The Moon Report

Scorpio Full Moon!!
Saturday May 18th, 2:11 pm PDT

Sun Moves into Gemini!

May 21st- 2:59 am PDT

 Are you resisting change?
Are you feeling stuck?
Are you feeling caught in a whirl of emotions, suddenly overly concerned about YOUR needs, feeling like you got the short end of the stick?


Saturday's Full Moon encourages us to forge ahead....
to move forward even if your road ahead seems treacherous.


The Hebrew Letter associated with Scorpio is "nun".  As a verb "nun" means, "to grow or sprout". The thing is, we all grow and change from the inside out.  The Moon rules our "Inner" Self, our feelings and emotions.  The beauty of the Moon is that it helps us grow.  Scorpio energy always brings our Inner realm very accurately into our outer realm.  Consider that, what is going on in your outer life right now is a reflection of your Inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Full Moons increase our access to greater understanding, they shed Light into the depths of our consciousness, showing us what we need to see and allowing us to feel what we need to feel.  Whatever you have been avoiding is likely to bubble up to the surface over this weekend.   Full Moons are also known to be a time of fruition, a time to reap the benefits of seeds we have planted. The bright Moon in the sky this weekend may also highlight successes and opportunities coming your way. Or perhaps you have some unexpected changes in direction!?  We get one Scorpio Full Moon a year.... which ALWAYS reminds us of our power of Choice!  Harness the power of this weekend's Moon to courageously take steps towards making at least one choice to honor yourself and your Soul!  

Full Moons occur when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun.  During this time we are prompted to balance the energy of the two signs.  The Sun is now in the sign of Taurus.  This brings to our awareness our values, our net-worth, our Self-worth and all that makes us feel safe and secure.  Taurus is most concerned with our basic needs, our gifts, our abilities and what REALLY matters to us.  Scorpio on the other hand probes us to go beyond the surface and look further into our deepest desires and our greatest powers.  Scorpio highlights all matters to do with Choice, Trust, hidden agendas, betrayal, sex, healing, secrets, finances and our darkest fears.  With Taurus out of balance we will always choose safety... betraying ourselves and our heart felt dreams.  With Scorpio out of balance we often experience exaggerated fear, doubt, shame, blame and power struggles which gets us stuck. I encourage you to take a direct look at your doubt, shame, power struggles and how you betray yourself.  Is this fear (doubt) real?  What is underneath it?  Has it held you back in the past?  Is it holding you  back now?  Scorpio reminds us that we always have CHOICE.  You can choose to move forward or remain where you are.  Saturday's Moon in Scorpio will bring us courage to move forward on our Soul's path.  Whenever Scorpio or Pluto (Scorpio's ruling planet) makes a strong presence in the stars we can anticipate CHANGE!  Look for opportunities to grow, transform and reach your most powerful potential! 

Those of you born with your Moon in Scorpio (or have strong Scorpio in your chart) are more comfortable with this Full Moon.  Scorpio is about transformation, the cycle of death and rebirth.  My Scorpio Moon clients actually find cemeteries soothing rather than uncomfortable.  Symbolically, "death" means New Beginnings, it means Change and Transformation. How do you feel about  making changes in your life right now? What are your doubts?  Scorpio encourages us to make friends with our shadow.  Are you willing to look at your fears, doubts and shadow self? 

The Scorpio Full Moon tends to be one of the most emotional and intense Full Moons of the year! 

This Moon is sure to pull us out of our comfort zone!  We started to feel the waxing energy and heat by Thursday.  With the planet Mercury opposite the Moon this weekend, our feelings will color our judgments and thoughts.  We will not be our most rational selves and may find decision making a battle between the heart and the mind. Know that this weekend may not be the best time for clear, beneficial communication.  However, this weekend is an ideal time to see what lurks behind the shadows, see where you are being held back and be reminded of your deepest heart desires!  On May 21st the Sun moves into Gemini and we will all feel the lighter, curious and youthful Gemini energy. 

We are all about 6 months in to an 18 month Journey of Transformation.  For the last 6 months Pluto and Saturn have been hovering over the Lunar Axis.  They will come together in exact conjunction in January of 2020.  This is a BIG transit and we are all seeing and experiencing it globally, and on some level, personally.  In short, this is a super potent (~every 40 years) transit which is sure to bring change and a shift in power.  In order for change and growth to occur we need Pluto (the Destroyer) to break things down, so that Saturn can rebuild from fresh ground.  What needs to be destroyed to make room for new growth and sprouting in your life?  How can you step up to fully support YOUR dreams?  What Self-honoring choices have you been avoiding?  How much energy do you put into making choices to keep your life in place (constant)?

"The only thing that is constant, is change." Heraclitus (Pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher)

Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo

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