The Moon Report

Taurus New Moon!
Tuesday May 11th, 11:59 am PT

Jupiter in Pisces 
May 13th - July 28th

Tuesday's New Moon Reminds Us of the
Healing Powers of Mother Nature!
~The Universe is a Very Impersonal Structure of Power~
We are merely bodies that stand between
The Cosmic Heavens & The Life-giving Earth.

~~ ~~ 

If we have learned anything valuable from this past year- It has been the experience of being humbled and awed by the Great Forces of Power around us... the things we DO NOT have control over.  At the same time there is much about Nature and the Universe that we CAN rely on.  Each day will bring us a Sun Rise and Sun Set.  No matter how powerful you are, no human can change this.  Each month we can count on a New Moon... This week the Sun & Moon meet in the exact same position bringing us a New Moon at 21 degrees Taurus. 

New Moons are a time when the Universe supports New Beginnings, giving us an opportunity to hit the "refresh" button.


During a New Moon, the Moon is not visible. At this time, the alignment of the Earth, Sun and Moon bring us the darkest nights.  This darkness invites us to go inward, reflect, listen and take inventory of our lives.  With the Sun and Moon in Taurus this week we are reminded of our Human needs and the Physical plane we live on.

Taurus is the Survivor Archetype concerned with our material worth, self-worth and most importantly, our values.  Taurus represents our primary needs, our safety and our security.  The Spiritual task of Taurus is to develop a healthy sense of Self-Esteem.

When we become overly focused on material worth and safety we can lose our sense of Self.


Divinely, Taurus directs us to recognize and acknowledge our personal values, our gifts, talents, resources as well as our emotional needs. Taurus gives us the drive to be productive.  This New Moon invites us to reflect on our goals.  Are they aligned with your personal values?  Are you feeling stuck?... Consider this is due to wasting energy focusing on what you are LACKING. Is there a more Peaceful Route to reaching your goals? Taurus reminds us that slow and steady wins the race.  Harness the qualities of Patience and Gentleness with your work this week. 

Taurus is the sign most associated with our Humanness, our Innate desire to Survive as well as our Innate desire for pleasure. The Stars this week bring to our attention how well we are balancing these 2 needs.  Are you overly concerned about your safety and security? Are you overly focused on work, saving money, worrying about your future or your health?  Or... Are you overly engaging in the Inner Sloth and Hedonist within you?  Taurus reminds us of the benefits of stimulating our 5 senses; touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.  We are truly only here for a short time, as humans one of our purposes is to experience joy, to experience pleasure and find what brings us BLISS! 

~How well are you balancing your need to be healthy, secure and productive with your need to experience Joy and Physical Pleasures? ~What brings you happiness and contentment? 

Jupiter in Pisces- May 13- July 28
Jupiter is the Planet that is associated with Faith, Optimism, Expansion, Good Fortune and Abundance.  Jupiter brings "more of" wherever it is in your chart. The Planet Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit around the Sun, spending approximately one year in each sign. Jupiter entered Aquarius back in December of 2020.  It has been moving along quickly through Aquarius and will have a short stint in Pisces before its annual Retrograde Cycle will bring it back to Aquarius for the remainder of the year.

Jupiter in Aquarius brings expansion and growth to the areas of science, technology and social reform.  Jupiter in Pisces enhances our Imagination, our Dreams & Visions and our Intuition.  Jupiter in Pisces reminds us of our need for a Spiritual connection and opens our Hearts to be more Compassionate.

Tuesday's New Moon calls us back to Earth and our bodies, reminding us of the Healing Power of Nature.  Time in Nature improves our physical and mental health as well as enhances our Spiritual Connection.  Patients recovering from disease, illness and surgery recover more quickly when exposed to Nature.  Even simply looking at a tree can lower your blood pressure, improve your immune system and lift you from depression.  Click here to read more about the Healing Power of Nature.

Change is inevitable. In just 2 weeks we will have our 1st TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in over 2 years! This Eclipse is sure to accelerate change.  The Universe continues to move through its Cycles bringing us opportunities to evolve, download and create.  Know that we always have CHOICE.  We can choose to thrive and evolve by moving with these Cycles, or we can choose to lose energy, health and happiness by resisting them.

"Nature itself is the best Physician." Hippocrates

Donna xo

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