The Moon Report

Scorpio Super Full Moon!
Monday April 26th, 8:31 pm PT

Pluto Retrograde! 
April 27th - Oct. 6th

The Universal Cycles
Keep the Wheels Turning...
We can Choose to Evolve with the Changes-
Or get Stuck
By Holding on to Fear, Control & Resistance

~~ ~~ 

Full Moons bring Light to that which has been hiding in the Shadows.  In order to have Confidence and Clarity we must first TRULY KNOW WHO WE ARE... All the parts, the Light & Shadow, the good, the bad, the ugly. Scorpio is the the sign most associated with our Shadow (fear, doubt, paranoia, suspicion, controlling, cruel, jealous, victimhood, saboteur, insecurity, vengeful). When we Acknowledge these parts of ourselves, we can better manage them. A Scorpio Full Moon opens us up to see ALL the parts of ourselves, on a personal level and a collective level.


A Scorpio Full Moon tends to be one of the most emotional and intense Full Moons of the year!


And this Full Moon has an added kick to it as it is a SUPER Full Moon.  This will be the 1st of 4 Super (Perigee) Moons of the year. Perigee Moons are when the Moon is closer (and appears larger) to Earth than usual, increasing the gravitational pulls on the ocean's tides, the Earth's tectonic plates and our emotional bodies. 

We all grow and change from the inside out.  The Moon rules our "Inner" Self, our feelings and emotions.  The beauty of the Moon and our emotions is that they help us grow.  Scorpio energy always brings our Inner realm very accurately into our outer realm. Full Moons increase our access to greater understanding, they shed Light into the depths of our consciousness, showing us what we need to see and allowing us to feel what we need to feel. Scorpio sees things in black and white, in extremes, that what makes it so intense.  Step into the intensity of this Scorpio energy, explore your  deepest desires and darkest fears... and see what you need to see with more clarity.


Monday's Full Moon calls us to ponder... WHAT REALLY MATTERS!
Do you have what you want?
Do you want what you have?

Full Moons occur when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun.  During this time we are prompted to balance the energy of the two signs.  The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus are all in the sign of Taurus right now.  This brings to our awareness our values, our net-worth, our Self-worth and all that makes us feel safe and secure.  Taurus is most concerned with our basic needs, our gifts, our abilities and what REALLY matters to us!  Scorpio on the other hand probes us to go beyond the surface and look further into our deepest desires and our greatest powers.  Scorpio highlights all matters to do with Choice, Trust, hidden agendas, betrayal, sex, healing, secrets, envy, finances and our darkest fears.  With Taurus out of balance we will always choose safety... betraying ourselves and our heart felt dreams.  With Scorpio out of balance we often experience exaggerated fear, doubt, shame, blame and power struggles which gets us stuck. I encourage you to take a direct look at your fear, doubt, shame, power struggles and how you betray yourself.  Is this fear (doubt) real?  What is underneath it?  Has it held you back in the past?  Is it holding you  back now? 

Scorpio reminds us that we always have CHOICE.  
You can choose to move forward or remain where you are.
You can choose to buy into the illusion of control or
You can choose to Trust.

Just one day after the Scorpio Full Moon the Planet Pluto stations Retrograde. Whenever Scorpio or Pluto (Scorpio's ruling planet) make a strong presence in the Stars we can anticipate CHANGE!  The Planets are lined up this week to remind us that it is time for change, personally and globally. This annual transit will bring our attention to our addiction to control. So much of what we experience externally is out of our control.  The one thing we ALWAYS do have control over is our choices, most importantly how we choose to move through uncomfortable changes. What choices can you make to bring more Ease to the Transitions ahead? 

With so many Planets lined up in Taurus we are invited to choose Love and see the Beauty in the world, which will open our Hearts and feed our Souls. 

"If you don't have any shadows, you are not in the Light." Lady Gaga (born with a Scorpio Full Moon )

Donna xo

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