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Taurus New Moon!!
Saturday May 4th, 3:45 pm PDT

Cross Quarter Day!

Baltane-Cinco de Mayo-May Day

May 5th, 2019


Saturday's New Moon calls us Inward to explore our "bottom line" values!

The last 3 months have tested our Faith...
It's now time to reclaim your Faith!!



Taurus is the sign most associate with Mother Earth.  The symbol for Taurus is the horned cow's head, it is actually the image of the nurturing mother cow (not the bull~ go figure!~not all bulls have horns and some female cows are horned). This image is symbolic of our life-giving Earth. During the month of Taurus we are called to connect to our Mother Earth below us, our roots, our provider...our home.  The Latin root to the word Mother is "Mater". 

What REALLY, TRULY "matters" to you?

Taurus is the Survivor Archetype concerned with our material worth (mater), self-worth and most importantly, our values.   It represents our primary needs.  On a basic level, Taurus encourages us to focus on Earthly tasks in order to provide food, shelter and other basic survival needs for ourselves.  Once we have that taken care of, Taurus directs us to recognize and acknowledge our personal values, gifts, talents and resources.  The Higher Intention of Taurus is that we eventually find safety, security and value from within ourselves...that we build Self-esteem and Faith in ourselves!!  When Taurus is out of balance we become stuck, lazy,  envious, anxious and overly focused on material possessions.  In the last 50 years, our level of consumption and materialism has been on the rise....and so has the level of anxiety and depression.  Our accumulation of "stuff" has not brought security or happiness.  In fact it seems to be a reflection of the opposite. With the Sun, Moon, Uranus and (in 2 days) Mercury all in the sign of Taurus we are all called to seriously review our personal values.  Do you recognize and value your own personal gifts?

All New Moon’s mark a time of new beginnings, they are a quiet time, a time to pause and take a deep breath as you go inward and reflect. New Moons are the first phase of the 8 phases of the Moon's cycles and for centuries have been recognized as the ideal time to plant seeds.  Seeds have more success of germinating when planted during the New Moon phase.  Saturday's New Moon is an optimal time to plant new seeds, set intentions, start something new and/or begin to create something new. This weekend's extra dose of Taurus reminds us to value ourselves, our passions, our internal resources and our gifts. Your personal resources are all there right in front of you, the key is CHOICE.  Choosing to look at them.  Choosing to really get to know yourself, acknowledge your qualities, gifts, values and needs. Choosing to own them, honor them and express them!!!  Choosing to have Faith in yourself!  Choosing to Trust yourself.  Life experience teaches us that looking for safety and security outside of ourselves (job, family, parents, partner, bank account etc) is only an illusion.  All these other things/people can come and go, but you can always, always, always count on yourself to be there.  This Taurus New Moon encourages us to confront our fears around survival and Trust how resourceful we can be.  Doubt and self-doubt will keep you in the dark and will impel you to make choices based on fear.  Fear based choices take you down the road of fate and eventually bring you to fearful experiences.  Choosing Faith will lead you down your Destined Path.

This week's New Moon has a little boost to it, providing us with some Ease and Magic in manifesting. The Sun and Moon have a lovely aspect to Saturn and the South Node. Trust that when you set an intention this week that you will find the resources to create and attract what you need.  The day after the New Moon, May 5th is our 2nd Cross Quarter day of the year.  Cross Quarter Days are the days that land exactly halfway between a Solstice and Equinox.  Solstices, Equinox's and Cross Quarter Days have been celebrated for thousands of years.  These were the original  Pagan Celebrations.  Religions and modern cultures have set their holidays around these dates.  Our ancestors did not have computers and modern technology, but they "knew" these days carried potent energy.  They were very much in touch with the Earth below them and the cycles of the Sun, Moon and Planets above them.  These dates mark significant turning points of the Earth's cycle around the Sun.  Each turning point shifts the Earth's axial tilt and the Earth's magnetic field.  These shifts create a magical opening to the Cosmos, making it a powerful time for ceremonies, prayer, meditation, intention setting and creative work.  Long ago their ceremonies were around gratitude, prayer and protection.  This weekend will be an extra potent time to pray, set intentions, celebrate, express gratitude and create. 

Taurus brings us down to Earth, reminding us to respect Mother Earth below us and the Universe above us.  We can count on the Sun Rising each morning and Setting each evening, we can count on the Moon's cycles and the Seasons here on Earth.  The Universe is a very impersonal structure of Power.  We are merely bodies that stand on the Earth below it.  Our relationship with the Earth and with the Universe will reflect the amount of Grace and Ease we have in our life.  

"Each time a person stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he or she sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.  All of these ripples move into millions of different energy centers, and these daring ripples build a current that may sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." - ROBERT KENNEDY

Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo

Taurus New Moon Healing Meditation Circle!!!

 Saturday May 4th * 11 am - 1 pm or  3 pm - 5 pm

Saturday's Taurus New Moon will be at 3:45 pm!

This New Moon will call us to explore-

~What REALLY matters?!

~Finding Safety and Security from within.

I will talk about the energy of this Moon and Where it is in your chart!

~Healing Reike Meditation with Lizzie Rose~Reflection & Discussion

Space is limited to 6 people!

Location- Main Street, Santa Monica


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Chiron~ Our Wounded Healer!

Monday May 20th- 6-8 pm

Where Chiron is in your chart highlights where your old Soul Wounds are.

The beauty of the Wounded Healer is that it also shows us where our greatest gifts are...healing gifts.

 Find out where Chiron is in your chart and what that means. 

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Parenting to Your Child's Soul!!
Sunday June 2nd, 2019 11 am- 1 pm  

Join myself and Bryana Kappa LMFT 

Enhance your parenting Intuition with an Astrology lens!

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Private Group Astrology Classes! 
 I am available to schedule a private group Astrology Class in your home or office. 
Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
Dissect your own chart;
Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn Returns, Mid-Life Transits, Chiron Return (great for 50th birthday),
Light & Shadow, Eclipses etc.
I can also work with groups remotely via Zoom video.
Contact me for more info:

 Donna Flood MA
Astrology and Spiritual Counseling

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