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The Moon Report

Full Moon!
~4° Scorpio


*Mercury Retrograde

 April 1-25

How fast can you handle your life changing?
The Universal Cycles
Keep the Wheels Turning...
We can Choose to Evolve with the Changes-
By First,
Evolving Our FEAR into COURAGE!!


We will not change or grow when we make choices from a place of fear. Imagine your life without being controlled by fear; fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown ahead, fear of lacking money, fear of being alone~ fear of change. Imagine the Freedom you would feel with fear at a distance!

We are still riding on the tailwinds of 2 potent Eclipses this last month (03/25 & 04/08) as well as the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on April 20th. Eclipses work as catalysts for change, each of us having our own experience varying from minor shifts to major evolutionary leaps. The Eclipses this last month absolutely stirred the pot, bringing to the surface unprocessed childhood wounds, past life residues, ancestral trauma and old patterns. The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction fueled the April Cosmic Cocktail giving us that extra boost we needed to Breakthrough and BREAK FREE!

Full Moons bring Light to that which has been hiding in the Shadows. Tuesday's Scorpio Full Moon Squares the Planet Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) bringing a FLOOD-LIGHT to any underlying painful patterns that are still lurking in the shadows. Notice what old patterns have been showing up for you this week; power struggles, resistance to change, self-doubt, dissatisfaction, shame, need for control, distrust or    ?). 

What fuels your underlying painful patterns?

  • Need for safety?

  • Need for acceptance, to be liked?

  • Need for control? Illusion of control?

  • Judgments?

  • Doubt, Self-doubt?

  • Pride?

  • Holding on to the past/memories/wounds?

Are you willing to be involved in your own Awakening?!!

In order to Evolve, Grow, Experience Freedom & reach our Optimal Potential, we must first TRULY KNOW WHO WE ARE... We must be honest with ourselves and courageously look at all the parts, the Light & Shadow, the good, the bad, the ugly. Scorpio is the sign most associated with our Shadow (fear, doubt, paranoia, suspicion, controlling, cruelty, jealousy, victimhood, sabotage, insecurity, vengeful). When we Acknowledge these parts of ourselves, we can better manage them. A Scorpio Full Moon opens us up to see ALL the parts of ourselves, on a personal level and a collective level.

A Scorpio Full Moon tends to be one of the most emotional & intense
Full Moons of the year!

Yep, it is a feeler!! We all grow and change from the inside out.  The Moon rules our "Inner" Self, our feelings and emotions.  The beauty of the Moon and our emotions is that they help us grow.  Scorpio energy always brings our Inner realm very accurately into our outer realm, showing us what we need to see and allowing us to feel what we need to feel. Scorpio is the Archetype of the Alchemist, turning Lead (emotional "weight") into Gold.

Full Moons occur when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, encouraging balance between the 2 signs.  The Sun, Jupiter and Uranus are all in the sign of Taurus right now.  This brings to our awareness our values, our net-worth, our Self-worth and all that makes us feel safe and secure.  Taurus is most concerned with our basic needs, our gifts, our abilities and what REALLY matters to us!  Scorpio on the other hand probes us to go beyond the surface and look further into our deepest desires and our greatest powers.  Scorpio highlights all matters to do with Choice, Trust, hidden agendas, betrayal, sex, healing, secrets, envy, finances and our darkest fears.  With Taurus out of balance we will always choose safety... betraying ourselves and our heart felt dreams.  With Scorpio out of balance we often experience exaggerated fear, doubt, shame, blame and power struggles which gets us stuck. 

What truly MATTERS to you?
What are your deepest desires?


I encourage you to take a direct look at your fear, doubt, shame, power struggles and how you betray yourself.  Is this fear (doubt) real?  What is underneath it?  Has it held you back in the past?  Is it holding you  back now? Are you willing to take a step towards a life without fear controlling you?

On April 25th, just two days after the Full Moon, Mercury, the Trickster and the Messenger Planet will Station Direct, completing the Retrograde Cycle. By April 25th we will have received all the messages we need to understand the adjustments Mercury intended us to make. Then on April 28th, the Planet Mars meets up with Neptune bringing Clarity to our Intuitive senses. Look for messages this week and Trust your Inner Guidance. 

Tuesday's Scorpio Full Moon reminds us to stay grounded during times of change and to appreciate the giant forces of the Universe supporting us through these changes. 

Donna xo

"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” NELSON MANDELA~ Scorpio Moon

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