desires.

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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