The Moon Report


Taurus Full Moon!!
Saturday October 31st, 7:49 am PDT

Mars Continues Retrograde in Aries
September 9th - November 13th, 2020
Mercury Retrograde
October 13th - November 3rd

It is a Super-charged Full Moon this weekend with so much energy generated...
 It may be just what we need to shake things up!!
Keep your eyes open, lights on and prepare to WAKE UP!!
Anything is possible with this weekend's Full Moon!
~~ ~~ 
Breakthroughs, breakdowns, shake ups, wake ups, emotions galore, rebellions, revolts, jolts, gifts, enlightenments, awakenings & opportunities!

Every 29 days (once a month), we get a Full Moon.  Approximately every 32 months we have 2 Full Moons in one calendar month, this is what we call a Blue Moon.  Saturday's Full Moon brings us a rare Halloween Moon and a Blue Moon! 

All Full Moons offer us opportunities to see things in a new light.  This weekend's Full Moon highlights our values; Self-worth, money, life and death.  With the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio we are called to balance the energies of these two signs.  The Taurus Moon brings up feelings around our survival, our fears, material possessions, finances, our talents, our choices, our contentment and our Self-worth. There is extra charge to the Moon this weekend as Uranus is in the exact same position of the Moon! Uranus is jolting its big electrical force on this Moon, bringing attention to where we feel unsupported. 

  • Are you feeling like you have to do everything yourself?

  • Are you needing more support? 

  • How are you supporting others? 

  • How do you support yourself?  

Take a look at how you distribute your personal currency (time, energy, money).  What we spend our time, energy and money on reflects our values... most importantly it reflects our value of ourselves!  The more you truly value yourself and Trust yourself the more powerful your intuition will become and the less power fear and anxiety will have over you. 

Scorpio is the sign most concerned with darkness, crisis and fear.  Scorpio represents passion, personal growth and our Soul's deepest desires.  With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus we are called to balance our desire to grow, change and step forward on our Destined path with our need for safety and security.  This Moon encourages us to face our ghosts, our fears, what haunts us... what holds us back from moving forward, towards our Dreams and Destiny.  

With Mercury and Mars in Retrograde we are shown that occasionally it is necessary to step backwards before we leap forwards.  In pulling back, we gain a broader perspective, a wider view, a greater understanding, and can formulate a more effective plan in progressing forward! 

The Pandemic has left many of us walking around like Soul-less Zombies.  Our outer environment appears to be regressing.  So much feels out of our control, that we may feel like giving up, or checking out.  JOLT YOURSELF BACK TO LIFE!!  Remind yourself of what powers you DO HAVE!!  Each day you have the power to choose.  To choose to be kind to others, to be kind to yourself, to be supportive, to have Faith, to Love, to forgive,  to create and to WAKE UP!!  

October 31st brings us a Full Moon and it also marks a very Magical day that has been celebrated for thousands of years, Samhain (Celtic New Year), more recently known as; All Saints Day, Day of the Dead and Halloween.  October 31st marks the exact half-way point between the Equinox and Solstice, these half-way points are known as "Cross-Quarter" Days.  These four points on the Solar Calendar are believed to give us access to greater Cosmic forces and energies.  Samhain (Halloween/Day of the Dead) is seen as a time when the "Veil" between dimensions is thinnest, facilitating our communication with Spirit.  Rather than fear the Spirits haunting you, harness your power to engage in this opening for Guidance, Insight and Creation.  Pray, Meditate & Write away this weekend!!

We are all feeling the jolt of the Scorpio Sun- with Uranus exactly opposite it this week!  Allow Saturday's Full Moon to Light you up, to flip that "on/off" switch to ON!!  Engage in its power... open your eyes and heart for change, growth and new Insights!

"We are here for a reason. I believe at bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people thru the dark."   Whoopi Goldberg, Scorpio (Nov. 13, 1955)

Sending  EXTRA Love & Light Your Way!!
Donna xo

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