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The Moon Report

October 25th, 3:48 am PT
Mars Stations Retrograde
October 30th
November 8th, 3:01 am PT
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 Tuesday's Scorpio Solar Eclipse Reminds Us of the Power of Going into the Darkness, Our Shadow...
Before We Come into the Light!
The endurance of darkness is the preparation for great light.” 
St. John of the Cross {Mystic-Author of Dark Night of the Soul}

And so our final Eclipse Season of 2022 begins!! Every 6 months we get a set of Eclipses inviting us to Upgrade a certain area of our life. It is an opportunity (nudge) from the Universe to Re-Set and Re-align ourselves. Tuesday October 25th brings us a Scorpio Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse is an extra potent New Moon, when the Moon, Sun & Earth are even more exactly aligned.  During the Eclipse, the Moon passes over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy to the Earth Fully or Partially for a brief time. (This Eclipse will be a Partial Eclipse.) This brief interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field... as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time, we internally experience darkness, a shutting down time.  A time to Release & Recalibrate.  Think of it as a time to power down & reboot, just like you do with your phone and computer.  The days around a Solar Eclipse, the Universe provides us with support to delete old codes, outdated beliefs and make room for new programming. 

For all of 2022, the Eclipses have been hosted by the Signs Taurus & Scorpio (with the focal energy on Taurus). Collectively, the energy of these Eclipses intends to invite us all to move away from patterns of control, suspicion, fears & blame > And move towards a Healthier Relationship to our bodies, with Mother Earth & our Finances.  Eclipses summon us to up-grade an area of our lives, but before an up-grade we must first do a "balance check" and make any necessary adjustments. Trust that this Eclipse will stir up anything you need to look at.

This Scorpio Eclipse will highlight to us parts of ourselves that we can no longer keep suppressed in our Shadow. Our "SHADOW" is the part of our psyche where we hold repressed aspects of ourselves, the parts that we don't know or don't want to know. Our Shadow includes; buried emotions, judgments, denial, blame, shame, projections, envy, cravings, irrational fears and any patterns that continue to hold us in suffering

One of the greatest misunderstandings we have regarding our human potential is that we make life harder than it needs to be by NOT looking at WHO we truly are- our Light & our Shadow.

Scorpio represents our need to transform, grow and continue to invite change into our lives.  The Evolutionary intent of Scorpio is to transmute darkness into Light! We have become a society that avoids uncomfortable feelings; grief, anger, fear and sadness. We delve into distractions, escapes or medications to avoid these feelings. Check out this article here from Newsweek on The Welcoming Gifts of Sadness.

  • How do you "Eclipse" yourself & your Self-worth by overlooking your Light and your shadow?

  • Have you been defensive or stubborn lately? Notice how this keeps you stuck.

  • How often does dissatisfaction show up for you? Notice how you lose energy/power/joy when you focus on what you don't have.

  • Consider ways you can transmute your fears into Trust.

Scorpio reminds us that our greatest Powers are Invisible & Silent. There are great Powers in:

  • Stillness

  • Listening

  • Kindness

  • Love

  • Intuition

Tuesday's Eclipse not only has the Sun & Moon together at 2° Scorpio but the Planet Venus is RIGHT THERE AS WELL AT 2° Scorpio!!!  What does this mean? It definitely brings RELATIONSHIPS & VALUES into the mix with this Eclipse.  Scorpio comes rightt after the sign Libra (relationship sign) inviting us to go to a deeper level in our relationships. This Planetary alignment challenges us to REALLY be honest with ourselves and take a good look at our relationship patterns and our values.

  • What truly MATTERS to you?

  • Notice how any of your relationship challenges and patterns reflect how you treat yourself.

Mars Retrograde: October 30, 2022 - January 12, 2023.
On October 30th the Planet Mars will Station Retrograde for the first time in 26 months.  The Intention of Mars Retrograde Cycles is to loosen our grip to the Ego allowing us to perceive a different ways to do things. Retrogrades invite us to slow down, pull back and gain a broader perspective. They are powerful times to re-align the Soul. This particular Retrograde Cycle will be in the sign Gemini.  The last time Mars Retrograded fully in Gemini at around the same degrees was Oct. 1943 - Jan 1944. Mars Retrograding in Gemini invites us Inward, to become more aware of our sub-conscious mind.  Our sub-conscious thoughts are extremely powerful as they create our feelings, they seed our beliefs and play a part in creating our reality.  Any form of quieting the mind, (meditation, journaling, prayer) will be extremely Potent during this Retrograde Cycle.

It is Soul Re-Alignment time!! There is a tremendous amount of Cosmic Activity this month with 2 Eclipses and Mars in Retrograde. While each of these transits will have their own message and unique agenda in your chart, together they invite us to up-level our current Inner Program, so we can pick up the momentum along our Soul's Journey.

This week, the Stars are calling us Inward.  We are encouraged to slow down, find stillness, gentleness & quietude so we can hear our Inner Voice that Guides us and gives us Clarity. Think of Solar Eclipses to be like a “Soul check in time”.  What TRULY MATTERS to you? ... Seriously. What REALLY matters?!!  Do you feel like you are on the right path? This week we all have access to the Cosmic Delete & Reset Button!! Think about what you are ready to Delete and Reprogram into your life. 

"If you don't have any shadows, you are not in the Light"  LADY GAGA - Scorpio Moon

*Want to know more about how this Eclipse will impact you and your Natal Chart. Join my class on Tuesday- see more info below.

**This Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia & NE Africa. East Coast N America may get a watered down view around 7 am Eastern time. N &  S America will get a good view of the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. 

Sending Love, Peace & Bliss!!
Donna xo

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