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The Moon Report

Taurus New Moon

Saturday April 30th, 1:28 pm PT
Pluto Stations Retrograde
April 29 - Oct. 8
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini
May 10 - June 3 ​

~~ ~~ 

The Seeds Planted at this New Moon
Hold a Great Deal of Creative Potency!
Our Ability to Create Change & Manifest has
A Boost of Acceleration with the Energy Surrounding this Moon!


Saturday brings us our 1st Eclipse of 2022!  Every 6 months we get a Solar Eclipse and an opportunity to hit the "Refresh" button.  A Solar Eclipse is an extra potent New Moon, when the Moon, Sun and Earth are even more exactly aligned.  During the Eclipse, the Moon passes over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy to the Earth Fully or Partially for a brief time. (This Eclipse will be a Partial Eclipse.) This brief interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field... as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time, we internally experience darkness, a shutting down time.  A time to Release & Recalibrate.  Think of it as a time to power down & reboot, just like you do with your phone and computer.  The days around a Solar Eclipse the Universe provides us with support to delete old codes, outdated beliefs and make room for new programming. 

For the next year, the Eclipses will all be in the Signs Taurus & Scorpio (with the focal energy on Taurus). Collectively, the energy of these Eclipses intends to invite us all to move away from patterns of control, suspicion, fears & blame > And move towards a Healthier Relationship to our bodies, with Mother Earth & our Finances.  Eclipses summon us to up-grade an area of our lives, but before an up-grade we must first do a "balance check" and make any necessary adjustments.  This Taurus Eclipse shows us where we are out of balance on the PHYSICAL PLANE.  It invites us to reassess our relationship to money, possessions and our lifestyle. Taurus represents our primary needs, our safety and our security.  The Spiritual task of Taurus is to develop a healthy sense of Self-Esteem & a healthy Self- Esteem comes from KNOWING WHO WE ARE!!

When we become out of balance on the Physical Plane~
We can lose our sense of WHO WE ARE. 

  • When we are overly focused on safety & our material worth we will notice patterns show up like; feeling stuck, doubt, greed, controlling, fearful, not enough syndrome, excessive attachment to material things, resisting change & LOW SELF-WORTH.

  • When we are overly removed from our humanness & survival instincts we can express; recklessness with our finances, looking for shortcuts, entitlement, laziness, self-indulgence & LOW SELF-WORTH.

~How well are you balancing your need to be healthy, secure & productive with your need to experience Joy and Physical Pleasures? What brings you happiness & contentment? 
~How are you balancing your Human needs with your Spiritual Nature?
~Are you feeling stuck?... Consider this is due to wasting energy focusing on what you are LACKING. Rather, make a list of what you DO have!
~Are you plagued with Fear or DOUBT? Consider ways to find your Inner FAITH.
~What ways have you been lying to yourself? (Health-Finances-Worthiness)

Allow me to explain why this Eclipse has some extra juice to it!!! Firstly, Venus (the planet that rules Taurus) makes an almost EXACT Conjunction (same position) to Jupiter the day of the Eclipse. This acts as a supportive boost to our Manifesting and Creative Power during this Eclipse.  Secondly... this Eclipse makes a Conjunction to the Planet Uranus! Uranus accelerates change and can bring the unexpected (weather events, WAKE UP CALLS), it is the AWAKENER Plantet after all. With Uranus joining the Sun & Moon in the Taurus Eclipse this weekend, we are invited to drastically change our relationship with the Physical Plane (our health, our finances, our relationship to Mother Earth).  Notice what themes are coming up for you this week.

What seeds do you consciously wish to plant?
The enhanced energy surrounding this Eclipse highlight to me that~

We all feel the Collective Energy of this Taurus Eclipse, however, we also experience this Eclipse on a personal level as well.  Where this Eclipse is happening in your chart, is the area of your life YOU are ready to take to the next level.  Eclipses happen in 19 year cycles.  If you are old enough... What was going on in your life April 30th, 2003?  Perhaps now there is a similar theme... ready for completion or ready to be taken to the next level?  What signs are showing up signaling you to move forward?  It is a good idea to first make any necessary course corrections before you take any giant leaps.  Those of you who were born with your Sun in Taurus will feel the Eclipses more strongly this year- experiencing more direct nudges toward change!  

The Stars are calling us Inward this week.  We are encouraged to slow down, find stillness, gentleness & quietude so we can hear our Inner Voice that Guides us and gives us Clarity. Think of Solar Eclipses to be like a “Soul check in time”.  What TRULY MATTERS to you? ... Seriously. What REALLY matters?!!  Do you feel like you are on the right path? This week we all have access to the Cosmic Delete & Reset Button!! Think about what you are ready to Delete and Reprogram into your life. 

We are living in an over-whelming time of accelerated change, perceived threats and awareness of the unknown ahead. This can trigger our Survivor Instincts (Taurus) bringing us into a perpetual state of heightened protection. Remember that we are all merely bodies that stand between the Cosmic Heavens & the Life-Giving Earth... HUMBLENESS is your greatest Protection as a Human living here on Earth.  

"Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes." CARL JUNG-  Taurus Moon

Donna xo

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