The Moon Report

Taurus Full Moon

Nov. 19, 12:57 am PT

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Eclipses Are Always Kamic in Nature-
They Propel Us to Take Big Steps Forward on
Our Soul's Journey!!!

Eclipses Invite Change!  They Accelerate our Process, they Encourage Soul Growth and they Expedite Healing.  Eclipses are optimal times for us to Recalibrate and Reset our consciousness.  They are extremely Potent & Magical times.  Eclipses often mark a time of significant Endings, New Beginnings as well as a time of Ripening. The tides and weather will be more extreme and so will our emotions! 

Every 6 months we get a set of Eclipses, when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in more exact alignment forming Solar (New Moon) & Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipses. 

A Lunar Eclipse stirs the pot!

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon slowly dims as it passes through the Earth's shadow.  This dimming of Light stirs up the unconscious, allowing us to see things from a different perspective.  Regular Full Moons shine a light onto darkness... a Lunar Eclipse is like shining an Infrared Light, showing us what has gone unnoticed and what was hiding. Buried feelings and fears are likely to come to the surface this week.  Positively, your Intuition will be heightened giving you access to make meaningful revelations. A Lunar Eclipse can mark a personal peak or a significant turning point in our lives.  

Eclipses happen in 19 year cycles.  On Nov. 19, 2002 we had a Taurus Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees (same position).  If you are old enough to remember- What shifts were going on in your life back then? What was important to you? Where are you being called to make changes now?

Eclipses reveal to us what we have outgrown and where we are ready to uplevel. The more this Eclipse activates your Natal chart, the more you will feel pulled to the next level. Eclipses shift the signs they are in every 18 months, shifting the area of YOUR chart where YOU will experience the Eclipse.  That means we get 3 sets of Eclipses in a row (over 18 mos) inviting us to upgrade a specific part of our life (Identity, Relationships, Self-worth, Money, Power, Faith, Home, Health, Work, Career)... yes everything comes in 3's. With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, we are vulnerable to going into the shadows of those signs; resisting change, overly cautious, fearful, feeling lack of (scarcity), betrayal, comparing Self to others, cravings, suspician, distrustful and self-sabatage.

This Eclipse brings attention to our throat and 5th Chakra...
Our Willpower and our Power of Choice.  

  • What is coming up for you this week?

  • Are you feeling stuck? Clinging to safety?

  • Are you avoiding taking risks?

  • How do you balance giving vs taking?

  • What are your darkest fears & your deepest desires?

  • Are your ambitions & desires what you truly desire, or what you think you need?

  • What really MATTERS to you?

All Eclipses work as catalysts for change, they bring forward what has already been in the works. Watch for Insights and Opportunities over the next few weeks to move forward on your Soul's Path.  Do what grounds you, what brings you Joy and most important... DO WHAT HELPS YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!! 

*ECLIPSE VIEWING* This week's Eclipse is an Unusually Long Partial Eclipse lasting 6 hours and 7 minutes.  It can be viewed from all parts of North America. Nov. 18, 10:02 pm PT - Nov 19, 4:04 am PT, Peaking at 1:03 am PT.  South America and Northern Europe will get a short glimpse as the Moon sets.  

"When stars collide, like you and I, no shadow blocks the sun." ELTON JOHN-  Taurus Moon

Donna xo

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