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The Moon Report

Scorpio Full Moon

May 15th, 9:14 pm PT
Pluto Stations Retrograde
April 29 - Oct. 8
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini
May 10 - June 3 ​

~~ ~~ 

Changes are Coming!!
Stay Open~
Be Fluid~
Resist the need to know why it is happening or
What is ahead!


This weekend's Scorpio Lunar Eclipse brings PHOENIX energy, reminding us that endings, changes and setbacks also bring us opportunities for rebirth, new beginnings and a fresh start. Scorpio teaches us that the WHEELS WILL KEEP TURNING- we can EVOLVE with the changes or we can get stuck by holding on to fear, control and resistance.

The Divine Cycles of the Universe have stirred up some Emotional Weather! 

Not only is this a Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but this will be the 1st of 4 Super (Perigee) Full Moons of the year. Perigee Moons are when the Moon is closer (and appears larger) to Earth than usual, increasing the gravitational pulls on the ocean's tides, the Earth's tectonic plates and our emotional bodies. To add to all this energy, Mercury is in Retrograde feeding into the chaos while pulling us back to gain a broader perspective of our lives.

Are you feeling it? We are now well into our 1st Eclipse Season of 2022!  Eclipses are event generators, they accelerate our process, they bring major endings and major New Beginnings.  They most certainly stir the pot with the Intention of Evolution.  Full Moons bring Light to that which has been hiding in the Shadows... A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings an Infra-red Light, so we can see all our sh!t that has been neatly tucked away. 

A Scorpio Full Moon tends to be one of the most Emotional &
Intense Full Moons of the year!

Every sign has Light & Shadow (positive & negative qualities), Scorpio however, holds the master key to the front door of the Collective Shadow (fear, resistance, envy, greed, pride, suspicion, doubt, control, bitterness, blame, shame, regret, vengeance, saboteur). The Spiritual task of Scorpio is to encourage us to see our shadow- the parts of ourselves that we prefer to deny. The thing is, in order to have Confidence and Clarity we must first TRULY KNOW WHO WE ARE... All the parts, the Light & Shadow, the good, the bad, the ugly. When we Acknowledge these parts of ourselves, we can better manage them. A Scorpio Full Moon opens us up to see ALL the parts of ourselves, on a personal level and a collective level.

We all grow and change from the inside out.  The Moon rules our "Inner" Self, our feelings and emotions.  The beauty of the Moon and our emotions is that they help us grow.  Scorpio energy always brings our Inner realm very accurately into our outer realm. Full Moons increase our access to greater understanding, they shed Light into the depths of our consciousness, showing us what we need to see and allowing us to feel what we need to feel. Scorpio sees things in black and white, in extremes, that what makes it so intense.  It is very hard to change, improve or heal what we cannot see or feel what needs healing.  This Eclipse activates our emotional body to the point of physical pain. 

This Moon can trigger;

  • Projections

  • Jumping to conclusions & Over-reacting

  • Defensiveness

  • Issues around money, possessions, what we value & how we value ourselves.

Notice what is coming up for you.  Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and Venus connect during this Full Moon heightening our awareness of feeling vulnerable. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable, to feel the uncomfortable feels and be open to the shifts and growth the Cosmos is bringing you. You are being summoned to take steps forward on your Soul's journey!! The planets Saturn and Chiron are activated in this Full Moon supporting us in neutralizing negative behavior patterns and healing old wounds. Trust that the Stars are supporting us in clearing out the old and making room for Positive New Beginnings!! 

The more this Eclipse aspects your Natal Chart the more you will feel this Moon and experience shifts, changes and opportunities.  For the next year the Eclipse Axis (Lunar Nodes) are in Taurus & Scorpio, strongly activating changes, New Beginnings and opportunities for people who are Taurus or Scorpio.  If you were born with your North Lunar Node in Taurus (Born between; Feb/66 - Aug/67 or Sept/84- Apr/86 or May 2003- Dec 2004), you can also anticipate directional shifts this year. 

"Sometimes good things fall apart so BETTER things can fall together."

Divine Cycles often work by turning things upside down, teaching us that everything is a Paradox... what seems safe is fearful, what seems good is bad and WHAT SEEMS LIKE A DISASTER IS A BLESSING! The "upside-down" encourages us to pay more attention to our Inner world than our Outer world. 

Stillness and Silence open us up to hearing the Whispers of our Soul.  Days after the Eclipse, May 17 & May 21 look for Insight or Messages that will give you Guidance of "Next Steps".  (05/17- Mars conjunct Neptune, 05/21- Mercury conj. Sun).  Allow yourself some "Inner" time this week, give yourself permission to feel, reflect on what REALLY matters, notice the Cycles and Trust the Cycles.  

"Only awareness of your shadow qualities can help you find an appropriate place for your undeemed darkness and therby create a more satisfying experience. To not do this work is to remain trapped in the loneliness, anxiety and dualistic limits of the ego instead of awakening to your higher calling." ROBERT A JOHNSON (Jungian Psychotherapist & Author)

Donna xo

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