The Moon Report

Taurus Full Moon!!
Tuesday November 12th,  5:34 am PST

Mercury Eclipse!!!
November 11th, 2019

Mercury Retrograde Continues...
October 31st - November 20th

"From the beginning, the key to Renewal has been the casting off of old skin.  Often we give up our right to Renewal...
to accomodate the anxiety of those around us." 

Mark Nepo (Poet & Philosopher)


What are you being called to shed in order to make room for change- new creations?
What is it costing you to resist this change? 

So often, many of us are walking around like Zombies, carrying around layers of "dead" or outdated parts of ourselves.  In doing this, we are unconsciously smothering the opportunity for New Growth, New Life, New Opportunies, Change and Expansion to occur.  Scorpio is the Archetype of Change and Choice. The Stars this week highlight to us our Power of CHOICE!! 

It's like someone finally turned the Lights on and we can see that we have the power to change our minds, have a change of heart and in turn change our life and our reality!

All Full Moons offer opportunities to see things in a new Light. Tuesday's Full Moon will highlight our relationship to ourselves, our relationship to money and our relationship with death.  With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio we are called to balance the energies of these two signs.  The Taurus Moon brings up feelings around our survival, our fears, material possessions, finances, our talents, our choices, our contentment and our Self-worth.  Take a good look at how you distribute your personal currency (time, energy and money). What we spend our time, energy and money on reflects our values... most importantly it reflects how we value ourselves!  Without a healthy sense of Self-worth, no amount of safety, money or material possessions will ever make you feel secure.  The more you truly value yourself and Trust yourself the more powerful your intuition will become and the less power fear and anxiety will have over you.  

We are all continuing to feel the Scorpio jolt with the Sun and Mercury (IN RETROGRADE!) in the sign of Scorpio this month.  Scorpio is the sign most concerned with darkness, crisis and fear.  Scorpio is also the sign associated with our greatest powers!  We are all called to look at our deepest desires and our darkest fears.  Over the next 2 weeks we will continue to linger in the shadows of our mind, the basement of our brains. As we clear out these cob webs in our mind we allow more space for the Light to come in! 

Another Celestial event that we are feeling is that the planet Mercury Eclipsed the Sun today!  Everyone is aware of Lunar and Solar Eclipses... Mercury Eclipses are less common.  About 13 times in a Century- the Sun, Mercury and Earth are exactly aligned that the Planet Mercury actually creates a shadow (more like a dot) "Eclipsing" over the Sun.  Very much like Lunar and Solar Eclipses, a Mercury Eclipse marks a major turning point and an opportunity to reboot.  With a Mercury Eclipse, it is an opportunity to reboot our way of thinking. The last Mercury Eclipse was May 9th, 2016 and the next one will not be until Nevember 13th, 2032.  What turning point was going on in your life in May 2016?  

This relatively rare transit of Mercury will facilitate our access to communication with our Higher Selves, Spirit, and Divine Intelligence.  It will accelerate any karmic Soul activity needed to move us into the next phase. This conjunction gives us emotional clarity and holds creative potency.  Those of you with strong Scorpio in your chart will feel this transit the most.  Mercury, the Messenger God, always brings messages. Look for messages this week of what needs to change.  I encourage you to find time in the next day or so to reflect and re-evaluate how you are opporating and consider more empowering and Self-honoring ways of doing things. Notice how often you say "yes" when you mean "no".  

Today's Eclipse enhances the Full Moon theme of focusing on what we truly value.  This week we will have Cosmic support in deleting old programming, ending old patterns related to our Self Worth.  What Messages has Mercury been bringing you?  What are you ready to re-set?!


Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo

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